Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was here and I was still finishing up my shopping!  It was hard this year to get my shopping done because I had two drill team competitions on Saturdays in December.  Then, on the last Saturday before Christmas, we were at two family Christmas parties.  We did, however, go shopping right after we left the last party.  But, there were a few items we needed to get on Monday.
So, we had to go to the mall before we headed down to Levan for Christmas.  We walked in right where Santa was.  Kendrick hadn't had a chance to sit on Santa's lap this year, so we decided to have him visit Santa--if he would. 
Kendrick was a little bit scared and cried at first.  Then he kinda relaxed and layed his head on Santa.  I think he was tired too.
 Kendrick and Santa
 You would have thought there were long, lost friends.  Or maybe Kendrick was in frozen mode because he was scared?
We picked up our last few items, went home and wrapped them up and then headed down to Levan for Christmas Eve dinner with the family.  Scott's girls decided not to come down because it was snowing and they didn't want to chance the roads.  
 Me and Kendrick by my parent's Christmas tree.
The next morning, Kendrick woke up and we could hear Ryan and Jake downstairs.  So we headed down to see what they were doing.  Kendrick was a little more into it this year.
 Looking at this train.
 Checking out what was in his sock.  He got his own yellow school bus!
 He got a Thomas the Train book, complete with a mat and small trains to play with!
 He also got a Lightning McQueen/Cars table.
 Playing with his train on his table.  He even has on his Christmas apron that he got from Grandma and Grandpa!
 He loves his Thomas train and his Cars table.
 Still playing with his train!
We had a great Christmas and it was fun to see Kendrick play with his toys and have so much fun!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas card for this year:
We barely printed them on December 17th!  I'm a procrastinator!  Annie took the picture us.  Luckily for me, she is a good photographer and lives right next door to me!  Our only wish is that we could have had Hollie and Amanda in the picture.  Maybe next year we will get a family picture taken in time and when everyone can be there.  :)

Jackson Christmas Party

Well, it was past the middle of December, and we had not got a family picture taken like I had wanted to.  I was contenplating not even sending Christmas cards this year.  Mainly because I had waited way too long.  But, I had a friend send her card and I noticed that they had just taken the picture a few days before.  She told me she used Costco to print them.  So, I decided I had just enough time to get some cards done.
I asked Annie if she could come over to our house and take a photo.  It is hard to coordinate the schedules of Scott's girls and ours to try and get a complete family picture.  So, one of my goals for 2013 is to get a family picture taken before December!  Maybe even during the summer or early fall!
 These are some of the pictures that Annie took.

 Our Christmas tree in our living room.
 Kendrick - Scott took these pictures.
 Kendrick didn't bother our tree at all this year.  I think he didn't like the feel of it.
 Annie did a great job and I'm glad she was able to come take our picture!
Later that week on December 22, 2012, we went down to Nephi to the Jackson Family Christmas Party.  It was held at the Red Cliffs Elementary School again.  We had yummy soups and salads and delicious desserts.  It was fun to see everyone.  I could also pass out my Christmas cards!  :)
 Kendrick and I making a craft.  He is also eating a treat!

 He made a snowman and decorated a tree ornament.
 Scott, Kendrick, and me.
We left the party a little bit early and headed to the Brenchley Family Party.  It was on the same day.  Scott's girls just went to that party because they didn't want to drive so much that day.  I didn't take any pics at that party.  But, it was fun to see everyone.  Hopefully next year the parties won't be on the same day.  :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Week Before Christmas Break

December 17 - 21, 2012--last week before Christmas break--we didn't have a competition that week and we only had a girls basketball game.  So, we decided to do a Christmas dance.  We still practiced our competition routines, but we also took a little bit of time and set one of our camp routines to a Christmas song.  It was a fun break from the competition stuff for a while.  I am so ready for a break!  I love competition season, but I love a good break too! 
 Me and Kendrick at one of the after school practices that week.  Kendrick fell asleep--doesn't happen very often.  He usually watches everything the team does and then comes home and mimics it!
 Performing our Christmas Dance - Jingle Bell Rock!
 They looked so cute in their Santa hats!
 So fun!
 They all looked like they were having so much fun!

