Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Basic Dance Training Camp 2012

On June 25 - 27, 2012, I went to Basic Dance Training camp with my drill team.  This would be BDT's 10th year for holding camps for drill teams, and I have been with them the whole time!  The theme of the camp was all about "celebrating" since they were celebrating their 10th year.

Well, we left bright and early that morning and things get started right away.  I didn't get any pics of the first day--not sure why, probably just busy and didn't take any!

Anyway, the first night is the team performance night, where teams have the option of performing a home routine.  It isn't judged, you win the trophy by being the team that all of the other teams voted as the "most entertaining" team. 

We were performing our competition hip hop routine.  I felt like the team looked pretty good for their first time performing it.  I just hoped they wouldn't be scared in front of the crowd.  We have about half of the team that is "new". 

We had to rush to get ready and I always hate it when I feel rushed or that we don't have time to go over anything.  The camp staff really wanted to get started on time and they wanted all of the teams to be in the gym watching the other teams, so we just had to hustle in there and hope that everything would go ok.

We were #7 in the line up.  I believe there were about 12 teams performing.  So, I wished we would have been more close to the bottom, but we draw out for the order and that is the number I drew!

There were a couple other hip hop routines before ours, and our sister team, Lone Peak, even had a section of the same music as us!  AUGH!  But, I found myself getting bored when watching their routines, and I wasn't just being partial. 

The Elleves came out and took charge!  I was very proud of them.  I thought they performed the routine very well!  I also felt like the crowd loved it too! 

So, the time came to announce the winner--and who's school do they call?  Yes, MAPLE  MOUNTAIN!  It was so exciting to hear our name!  I was so happy for the girls!  They really needed this as a team!  I know every team probably needs it, but we needed a confidence boost in a big way and this was just the right way to do it!
 Most of the alumni from last year came up to support us!
 Performance Night Champions!  Wahoo!
So proud!
 Nightly team meetings.

 Military training.
 They work them really hard--this is in the morning after breakfast!
 Quick pic of the team on the morning of the last day!
 Shalee & Melissa
 Shalee, Melissa, & Jamie - these three made it into the Top Corp Finals!
 The officers - minus Emily.
 Crazy pose!
 Relaxing before the final events of the camp.

 The team did awesome!  We won an award for the Edge Routine.
 Here's the Top Corp finalists again.
These are the drill down finalists - Laney, Melissa, Madeline, & Lindsey.

The team did great at BDT!  I really feel that things are coming together well for this team.  I'm so excited to see what is in store for them the rest of this year.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jakob's Blessing

Today, we drove up to Evanston, Wyoming to see Jakob Holloway's blessing.  Jakob is Kaycee and Jason's baby boy that was born in April.  So, this is our second grandchild--first grandson!

After the blessing, we went to one of Jason's relatives house in Evanston for a luncheon.  After the luncheon, we took a few pictures.
 Four generations - Jakob Holloway, Kaycee Brenchley Holloway, Scott Brenchley, and Clark Brenchley.
 Another shot with Kaycee looking this time!  :)
This time we added Jason Holloway to the mix.

It was a nice day and I should have took some more pictures!  I just hate asking people to stop what they are doing and "line up" for a picture.  But, I guess I need to just start doing it so we have more memories of special events of our family.

Congrats to Kaycee and Jason--they are now a happy family of four.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kendrick's First Haircut

On June 11, we took Kendrick to get his first haircut.  It had been looking a little long over his ears, so I decided it was time.  My dad cuts hair and that is who always cuts Scott's hair and most of the men in our family.  But, I thought Kendrick might not hold still and it would be hard for my dad.  So, we went to a salon called "Flying Scissors" in Spanish Fork.  My sister Annie had suggested it.

Here are some pictures and video we took of the event:
Getting ready for the haircut.
Kendrick looks a little bit nervous!
Wondering what's going on?
Me, helping hold Kendrick still.
Sad face!  He was scared of the clippers.
Trimming up the back.
All done!
He looked more blond now!
Here are some video clips that Scott took with his phone.  Kendrick did pretty good.  The lady who cut Kendrick's hair was really nice and did a great job.  She even saved a lock of Kendrick's hair and attached it to a "first haircut" certificate. 

I was sorta sad, I felt like Kendrick didn't look like a baby anymore! He looked like a little boy! But, I liked the haircut, just felt sad that he looked older now. Oh well! Guess I'm going to have to get used to that!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Jackson's Graduation

On June 7th, my nephew Jackson Roper, graduated from Taylorsville High School.  Kendrick and I went to his graduation, Scott had to work.   It was held in the U of U Huntsman Center.  I had drill team technique class that morning, so Kendrick and I left a little bit late.  We got there right as they were starting on the names.
 This is Jenny, Jackson's friend.
 Here she is again, I missed getting a picture of the cartwheel she did!  Heels and all!
 Jackson Roper
 Shaking the Principal's hand.

It was a good thing that Kendrick and I got there late because Kendrick just wanted to run around and didn't want to sit still.  So, the time we were there was long enough!

We went outside and took a few pictures.  Here is one of me and Jackson that I had one of my sisters take for me.
After the graduation, we all went to Amy and Jason's house and they had a party to celebrate Jackson's graduation.  It was a very nice day.

I can't believe he is old enough to be a high school graduate! Where has the time gone? It's funny how fast time goes by, but yet I still think I'm only about twenty-something--until I look in the mirror!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Planting Flowers

We decided to plant some flowers in our front yard flower beds.  When we bought our house, one plus was that the yard was already put in.  Of course, there are some things we would like to change, but we are going about it one thing at a time.  There are also some bushes and plants we would like to remove from the yard too, but we just decided to leave them this year and see how it goes.

 Planting flowers.
 Kendrick thought it was fun--he just wanted to play in the dirt, though. 
 He also wanted to use the shovels.
Well, we got them all planted and also planted some flowers in our flower pots.  But, we learned that we were not watering the flower pots enough.  The ones in the front of the house were looking terrible and the one on the back porch looked great!  It was the afternoon sun on the front ones that was killing them.  So, I started watering more and also fertilizing more.

Our flowers in the flower beds weren't doing too well either.  We figured out that we had a few sprinklers that were not working and so there were spots that were not getting water.  So, we adjusted the sprinklers and most of the plants bounced back to life!

Next year we will learn better about what to plant in the pots too.  I think we planted the wrong combination of flowers or something. 

Oh well, the yard is a work in progress.  It definitely looks better than it did.