Friday, July 31, 2009

Pictures from BDT Camp

I found these pictures of my MMHS Drill Team on the BDT (Basic Dance Training) website and I thought they were cool, so I wanted to post them on my blog. I guess I am proud, what can I say!
This first one is of the headstand part in our hip hop routine.
So excited to win the first trophy for our team and the first trophy for Maple Mountain High School! It is currently on display in the front office of the school. I had it in my office and the administration asked me to bring it to the office for everyone to see!

Yeah--Performance Night Champions!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mangelson Family Reunion

My parents planned a "Mangelson Family Reunion" at the Levan park on July 25, 2009. July 25 was my grandma Vivian Mangelson's birthday. We had not met with the Mangelson side of the family for a long time. Both of my grandparents have passed away and my dad only has two sisters.

We had a lot of good food! My dad made marinated turkey and dutch oven potatoes. He also had some fresh green beans from his garden--yum! We all brought salads, fruit, and desserts. It was all so delicious! We were very full from all of the good food.

We took some pictures of all who were there. Here they are.

My Aunt Mary, my dad - Paul, and Nancy --sitting in age order.


Amanda, Scott, and Molly (Mangelson) Brenchley
We are missing Kaycee & Jason Holloway and Hollie Brenchley.

Jackson, Amy (Mangelson) Roper - holding Keaton, Hayden, and Jason Roper

Casey, Zach, Cade, Sophie, Paula (Mangelson) Nielson - holding Nick.

Joseph, Emilee (Mangelson) - holding Ethan, Dallin, & Madeline Eyre

Eliana and Charlie Mangelson - holding Max.

Jim - holding Ryan, and Annie (Mangelson) Nielson - holding Jake


Vaughn, Mary, Emmy, Vicky - holding Logan, (their grandson) and Rick Mathews.
My Aunt Mary has five boys, but only Rick was able to make it.


Louie, Ben, Vivian - holding Louie, Jr., Nancy, Zoey, and Betsy.
It was good to meet with everyone again. My mom has already reserved the Levan Park for next year so we can keep the tradition going.

Uncle Vaughn, Aunt Mary, my dad, my mom, and Nancy

After the Mangelson Reunion, we headed into Nephi to my Aunt Judy's house. We had another family party to attend. This time on my mom's side of the family. My cousin LeeAnn Taylor and her husband and kids were in town from Atlanta, Georgia for a visit, so my Aunt had a little get together so we could all visit and see them while they were here in town.

We had some more good food and played a little bit of volleyball. We didn't take too many pictures, I think I was too busy visiting! Here is picture-a little blurry--of volleyball:

My cousin LeeAnn and her husband Tod.
I didn't get a picture of their girls.
It was good to see everyone and hang out and talk. You gotta love summer and family reunions! It just isn't summer without going to at least one.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mapleton & Fiesta Days Parade

On the 24th of July, Pioneer Day, my drill team performed in two parades--one in Mapleton and one in Spanish Fork. Both communities have celebrations on the 24th and Maple Mountain has students from both communities, so we decided to support both parades.

We first started in Mapleton. We were near the beginning of their parade. It was a fun, kinda low key parade. The girls didn't get too tired and it wasn't too hot yet. Then we went straight over to Spanish Fork and were 2nd to last in that parade. So, it all worked out and we were able to do both parades.

Here are a few pictures from the Mapleton parade. I was on the trailer with them, so I had the side view.

They are performing on the back of a flat bed diesel trailer. At Payson, I had always had my teams "march" down the street and stop every so often and dance. We also did arm movements and ripples as we marched.
I had tried the dancing on the back of the truck my very first year at Payson and everyone in the community complained and made comments as to "why didn't the drill team march in the parade?" Being the young, no backbone new teacher that I was then, I decided to go with tradition and we would march in the parades from then on. The girls also wanted to march as well.
So, at Maple Mountain, I have a lot of girls that had been on drill at Spanish Fork and their tradition was to dance on the back of a flatbed trailer. So, I decided to try that way again. Kinda nice when there is not precedence to follow!
It worked out really well--in fact, I loved it. It was nice to keep moving and not hold up the parade. The girls choreographed the routine so that it didn't move around a lot, didn't go down on the ground, and we only did a single pirouette. They did do a kickline--which looked good. This picture doesn't do it justice--I need a better camera to get action shots!
Some pictures from the Spanish Fork parade. Scott got off the truck to video for me and to take pictures. He is great to help me out so much!
The team has maroon Converse shoes with gold metallic laces.

Here they are at the end of the SF parade:

They survived their first two parades in a row! Our administration was at the end of each parade handing out water, powerade, and ice cream bars. It was great!

