Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kendrick is 5 Months Old!

On February 18th, Kendrick turned 5 months old! He is growing up so fast. He had a doctor's appointment on February 22 and he weighed 17 1/2 pounds and was 28 inches long! He is doing really well and is just right for his weight and head circumference, but 98th percentile for height.

This is a picture I took of him on his 5 month birthday:
Kendrick Scott Brenchley - 5 months old
Kendrick also rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time by himself on Thursday, February 24th. Scott emailed me to let me know because I was at school.
But, he did it again on Friday, February 25th. He was lying on a blanket by me as I was reading the newspaper and he rolled to his stomach and then rolled back to his back.
He is smiling a lot and does so much better now at night. No more colic! We are blessing him next Sunday, March 6th, so I will post pictures of that event next week.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year, we started our celebration on Saturday, February 12th. We decided to go out for lunch and beat the crowds. I told Scott that there were several high schools including Maple Mountain that were having their Sweetheart's dance that night and so we better avoid going out at night.

So, we opted to go to lunch at Outback. It was delicious! Scott had his usual--a rib eye steak and I had my usual--Alice Springs chicken. Here is a picture we had our server take of us:
Kendrick's first Valentine's Day--lunch with Mom & Dad at Outback!
Another picture of Kendrick in another "Valentines" shirt.
Kendrick on Valentine's Day with his Valentine presents.
On Valentine's Day, I came home from school and Scott went to the school for work. Kendrick and I decided to make a Valentine dinner for Scott. I decided to make my usual--meaning, my usual Valentine's dinner that I used to make for my single friends when I hosted the "Lonely Hearts Club" dinner on Valentine's Day. Homemade lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. It was a new experience this time though, trying to cook and tend a baby all at the same time! Not as easy as it was when I was single!
The next day, Maple Mountain had their last home basketball game. I took Kendrick with me and he wore his Valentine present--a new festive outfit.
Kendrick in his Valentine outfit. He wasn't too happy--he was tired and ready to go to bed!

Monday, February 07, 2011

MMHS Ellevés take 3rd at State!

February 4, 2011 was State Drill at UVU. It was a great day, a stressful one, but great in the end! We were going in with a 1st place military, 1st place dance, and a 2nd place kick. So, we had really good placement. All of the first place routines perform last, rotating between the regions. For military, we were the very last 4A military to perform. So, there was a lot of pressure to look our very best!

We had not hit all of our headstands at a competition yet! We had one person fall at Region, and one person fall at the last invitational. But, we had hit them at our Region Preview night and at a couple of basketball game performances, not to mention several times in our practices! So, we knew we could do it, it was just now, we needed to hit them at state!

Well, WE HIT THEM AT STATE! Yay! It was so exciting and felt so good! They were very excited as they came off the floor. I even had to do a "two touch" jump! As terrible as it looked, it was what one of the girls said I would do if they all hit their headstands at State!

We ended up placing 2nd in Military, 3rd in Dance, and 3rd in Kick. So, we were 3rd overall! We totally improved from last year and we beat everyone in our Region--again!

Once I got the score sheets, we saw that we had actually tied in dance with Bonneville. But, to break the tie, they look at all 5 judges rankings and see which team was placed higher by the most judges. So, Bonneville had 3 judges placing them highest and we only had two! If only we had placed 2nd in dance, we would have been 2nd overall! That just shows how close it was. I'm still so proud of my team and what we have accomplished this year! They are amazing and I have enjoyed working with them this year!
MMHS Elleves--3rd Place Overall at State!
My amazing senior Elleves!

Three of my seniors, Makenzie, Mikel, and Alli were named to the 4A Academic All-State for their high GPA's. Three more of my seniors, Krizia, Kourtney, and Savannah were named to the 4A All-State Dance Team--something that only two school's accomplished--all three of their girls making the team! One more of my seniors, Edynn, won the 4A Drill Team Scholarship. Then another senior and one junior placed in the drill down--Alexus was 3rd and Kimber was 2nd!
It was a great day! So proud of all of our accomplishments--and we are only a second-year team!

Pre-State Dinner Party

On February 3, 2011, we had our annual "Pre-State Dinner Party". It is always a fun night where the team gets together for food, fun, and motivation the night before State Drill.

This year, we had the party at the Hiskey residence. Shalee Hiskey is one of the sophomores on my team this year. Her parents live in Covered Bridge, which is up Spanish Fork Canyon. We had had the drill Christmas party there and they offered to have the state dinner party there also.

Fun cake that was donated by Macey's. They put our logo on it and then one of the moms added the cute stars to it. It was yummy too!
One of the tables of Elleves and Marci.

Another table--showing funny faces!
Another table with some more funny faces!
The amazing parents who helped put the dinner on for us--Mitzi and Bradley Creer, Lana Hiskey, Tana Martin, Bruce Hiskey, Keith Martin, and then Chloe Martin--she ended up being Kendrick's babysitter! She was great and so willing to help! Thanks so much!
Motivational thoughts from the officers --this is Kalli giving her thoughts.
More motivational thoughts!
Mikel, reading a letter to the team.
Overall, the night was so fun and very special to the team. They received their Region Champion shirts to wear to state the next day and they also got some cute boxer shorts with a star and Elleves embroidered on them.
I am so thankful for great parents that help out so much with our team! It means a lot to me and even more to the girls. I'm going to miss the seniors--I'm losing 10 this year! But, we still have a lot of fun things to do in between now and May. So, I'm not going to get sad--yet!

More Photos from Region Drill

These are some photos that are on the MMHS web site. I am posting them on my blog because I love to look at them. They remind me of what a great night it was!
"Parade of Champions"

All perfect 20 scores in showmanship on all of our routines!
I love our costumes!

All Region girls - Savannah Martin, Kourtney Finch, & Mikel Jackson.

Concentrating during the drill down.
Showing the crowd our love!

So excited!

We love our team mates!
Posing with the Region Trophy!