Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kendrick--Two Months Old!

On November 16th, we said goodbye to the oxygen tanks that had taken up residence at our house. We had recently been told by the doctor that we could take Kendrick off of the oxygen, but keep the apnea monitor on him.

It was a happy day! No more long cord to deal with! No more tank to transport with us! No more canula!
The tanks. We had the large one and then some smaller ones.
So glad we are done with it!

Then, on November 18th, Kendrick was two months old! Wow, I can't believe that he was born just two months ago. Here he is on his two-month birthday:
He is growing and weighed 11 pounds 3 ounces and he was 23 1/2 inches long at his 2 month checkup. He also received his first round of shots and his first senegis shot - (for RSV).
He is getting better at sleeping through the night and only has colic episodes every so often. Hopefully the colic will go away soon!

We love him so much!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween 2010

I love to do things that are "festive". So, in October I was able to do a few "festive" things for Halloween. Kendrick also got in on the festive stuff--even if we celebrated it at home because we couldn't go out!

First, on Friday, October 22, I went with my mom and sisters to "Witches Night Out" at Gardner Village. We went there to celebrate Paula and Emilee's birthdays, which are in October. Everyone dresses up in witch costumes and there is music playing and lots of things going on. Some people really get into it!

Here we all are. My mom gave us a cute small purse that we all had with us that night.

We ate dinner at Archibald's--it was delicious!

Posing with "The Good Witch".

This is an example of people who really get into Witches Night Out. These two were staring us down and walking toward us. We all ran away from them--except my mom, she posed for a picture with them.
The annual Pumpkin Party was on Saturday, October 23rd. We were unable to attend because we didn't think we should take Kendrick around so many kids and some of them had been sick. So, I dressed him in one of his Halloween outfits and pretended that we went to the Pumpkin Party. Oh well, there is always next year!
Kendrick in his Halloween outfit that the Nielson's gave him.
On Thursday, October 28th, we had our annual Drill Team Halloween Party. We went to Pirate Island again this year and had a great time. It was karaoke night and so the girls have a lot of fun singing and dancing.
I wore an old army uniform of my dad's. I didn't have a whole lot of time this year to figure a costume out, so I just did something simple.
Me and Marci.
Some of the team at one end of the table.
More of the team on the other end of the table.
Some of the team on the stage singing.
The team put my name and Marci's name on the list. They put us down to sing "Dancing Queen". So, we went up on stage and did it--luckily no one got a picture. At least not that I know of. That was the first time I think I had ever done something like that. It wasn't too bad. At least it was a song that I was familiar with!
MMHS Elleves - Halloween Party 2010
Fun times!

Kendrick - in another Halloween outfit.

We dressed Kendrick up on Halloween, well, Saturday, October 30th. We didn't take him out anywhere, but I wanted to dress him up anyway for his first Halloween.
Kendrick in his tiger costume that we borrowed from his niece, Emmalee

Kendrick - the tiger with a oxygen canula!
First Halloween for Kendrick.

Kendrick on Halloween night--in another Halloween outfit.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween and did something festive during the month!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Free at Last!

After 23 days in the NICU, Kendrick was finally discharged on Wednesday, October 13, 2010! We knew the day was coming soon because on Monday, October 11, they asked me to stay at the hospital in one of their sleep rooms. Then, the nurse would call me every time Kendrick needed to be fed.

So, about every two hours, my cell phone would ring and I would get up and walk down to the NICU and feed Kendrick. It went okay. Scott came and stayed also.

Then, the next night we did another "sleep over". But this time, they would put Kendrick in our room and we would be "on our own" to take care of him through the night. Kendrick was also on the monitor and oxygen container that we would be taking home with us. He still needed to be on a trace amount of oxygen and have the heart and breathing monitor on him. So, we learned how to put them all on Kendrick and how they worked, etc.

I decided to try getting up and going to drill practice that morning as well. I wanted to go to practice because they had a performance that night and I wanted to see how things were going as well.

Our little sleep over went well, I was able to get to practice, and then when I came back, we were going to be discharged!

This was our room.
Kendrick--getting ready to go home!

Gotta love the oxygen canula!

Me and Kendrick.
Scott and Kendrick.
Loaded up and ready to go home!
We had a doctor's appointment that day and then we just went home and hung out. Kendrick was really good for two days. Then, it happened--he just started crying and crying, like he was in pain or something. Scott was at work, so I called and he came home. I didn't know what to do. We finally calmed him down and things went back to "normal".
The next night, it happened again--a little later in the evening this time. I called my mom to see what she thought I should do, and, she told me everything was probably fine, Kendrick probably just had colic. What, I thought, colic! Oh no, just what I need!
We have been trying all kinds of remedies and some nights are better than others. Hopefully it will go away soon! I just want to enjoy having a baby--but so far, it isn't so fun.
Kendrick, just after his bath. He still doesn't like tubby time!

Sunday afternoon nap with Dad.