Friday, September 26, 2014

Football in September

MMHS had another football game in September on the 26th.  The drill team performed the BDT jazz routine.  Here are some pics from that performance:
 Walking on the field
 Nice kick!
 Fun times!
 Level changes
 Tilt kick

 Nice Leap, Tori!
 End pose
Walk off.

The silver dresses are now six years old, but they still look great on the field.  Especially under the football lights.  We only have two more home football games left in October.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Kendrick started his second year of preschool on Monday, September 22.  He is attending the MMHS Eaglet Preschool again this year.  He will actually go to preschool one more year after this one because he has a September birthday.
 Writing letters on the first day!
 Kendrick loves school and was ready and eager to get started again!
It's going to be a great year!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kendrick's 4th Birthday

Kendrick was turning 4 this year!  So crazy how fast he is growing up.  He wanted a Curious George birthday cake this year. So, we took some pics in his Curious George shirts to announce his birthday on Facebook.
 I love his smile in this pic!
 Acting like a monkey by the tree!
 He loves Curious George!
 I decided to just get a simple cake from Macey's this year.  Nothing too fancy.
 Kendrick loved it.  It had Curious George on it!

We invited all of the family for a barbecue on Sunday, September 20.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and then my mom and sisters helped by bringing hamburger fixings, salads, and an appetizer.  

It is always a fun time for the kids to play and for the adults to get together and talk.
 Opening presents!  
 The cousins all crowd around to see what's inside.
 Kendrick was loving it.  He had been talking about his birthday for weeks!
 He got three super hero costumes to dress up in.  Big sister Hollie gave him a Captain America one.
 He immediately put it one and ran around in it!
 Hero on the move!
 Fighting with cousin Zach!
 Time to blow out the candles.

 He was a very happy boy!  
 Curious George on his cake, three super hero costumes, toys, clothes, what more could you ask for?
 A pic with the mask on.
 Spider man costume from Grandma.
 Iron Man costume from Grandma too.  He couldn't decide which one he liked best.
 He also loved his new Superman jammies from the Ropers.
Happy Birthday Kendrick!  We love you!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Scott's Birthday

For Scott's birthday, we went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  
 Scott and Kendrick
 Kendrick gave his dad a birthday kiss!
We had a great time - Happy Birthday Scott!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Homecoming Week

Homecoming was really early this year at MMHS.  It began the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 2.  That night was the Homecoming Extravaganza.  It is a carnival type activity for MMHS students and their families. 

Kendrick getting his arm painted.
 He also had a good time in the bounce house.
The drill team sponsored a fish pond.  It was so hot that evening!
 We had our annual Homecoming Team lunch on Friday.

 We also performed in the Homecoming Assembly.  We performed the BDT Edge routine which was a "Thriller" type routine.  It was so fun for the team to perform.  I rented a fog machine to create a special effect on the stage.  It looked awesome!
 The girls did a great job designed their own costumes.
 They also had a fun time getting into their zombie characters!
 Team circle as zombies!
Post performance pic!

Video clip that one of the drill moms sent to me.

The assembly performance was great! Everyone loved it and the fog effect really made the routine look so cool!  I loved it and was so glad that I went to the trouble of getting the fog machine!  So worth it!
The team in the stands for the football game.
The team performed the BDT Hip Hop to "Turn Down for What" for halftime.
 They wore the gold jackets and the spiky hats - they look great on the field!
 Getting into it!

 Lots of fun movements in the routine that looked good on the field.
 Gotta love the hair in the face shots!

They performed great!  

It had been great Homecoming Week, even it if was a little bit early this year!