Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

We had a lot of fun activities over Easter Weekend. First it began with the annual Jackson Family Easter Egg Hunt at my Aunt Lisa's house. My mom and all of her sisters get together and fill plastic Easter eggs with candy, money, and prize papers (to redeem for prizes). To make is fair, all of the eggs are numbered and each child is assigned a number so they can only get the eggs with their number on them. There are also some eggs with their name on it. Some random "free eggs" without a number on them are also hidden around my aunts house/yard. Here is Hollie finding some eggs:

Scott and I walking around and watching all the fun.

Amanda finding some eggs.

Amanda, Hollie, and their daddy.

Nick, Hayden, Cade, and Sophie finding eggs.

Me and my nephew Ryan.

On Sunday, my sister had a party for her twins, Nick and Sophie who had just turned three. They also had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here is Amanda showing one of her eggs she found with Scott.

Casey had hidden some "golden eggs" that had money in them. There was one "grand prize" egg that no one had found. So Casey gave some hints as to where it was hidden and Hollie was the lucky winner! There was a 20 dollar bill inside of the egg. I guess it pays to participate in the egg hunt, even if you do feel like you are too old for it!

Scott and the girls.

Sophie checking out the new singing dog that Nick got for his birthday.

Zach and Nick with his new airplane.

The Birthday Twins with their cakes. Sophie had a Little Mermaid cake and Nick had a Word World cake. They were both really cute cakes and very delicious!

Blowing out the candles!
We had a fun time celebrating Easter and the twins birthdays. I myself was looking forward to Spring Break, which was coming up next week. No school on Wednesday - Friday! And we have tickets to see "Wicked" on Friday. I'm so excited to see it again!