Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family/Friend Baby Shower

On Saturday, July 31, my mom and sisters gave me a baby shower. It was mainly for family and friends from high school, college, work, etc. They went "all out" as you will see from the pictures. I am lucky to have such creative sisters who love to do things like this. I am so thankful for all that they did to make the day so special. I loved it all! They need to go into the catering business--they are awesome!

This is the cute invitation that my sister Amy made:

The shower was at my sister Paula's house in Alpine. My sisters and mom met there really early that day to prepare for the event.

Amy and Emilee busily frosting sugar cookies!

Paula and my mom working on the yummy Oriental Noodle Salad that was served with some fresh pineapple and blueberries and a roll.
Even my niece Sophie got in on the action, with her apron and all!

Here is the candy buffet put together by my sister Amy. Everything was blue, yellow, or white.

Me, standing by the dessert table.

Another shot of the dessert table.

The cupcake tower! My dad build the tower for my sister Annie's wedding, so now we put it to use whenever we can!

There were chocolate cream cheese filled cupcakes.

Coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. These were my fav!

Vanilla with cream cheese filling. All of the cupcakes were homemade--no mixes!

The yummy blue punch and water with lemons.

Another shot of the candy buffet. The pictures are baby pictures of Scott and I. Amy has a little business and puts together candy buffets for any event. She does an awesome job!

These candies were like "sixlets". They were yummy!

Cute gummy bears in yellow and blue.

The tall container had yellow taffy and blue taffy.

There were also some mints and cute bags to put the candy in to take home.

Yummy desserts!

Sugar cookies!

Me holding my granddaughter, Emmalee.

There were also lemon cake bites on the dessert table and bouquets of yellow roses. I love yellow roses, they are my favorite!

They got these eclairs from BYU take out--complete with blue booties on top!

Aunt Debbie taking a turn holding Baby Emma. Can you believe it was the first time for her to see Emma? I guess Kaycee and Jason need to come visit us more often! HA HA

This is my sister Amy, the master mind behind the candy buffet.

These pictures are to show the cute "binky" tied around the glass containers. There were so cute!

My Aunt Mary, Cami, Emmy, and Shelley Mathews.

Eliana, Kaycee, Amanda, Debbie, Corinne, Kourtney, and Hollie holding Emmalee.
My sister Paula's twins, Nick & Sophie

Me and my friend Maria. She used to live by me and when she was single, we hung out together at all of the lovely single events. It was also through her that I met my friend Donna. Donna was her roommate, and then Donna moved in with me when Maria got married.

My mom, Aunt Judy, Grandma Marcile, Aunt Barbara, and Aunt Lisa.

Enjoying the food and company!

My sisters & mom --in their aprons! Paula, mom, Amy, Annie, & Emilee.

Them in their aprons and me.

My Aunt Judy and her daughter Lindsey

Opening gifts, with my mom keeping track of who gave me what.

Diapers and wipes--probably can't get enough of those!

Everyone watching me open gifts.

More gifts.

Another picture with Emmalee before they left.

Grandma J., Kaycee, Debbie, and Hollie.

Paula and Lisa behind the couch. Judy, Lindsey, and Barbara.

Me with Scott's sisters that were there: Debbie, Heidi, Me, and Robyn.

The Brenchley's that were there: Makenzie, Kourtney, Amanda - front row.
Hollie, holding Emmalee, Kaycee, Debbie & Corinne, Heidi, Me, Robyn, holding Kylie, and Caitlynn.
Me and Josie Reynaud, who I worked with at Payson High and Robin Dunn, who I work with now at Maple Mountain.
My cousin Betsy, Aunt Nancy, and cousin Vivian.

We didn't get a picture of everyone that came, so sorry! I am so thankful for great friends and family members who were able to come. It means a lot! I received a lot of nice things and I'm getting excited and a little bit nervous that I will be putting it all to use soon!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pioneer Day - July 24

July 24 - Pioneer Day - another day in July that stands out in my mind as a highlight of my summer when I was a kid. Levan always has a celebration and we always participated in the children's parade, the bake sale, the activities at the park, and then the dinner at night.

I haven't been down to Levan for years, but this year we decided we would head down there. But first, I had two parades to be in with my drill team.

Once again this year, we were in the Mapleton parade first and then we traveled over to Spanish Fork and was at the end of their parade. It worked out a lot better for me this year. I didn't get stuck in traffic! Scott parked his truck at the end of the parade route in Mapleton so we could get out easier. We made it over to Spanish Fork and even had time to spare!
The MMHS Elleves - just before the parade started.
Another shot--this time with Marci and I in the picture.
High kicks are always a crowd pleaser and these girls have great ones!

More kicks!
Marci and I hangin' out on the trailer. It was very hot! At first I wasn't sure if I was going to ride the trailer or not--but I decided to tough it out!
Scott and I--Annie took this picture. Scott is so good to come along and take pictures and video the team as they perform.
Annie took this picture too--their kicks look awesome!

After the parade, we went to Annie's to pick Amanda up. She went to the parade with Annie to help her with the boys. Jim was in the parade too. He drove a army vehicle in the parade.
Then, we headed back over to Provo so I could go to lunch with my friend Michelle Farley. She was up from Las Vegas and so we had planned to get together for lunch. She is going to miss my baby shower next week, so she wanted to give me my shower gift. She was so generous! You should see how many baby boy outfits she gave me! It was so fun to get together talk! Her son Jordan is getting ready to leave on his mission in August. So, her kids are almost raised and I am just about to start! Oh well!
After my lunch date, I went home and picked up Scott, Amanda, and Hollie. We headed down to Levan to join in on the festivities down there. We got there in time to go to the dinner at the park. It was pretty good--marinated turkey, baked potatoes, corn on the cob!, rolls, green salad, and watermelon. It was yummy!
After dinner, they had a jazz band there to play. Mr. Bagley (Glen), who taught auto shop at Payson High and was one of my good friends at school, was playing in the band. It was good to talk to him. He isn't at Payson High any more either.
Here we are, relaxing and enjoying the music.
The band.
Me, using Scott as my foot rest. My feet were once again, very swollen! So, I was trying to elevate them.
Mom and Dad.
A cute picture of Amanda that Madeline took.
After the entertainment was over, we went back over to my mom and dad's to watch the fireworks. Annie took this picture, (actually she took all of the pictures--I stole them from her blog!) Anyway, the fireworks were pretty good. They didn't have fireworks like that in Levan when I was a kid!
Watching the fireworks - The Eyre's and my mom holding Ryan.
Hollie, Amanda, Scott and I - watching the fireworks.

After the fireworks, we headed back to Provo. We even got to see Spanish Fork's fireworks as we passed by on the freeway.
It was a great 24th of July. Maybe we will go down to Levan more often for Pioneer Day. We had a great time.