 Love Lindsey's face!
 The walk-off--holding hands!
I wanted to get a picture of them after the performance, so I had them walk up to the front of the school so we could pose by the Christmas tree.
 Merry Christmas from the Elleves!
Fun pose!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jordan Beet Classic Competition

The drill team competed in their second invitational competition on Saturday, December 15 at Jordan High School, the Jordan Beet Classic.  This competition had a few more 4A schools at it than the UVU one did.  Bountiful wasn't going to be there, but several other top 4A schools would be there this time, so I wasn't sure how things would go.  There was a chance that we wouldn't place at all.  So, we practiced really hard all week.  We had a few sick girls, but they kept positive and never gave up.
 This is just before we performed our last routine for the day, kick.  Team "pep talk".
 Melissa, giving the team some words of advice.
 More motivation from Shalee.
Throughout the day, I would go in and watch some of the other 4A routines that we were up against.  I wasn't sure how we would do?  You never know with drill team--it is so subjective!  I felt pretty good about hip hop, wasn't sure about military and dance.  I also felt good about kick.
Anyway, when it came time for the awards, Camille and I went to the back row of the side bleachers so we could have a back rest.  I also just wasn't sure what to expect, so I wanted to be back a bit!
Hip hop was first, and we got first!  Then on to military--they start reading off the names and they still haven't said ours, then 2nd place, Hillcrest.  Oh my, this could only mean one thing--we took 1st!  Then they say it, 1st place - Maple Mountain!  I was so excited!  Wow!  Then on to dance.  They gave out six places, they say Box Elder, then, Salem Hills - ooh they had beat us the week before in Dance.  I was nervous.  Then, 4th place - Herriman.  Oh no--I'm thinking, we're not going to place.  Then, 3rd place, Mt. Crest.  I'm still thinking we're not going to place because they hadn't said Bonneville or Hillcrest yet.  Oh no.  2nd place - Maple Mountain.  Whoa, relief!  Then kick--we took 1st.  So, I'm thinking, we're going to be in the running for the overall trophy.  We have three first places and one second.  And, sure enough, they announce the sweepstakes winner--MAPLE MOUNTAIN!  Wow!  So exciting--we were the top team there!
 Here we are with our beautiful trophies!  :)
 When we arrived at the school, the girls wanted to go in and say a prayer of thanks.  This pic is just after the prayer.
 Team cheer!
The following Monday, we went up to the video production class and was interviewed to be on the school announcements that day.  Here is the team with the trophies waiting to be interviewed.
It was a great start to our competition season!  We have one more invitational in January, then Region and State.  The team is so excited and willing to keep working harder.  We have to now--everyone will want to beat us, so we have to work even harder to stay on top!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Drill Team Christmas Party

On December 13, 2012, we had our annual Drill Team Christmas Party.  We held it at Shalee Hiskey's house.  This is where we have had the party the past three years.  But, Shalee is a senior this year, so this year is the last year we would have our party there.  I love having the party there because Shalee's mom, Lana, goes all out and has everything all set up when we get there.  All I do is assign the food out to the girls and have them draw names for gifts.

The tradition was started three years ago to have the party be a pajama party, so we kept with tradition and wore pajamas.  I don't, of course, I never know if that is appropriate or not? :)
 Here is one table of the team.
 Here is the other table.
After eating, we went downstairs to open up gifts.  We always say nice things about the person we have and the rest of the team has to guess who we are giving to.  I love doing that.  It is fun to hear what each girl says.
 Just before opening gifts.
 Of course, we have to do a fun pose!
 Opening gifts or watching someone open one.
 Fun times!
After we opened up our gifts, we headed back upstairs for dessert.  We had brownie sundaes.  They were delicious!
 We love dessert!
 Fun, fun!
Always working on their flexibility! :)
I always love the Christmas party.  It is a good break away from practicing and the stress of upcoming competitions, etc.  Plus you get a gift and it is always fun!