Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Drill Events

On September 7, 2012, MMHS played Springville in football.  We hosted a pre-game party for the Springville drill team.  We decided to decorate cupcakes.  So, some of the girls brought cupcakes, others brought frosting, and then others brought different kinds of toppings to put on the cupcakes.
It turned out fun and I think both teams had fun!  I took a few pics, but I didn't ever get a group shot of both teams together!  Darn it!
Getting their cupcakes and frosting them.
Fun fun!
MMHS Elleves are having a good time!
Our performance that night was "Sassy".  It is a routine that we learned at PDC camp.  I really like the choreography of this routine.  It goes well with the music and is really fun.  The team likes it too and so that makes a difference in their performance!
 Here they are before the performance.
 Fun pose - we wore the silver dresses.  I always like them to wear them for one football routine because they look so good out on the field!  We did add a maroon flower to wear in their hair.

 These are a few of the pics that Jeff Pocaro took during their performance.  This one is Laney - this is during the part in the music that goes, "sassy as she wants to be".  Doesn't she look sassy?

Bryn Starkey 
 Shalee Hiskey
 End pose - Sassy!
A couple weeks later and it was Homecoming.  The week began with a school carnival.  Clubs were asked to help with different carnival games.  I volunteered the drill team to do a cake walk.  Kendrick came with me to help get it set up and of course, he had to have a cupcake!
 Eating his cupcake!

 Later he got his face painted!  Audrey and Courtney Eckhart, who tend Kendrick, were at the carnival and they asked if they could take Kendrick around to the booths, so that is why he got his face painted.
 He liked it and was so good to hold still!

 Our "golden eagle" cake walk!
 Yes we let kids of all ages participate!
 The Elleves also had a fun time getting their arms painted!
 My three-year seniors at the Homecoming game!
 Showing the back of their hoodies!
 This is all of my seniors - Lindsey, Melissa, Shalee, and Catherine.
We performed a hip hop routine from BDT camp called "Fire Ball".  It was fun and they performed it well.  We wore the gold jackets again.  Another outfit that shows up well on the field!
 Here they are just before the performance!

 Shalee Hiskey - love how her hair is! :)
 I liked this part in the routine.
 Fun moves in the choreography!
 Cool moves too!
 End pose!
Then a week later we had another home game.  We decided to teach the team a routine that the officers had learned at the BDT officer retreat.  It was called "Commander" and was taught by Travis Lake.  It was a very cool routine and stylized.  A lot more "meat" to this routine than the other dances we had been performing from the camps.
We had to work really hard and clean it with a lot more detail than the other routines, plus we didn't have as much time.  But, the team pulled it off.  Here's some pics from the performance.
 We wore the good ol' pink/yellow tops.
 Look how these people stare.
 Shalee Hiskey
The DJ is my bodyguard!
Well, September was a busy one.  Only one more home football game in October.  We've had a great football performance season so far this year!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kendrick's Second Birthday

Kendrick turned two this year on September 18.  We decided to have an "Elmo" theme party since Kendrick is obsessed with Elmo.  A couple of weeks before his birthday, we took some pics to use on his birthday announcement.
 Trying to put up two fingers.
 He got it a little bit better.
 Now if only he wouldn't put his fingers in front of his face!
 He thought Elmo needed a taste.
On Kendrick's actual birthday, we took him out for dinner to celebrate.  Here are some more pictures of him.  Still trying to get the hang of holding up two fingers.

 Kendrick - the birthday boy!
 He was having fun standing on the counter.

We waited until Scott got home from work and then we went over to Provo to Brick Oven.  Kendrick had a ball.  He loved his food.  

 Eating his garlic bread.
 He didn't quite know what to think when they came and sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
 But, he loved the ice cream!
 And the sucker.
On Sunday, September 24, we had a family party to celebrate Kendrick's birthday.  We decided to have a barbecue at our house.  I asked a friend a work, Cassie Lewis, who makes cakes for fun, if she could make an Elmo cake.  She said sure!  Look at what she came up with:
 The Elmo cake was so cute!
 It was a red velvet cake.
 She had cut out a lot of letters from the fondant.  Everything was edible too!
 Scott and I made the cupcakes.  Elmo was actually made out of rice krispies!
 Kendrick at his party.
 Eating some of the yummy food.
 Family and friends at the party.
 It was great to see everyone and the weather was perfect.

 Scott was the cook again this year!
 The kids enjoyed playing in Kendrick's sand box.
 Present time!
 All of the kids crowding around.
 Kendrick received a lot of nice things.
 He had a great time opening all of the gifts.

 He got a new tricycle from Grandma Mangelson.
 Jake, showing him what to do.

 He loves it!
 Kendrick and his Elmo cake.  I think he wanted to give Elmo a hug!
Blowing out the candles.
Kendrick's party turned out great and I'm so thankful for the family and friends that were able to come.  I can't believe Kendrick is two!  He is growing up so fast.  I sometimes wish he was still a little baby, but then I'm also excited to see him learning new things and talking more.  It is going to be a great adventure!