I also have to give a big thanks to Sunroc--they let us use one of their trucks and trailors. I'm very grateful for that. Also to my assistant Marci Hite's mom, Kathy Williams, she designed the nice banners that we had made for the parades. Hanks Signs in Payson printed them. Thanks everyone! It was a great first parades experience.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

MMHS Drill Team's First Car Wash

On Saturday, July 18th, the Maple Mountain High Drill Team held their first car wash. We had it at Sonic Drive In on main street in Spanish Fork. It worked out pretty good. Sonic was very helpful--we used their water and they gave each of the girls a large drink of their choice to help keep them cool. It was one of those 100 degree days. The moms also brought pizza and lemonade.

Here are some pictures:

Kicking for business!
Sonic also advertised for us on their sign--so I had the team pose for a picture at the end of the car wash.
Because it was so successful, we are having another one on August 15th. Come get your car washed if you are in the area and help support my team.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pictures from Kaycee's Shower

I received these pictures from my sister Annie and decided to post them. Here are the girls:
Hollie, Kaycee, me, and Amanda
My legs were covered with mosquito bites that I got while at a wedding reception in Genola right about dusk. I learned that VS Love Spell lotion does not repel mosquitoes!
Hollie, Kaycee, Jason, Me, and Amanda
Kaycee, Jason, & Me
Kaycee & Jason--the parents to be.
Thanks Annie for sharing your pictures with me.

Kaycee's Baby Shower

On Monday, July 13th, we had a baby shower for Kaycee. She is expecting a baby girl on August 30. Yep, that's right--Scott and I are going to be grandparents! Weird--but exciting too. Here is a cute banner that I had made and gave to Kaycee after the shower:
All of the food, favors, etc. were pink--or close to it! We had butterfly shaped sugar cookies, cream cheese filled cupcakes, ham sandwiches, pink-fluff strawberry salad, and strawberry lemonade.
Jason hung out with us also--they were heading to Cedar City immediately after the shower!

Lisa, Savanah, Marci, and Emilee (holding Ethan).
Jason and Kaycee--holding the bib that Scott and I gave them.
Amanda, Kortney, and Kilee.
Opening more presents.
Granny J, Eliana, Max, Savanah, and Amanda.
Jakoye, Marci, (holding Jake), Lisa, Annie, Barbara, my mom in the background, and Donna.
It was a fun shower--got a little bit hot in my condo. I don't think the central air could handle all of the people at once! Other that that it was fun to see everyone. Thanks to all that could come. Sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone that came!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ute Stampede 2009 - Saturday & Max's Birthday

We stayed down at my parent's house Friday night. They were having a party for Max on Saturday. Here is Max opening presents:

After Max's party, some of us decided to venture in to Nephi for the annual "Bathing Beauty" parade. I hadn't watched that parade for years, but we had a relative in it this year. My cousin, Jaden Jackson was in it. Here she is waving to us during the parade:

We also decided to go to the judging at the park. There were only 15 or so contestants, so we didn't think it would take too long. Here is Jaden modeling:

They then narrowed it down to the top 8. Jaden made it! Here is the top 8:

They then announced the top five and Jaden won first place! Here she is--she won $500!
It was a great stampede. I always feel sad after the stampede--another indicator that summer is almost over!

Ute Stampede 2009 - Friday

As a kid growing up in Levan, I looked forward to the Ute Stampede. It is Nephi's three-day celebration with parades, City of Fun carnival, and the rodeo. I liked it, because I lived in Levan, and I had a lot of friends that lived in Nephi and Mona. During the stampede, you could see all of your friends at the rodeo or carnival. I have a lot of fun memories from the annual Ute Stampede. I love it! It is still a good time to see friends that I have not seen for years. Scott calls it a big Juab High reunion. He is right--I do get to see a lot of my classmates and friends. I love to just walk around the carnival and see who is there.

On Friday, I went down and went to lunch with my friend Melanie. I haven't see her for years! She lives in Arizona now. She was up staying with her parents that still live in Nephi. We had a good time catching up and just talking about the good ol' days! Here is a picture of Melanie and I:
After lunch, we went to watch the "Mammoth Parade". Here is my mom--she is "co-pilot" on the wagon. She is a former Ute Stampede Rodeo Queen. All of the former royalty rode in the parade. It was the 75th Annual Ute Stampede, so they recognized all of the former royalty.
A closer shot:

My dad rode through the parade in this old Highway Patrol car. He is the passenger.

My aunt Judy was also a former Ute Stampede Rodeo Queen. Here they are--the rodeo queen sisters!

Later on, we all went to the rodeo. Here we are--our seats were in the new section of covered bleachers that they added to the arena this year. They were very nice!

Before the rodeo started, they had all of the former rodeo queens come out. This picture isn't that great--I hope to get some from my sister. She has a better camera!

Scott and Cheri--enjoying the rodeo!