Monday, April 30, 2012

Drill Team Fundraiser Fun

So, my title says, "Drill Team Fundraiser Fun".  But, really, is fundraising for drill team really fun?  No, not really, but my team does do a few fundraisers that are a little bit fun.  Here are some pics from two of them.

We do two Jr. Drill fundraisers.  The one in the Fall is usually bigger than the one we do in the Spring.  The one in the Spring helps the girls pay for their year-end DVDs.  So, I have them do all of the advertising and signing up, etc.  Plus, I think kids are busier in the Spring, so we don't always get as many kids.  Anyway, we had a fun Spring Jr. Drill.  We started a Boys Hip Hop class this past Fall, and it was fun, so we tried it again.  I think we will make it a tradition.  It always gets the most crowd response!
 Warm up!
 Teaching the "camp jam".
 The "jam"!
 The kids look so cute in their Jr. Drill shirts!
 Fun times!
I guess what makes this fundraiser fun is seeing the little kids and how much they look up to the drill team girls.  It is almost as if they think the drill team girls are princesses or something?  I love to see my drill team girls teaching and sharing their love of dance with the kids.  They always come up with some fun choreography and put a lot of thought into it.   I also think it is fun to see the final performance day and see the final product!

The Jr. Drill Clinic was successful, we had a pretty good turn out and the girls made some money towards their DVDs.  Of course, the weather was really windy that day, so I didn't want to chance it by taking them out to perform at the soccer game.  So, we had the performance inside in the gym.  I made notes that the drill team gave out the day before the performance to all of the participants letting them know that the performance may be held in the gym if the weather was bad.  Well, of course, there were a few upset parents that had been waiting outside!  Really, if you get there and don't see any little kids anywhere, wouldn't you think to come inside and check first?  Seriously--luckily there were a few parents who complimented on how great the clinic was and that made up for the mad comments from the other parents! 

The following week, we helped sponsor a dance competition at MMHS.  Gotta Move holds a dance studio competition at our school and we help with it.  It is a long day on Saturday, but we do pretty good.  We help with the competition and then we run our own concessions and we also have vendors.

Here are the girls after cleaning up--I don't know why everyone loves to goof around with the flat carts?
 Having fun!

 This is a combination of some of the old team and new team--I have both teams work at this fundraiser.  Not sure what they were doing here--I just took a picture.

This one was a team effort--all sitting at once and no one fell!  Love it!

It is always good when everything is cleaned up and they can go home.  Maybe this one is fun because it is the last fundraiser of the year--well until we start all over again in a month!  HA HA

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jakob Lawrence Holloway

Jakob Lawrence Holloway was born on April 12, 2012.  Scott and I have a grand son now!  Kendrick has a neice and a nephew!  This is the second grand child for us!  Kaycee and Jason now have two kids. 

Kaycee had Jake in the Park City hospital, so we drove up to see them on Thursday night, since I was leaving to judge a dance competition in St. George on Friday and Saturday.

He is so cute!  I think he looks a lot like his older sister, Emmalee.

Kendrick got a little bit jealaous when we would hold Baby Jake. Wow, I definitely don't think I could handle Kendrick and another baby!  ha ha
 Grandpa Scott holding Baby Jake and Grandma Molly holding Jake's Uncle Kendrick.
 Kaycee, holding Baby Jake, with Grandpa Scott and Uncle Kendrick.
Kaycee & Jason - happy parents with their new son - Jakob Lawrence Holloway.  We didn't get a picture with Emmalee, she was staying with her Grandma May and they were leaving just as we arrived.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jumping Jacks and City Creek Center

For Spring Break this year, we decided not to go anywhere since we had just went to California with the drill team in March.  I was also going to go judge a big dance competition on Friday and Saturday in St. George, so we decided to do something fun close to home.

My sister Annie called and invited us to go to lunch and then to "Jumping Jacks".  Another one of my sisters, Emilee, was coming up with her kids also.  We met at Cafe Rio in Spanish Fork and had a yummy lunch.  Then we headed over to Jumping Jacks.

I wasn't even sure what Jumping Jacks was.  Well, I soon found out.  It is a warehouse with all of these different "bounce" house things in it.  I wasn't sure if Kendrick would even like it or what.  But he stayed in the areas that were for younger kids and had a ball!  Here are some pictures:
Checking out the different things to bounce on.
Climbing through the "barrell".

Kendrick had a good time!

Checking out the dragon.
Annie, Emilee, and Jim--hanging out/watching the kids.
Kendrick also liked this Big Bird airplane.
He liked it so much, he gave Big Bird a hug!
Annie going down the big slide with Jake.

Scott, taking Kendrick up.
Kendrick and Scott going down the big slide.

Kendrick was ready to go down again!

The day before, we had went up to check out the new outdoor mall in Salt Lake.  It is called City Creek Center.  It was pretty cool.  We had a good time.  I was in a store trying on some clothes, so Scott and Kendrick went outside to wait.  Kendrick decided to check out the splash pad.  He hesitated at first, but then ended up getting soaking wet!
Kendrick in the splash pad!

Here are some videos that Scott took.  The first one is really short, the second one has some other kids in front of Kendrick, so you don't really see him.  But, the third one, you can hear Kendrick screaming right at the beginnning of it. 

Scott ended up going into a store and buying Kendrick a new shirt and shorts because it started to cloud up and get cold and he didn't want Kendrick to be in soaking wet clothes!

I guess Kendrick knows how to work it if he wants some new clothes!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Granny J

My dear, sweet Grandma Jackson went to the hospital on Tuesday, April 10 to have a pacemaker put in. During the procedure, her lung was nicked. She is in ICU and continues to fight, but is not doing very well. She is in a lot of pain. They tried to remove her chest tube yesterday and her lung collapsed.

My Granny J. is such a special lady!  She is truly one of the nicest persons I know!  She attends every event that her children, grandchildren, or any family  member is a part of.  She has even attended many of my student's dance recitals, drill team performances, and even musicals that I have choreographed.  She is very supportive!

Here are some pictures of Granny J:
 Me and Granny J holding Kendrick - this was at Thanksgiving and the first family event we brought Kendrick to.
 Me, Kendrick, Granny J, and my mom at the Jackson Family Christmas Party.

These are just a few pictures that I could find quickly and post.  I know everyone probably says this, but my grandma is the best!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sophie & Nick's Birthday/Easter

Sunday, April 8, 2012, we went to my sister Paula's house.  They were having a birthday party for Nick & Sophie.  It was also Easter Sunday. 

When we arrived, most of the kids were outside playing.  It was a really nice day and it felt good to be able to be outside!  I love when we actually get a little bit of Spring! 

Kendrick headed for the sand pile.  He had a ball trying to shovel up the sand and put it in the wheelbarrow.  
 Kendrick playing in the sand pile.
 Kendrick and Zach
 Paula and Casey had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  They had hidden several plastic eggs throughout their backyard.  There were a few "golden" eggs that had money in them.  Hayden was the lucky winner this year.
 Checking out the eggs found on the hunt.
 Opening presents.  Sophie is carrying the doll car she got.

 Kendrick - watching the twins open their presents.
 Sophie, checking out one of her gifts.
 Double the fun at a twin birthday party!
 Nick loves Legos - just like his older brothers.
 Sophie & Nick
 I love the expressions on their faces in all three of these pics, that is why I put all three!
 So cute!  They are growing up so fast!
 Nick with his cake.
 Sophie with her cake.
 Blowing out their candles.
It was a fun party.  I still can't believe they are five!  Time goes by fast--seems like yesterday they were tiny babies.