Sunday, January 30, 2011

Region Drill - 2011

Well, it has finally come and gone--Region Drill Competition 2011. And, once again, the MMHS Elleves are the Region 8 DRILL TEAM CHAMPIONS! It was an amazing night.

First, I have a couple of pictures of the team from Wednesday morning, after practice. I do a countdown to Region and State. This year, we are spelling out "Believe" and "Achieve". On Wednesday, the letter was the last "E" in believe. So, the word for e was esprit de corp, which means to be one. So, I made sugar cookies and cut them out in letters and the team had to work together and figure out what they letters spelled.

They finally figured it out--"If we believe, we will achieve! Elleves Take Region!"
Here they are with the cookies.
A closer shot of the cookies.
The team at our Region Team Dinner. The moms did an amazing job. The table was decorated so cute with gold stars and black table covering. The team received cute cheetah print makeup bags! You would have thought it was Christmas. Marci also made them some cute hair bands with flowers made out of fabric. They were so cute too. We wore them for the "Parade of Champions at the beginning of Region and also for the drill down and awards.

Here they are--showing their makeup bags, headband, oh, and the "whoopie pie" that Marci made for them too!
After dinner, we went back to our dressing room and Coach Amber Hall, the volleyball coach and PE teacher at MMHS, came and gave the team a "pep talk". It was awesome, so I hear, I missed it because we had to go to a coach's meeting.
When I came back from the coach's meeting, they were all laying down on the floor and meditating. They stood up and said they were ready and felt relaxed and confident!
Here we are--the 2010-11 Region 8 DRILL TEAM CHAMPIONS!
We ended up getting 1st in Military, 1st in Dance, and 2nd in Kick. It was a surprise to all to get 2nd in kick, and I'm not just saying that! Really, no one saw that one coming. But, oh well, we will get 'em at State. Also, one of my girls, Alexus Poulsen, won 2nd place in the drill down. She has placed at every drill down so far this year!
On our way home back to MMHS, we had the bus "take a main" in Spanish Fork. The bus driver honked the horn and we put the windows down and yelled, "Region Champions!" It was fun!
Now we compete at the State 4A Drill Team Competition next Friday, February 4th at UVU. I'm so excited to see how it all turns out. Good Luck Elleves!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ellevé Region Preview 2011

On Thursday, January 20, 2011, we held our annual "Elleve Region Preview". This is where my team performs all of their competition routines and we invite other local dance studios to come perform, groups from MMHS, and this year Juab High Drill Team was able to come perform. It was a great success and the Elleves performed very well!

My mom, Annie, Emilee, my aunt Barbara, my cousin Jamie, and my friends Cheri and Donna all were able to come. Annie took some great pictures again this year. I "stole" these pictures from her blog. (Thanks Annie!) :)
This is the end pose of the BDT Camp Dance - "More". We perform this at the beginning of the night and then introduce each Elleve afterwards and give them a rose.
Our Hip Hop - "Transform Ya".
End position of Hip Hop.
Beautiful splits - in our Military routine.
Kicks in our Military routine. They are super fast! The music is called "Angels & Demons". Not sure if it is really from the movie soundtrack of "Angels & Demons". It is very intense music!
Our routine is quite difficult. One of the difficult moves is our headstands! The girls rotate all the way around--stopping for 4 fast counts at each "wall".
They all hit it tonight! It was awesome--the crowd cheered!
It was their idea to put this in our Military routine this year. I wasn't sure if we would be able to pull it off--but they do in practice all the time. We have had some "bobbles" at competitions, but, because our routine scores high and we have a lot of difficulty, a little headstand bobble hasn't hurt us. I'm still waiting for the competition though, when they all HIT IT!
Just finished the full rotation!
Going down into the straddle from the headstand and then they drop into the splits.
Another awesome part--they lift one girl up as she holds her leg to her face! All done when there is a climatic moment in the music!
The ending--they yell, "Maple Mountain, YEAH!". It somewhat sounds like that is what the chorus people are chanting in the music! HA HA
The beginning of our very cute kick routine, "Betty Boop".
They wear Betty Boop wigs and our costumes are so cute! They look just like a dress that Betty Boop would wear! Their kicks are amazing!
This is the end pose--so cute!
Me and my assistant, Marci Hite. Annie took this picture of us at the end of our successful night!

