Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Closing Out Another Drill Year

Another school year and drill year was quickly approaching!  This year has went by fast!  There were some times when it seemed slow, but when I really think back, it seems like just yesterday we were having tryouts!

We had our year end drill banquet on May 9 at Magleby's in Springville.  They always do a nice job and so we've had our banquet there the past three years. 

Here's some pics of the team:
A nice pose.
 A crazy, fun pose!
A few days later, we had our "ugly dance day" on May 14.  This is where the girls wear "ugly" dance clothes and we have an "ugly dance class".  This means they can dance as ugly and as incorrect, weird, and do whatever they want!  No rules really and no order/precision whatsoever!  It is a great day and they always look forward to it.
 I mean, look at these costumes?  Ugly Dance Day, need I say more?
It was a fun day, that's for sure!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Officer Retreat 2013

Just as you're closing one drill team year, you are also starting the next one.  It's hard, because you are sad to be losing the seniors and the current team, but you are also excited to get things going with the new team.  It's also stressful, because you have two teams at the same time.  Yes, there are members on both teams and sometimes it's just a difference of a few people, but it can still be a little bit crazy trying to keep things straight and get things done in time for the new team since they will be going to BDT camp in a month! 

First, the officers attended the BDT Leadership Camp or as I call it - Officer Retreat.  It was held up at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah again this year on May 10 and 11.  We had a great time and the officers learned how to be even better leaders and made some great goals for themselves and our team for the upcoming year.
Having fun before the retreat started.
 Each team of officers were asked to bring candy that represented their school.  Well, that was easy for us - M&Ms for Maple Mountain and for "make it matter"!
 The group presenting the bag of candy to the other teams and then adding it to the candy basket to share.
 Getting started planning our year!
 They received a star pin and learned what each point of the star stands for in being on a team and being a leader.  Nikki Ashton, one of the BDT staff is posing with them.
 The new officers successfully completed the training and are ready to lead our team!

We picked our theme for the year - "Give it all you've got all the time.  Teamwork makes the dream work!"  We'll use clocks as our symbol for the year.  I'm excited for this group--they want to continue the work ethic that the previous team had and work even harder to achieve our goals.  It's going to be fun to see where this group of officers can lead this team!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ellevé Showcase 2013

Our annual Ellevé Showcase was on Friday, May 3, 2013.  The showcase is sometimes a stressful event where I wonder why I do it, but then when I watch it that night, I love it and it is totally worth it to see the routines and let the team perform and show all that we accomplished one last time.
This was our poster to advertise the show.
 It began with Brooke Coleman and Brittney Peterson singing the National Anthem.  They did a great job!  They had asked me if they could do it and I agreed.  It was something new that I hadn't done in the program before.
After the anthem, we introduced the team with their fathers.
 Lindsey Bagley
 Catherine Bladh
 Melissa Durtschi
 Shalee Hiskey
 Brooke Coleman - escorted by her brother.
 Madeline Froerer
 Kerstin Gull - escorted by her grandfather.
 Hannah Harvey
 Laney Melton
 Emily Peery
 Brittney Peterson
 Brynn Shaw
 Madison Spencer
 Bryn Starkey
 Jamie Topham
 Brandi Gessel
 Brooklyn Howarth
 Sydney Jensen
 Haylie Nelson
 Jourdyn Reid
After introductions, the show began.  I'm posting some pictures from each dance.  Thanks to Jeff Porcaro for taking all of these awesome pictures.  He comes to nearly every athletic event at MMHS and takes pictures that he posts on his website.  I'm so glad he takes them and lets me use them!  They are a wonderful memory of a great night.
 Brandi Gessel's solo


 Love the extreme military facials!  One of the things that sets military routine apart from the rest!
 End pose
 Officer Routine - they chose to do a hip hop, which was a change that I had to get used to.  I'm used to the officers doing a sentimental/lyrical type routine.  But I actually really liked the hip hop officer routine.  I was a change of pace and they choreographed a fun routine!
 They had some fun tricks -
 Hip hop moves -
 and fun facials!

 It turned out great!
 After their routine, they walked out onto the stage, I wasn't sure what was going on.  It wasn't in the program. :)  But they presented me and Camille, my assistant with flowers.

It was so nice and thoughtful of them!  I really appreciated it!  They have been a good group of officers.

 Haylie Nelson's solo

 Dance routine - "Kill of the Night"
 Sometimes I love how the dances look on the stage with lights, etc.  Even though they are choreographed for the gym floor, it is just a different feel in the auditorium and on the stage.

 I loved these pictures because of how "in sync" the girls are.
 Totally together!
 Jourdyn Reid's solo.

 Hip  Hop - love this picture.

 I loved our hip hop routine this year - I'm Dat Chick!
 Laney Melton's solo.

 The guys and gals routine - it was a fun one this year too!

 The girls part.
 The guys part.
 Back together again for the ending.
 It's fun to watch them dance together.

 Jamie Topham's solo

 Lindsey Bagley's solo

 The new 2013-14 Team 

 It's fun to have the new team perform and then I announce the officers after their performance.

 Shalee Hiskey's solo

 Kick routine - "Topsy Turvy"

 New lyrical routine - "Your Song", choreographed by Marci Hite.

 We used pieces of sheet music as our props.

 Final bow as a team!
 They added a jump after!
 It's a bittersweet moment!
It was a great year and a great night!  The team performed well and I felt our program was a success.  I'm always grateful on this night for the opportunity I have to work with such amazing dancers.  Elleves for life!