I'm so proud of my drill team this year. We have had another very successful competition year so far. I'm so excited to see what happens at Region and State! Good Luck Elleves!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kendrick is 4 months old!

On January 18th, Kendrick turned 4th months old. Wow, he is just growing right up. He smiles at us now and responds a little bit. He is so cute!

He holds his head up really good and will probably roll over soon. He doesn't really like tummy time though!

He is a lot better at night now. Only gets really fussy once in a while. But, he is sleeping through the night and sometimes doesn't wake up until 7:30 or 8 a.m.!
Kendrick Scott Brenchley
I love this picture of him! Scott took them all.
I call this shirt his Maple Mountain shirt because it is maroon, which is one of Maple Mountain's colors. Kendrick got it for Christmas from us. Only problem, I bought a 3 month size--guess I gotta start buying up a size or two. Kendrick is growing so fast!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Murray Classic Drill Team Competition

On Saturday, January 15th, the MMHS Elleves competed in their third and final invitational competition of the season. The competition was at Murray High School and it was a big competition for us. This time there was fifteen 4A schools there. Our entire region was there except for one school, Uintah.

We ended up having a fantastic day! We were so excited! We took 2nd in Hip Hop, 1st in Military, 1st in Dance, and 1st in Kick! We also won a special trophy from the judges for being selected as the team with "Exceptional Technique"! We also won the 4A Overall Trophy! Wow--it was so awesome! These girls have worked so hard and I am so proud of them.

We also had girls place in the drill down--Aubrey Finch won 3rd place and Alexus Poulsen won 1st place!
The team with our trophies.
Now we have Region and then State. I can't wait to see what those two competitions bring!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Utah Valley Classic Drill Team Competition

On Saturday, January 8th, my drill team competed in their second invitational competition of the season. It was somewhat small for 4a, being that there were only seven 4A teams there. But, there was some tough 4A schools there--including Bountiful, who was the state champ last year and Dixie, who placed above us (3rd) overall at state. And our rival, Spanish Fork, was there.
Marci, putting glitter on the girls.
Team lunch!
Waiting for the announcement of team awards.
Well, we ended up having a great day. We took 1st in Hip Hop, 2nd in Military, 2nd in Dance, and 2nd in Kick! We were excited!
Here we are with our trophies!
We also took the top three spots in the drill down! Aubrey Finch was 3rd, Hailey Bishop was 2nd, and Alexus Poulsen was 1st! Congratulations Elleves!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Birthday Dinner for Me and Amy

On Wednesday, December 29th, we went to dinner to celebrate me and Amy's birthdays. We decided to go to a restaurant called, "La Jolla Grove". It is located in the Riverwoods in Provo. It was really good.

My mom and Emilee picked me up in Provo at my house and at the time, it wasn't snowing. As we got closer to the Riverwoods, it really started to snow. Somewhat like a blizzard! We got parked and weren't really sure where the restaurant was, so we walked through Bajio and could see it across the way. So, we trudged through the snow, getting all wet as we went. (we didn't have an umbrella and my coat didn't have a hood!) So, our hair all got a little bit wet! I also had just come from getting my hair cut, so, my hair looks a little bit different in this picture.
Mom, Paula, Amy, me, Emilee, and Annie.
As usual, it was a good time. Good food and good conversation. My sister Paula gave me a cute Diet Coke necklace. I love it! My sister Annie gave me a really cute flower necklace that she made and a ring. Plus a shirt to wear it all with. I love it too!
It was a fun night. After dinner, we all went to Target to see if there was anything left from the after Christmas sale. We all bought a little something, so our shopping was a success as well.