Monday, May 31, 2010

Jackson Family Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, April 3, 2010, was the annual Jackson Family Easter Egg Hunt held at my Aunt Lisa's house. This is where Scott and I planned to make our big announcement to the extended family.

The plan was, to have a "Mystery Egg" in the Easter Egg hunt. Each year every grandchild has an assigned number so that everyone gets the same amount of eggs and it is fun and fair for all the little kids. Well, I think it was my sister Annie who had the idea for us to put an extra egg out or something to represent a "new grand child".

Well, when my mom met with my aunts to fill the eggs with candy and assign the numbers etc. she told them that there was another number this year, but that it was a surprise. All of my aunts started trying to guess who it was. They knew it was someone in my mom's family--but who? They didn't ever think it would be me--just what I thought. No one would think it would be me, which made the plan even more fun! They thought it was Amy for some reason.

Well, on the day of the hunt, I warned Amy that she might get questions when she arrived. And, she did, but she played along with it and didn't give anything away yet.

Here are some of the kids at the start of the hunt:

No one picked up the mystery egg. Well, Scott and I hurried and picked up the eggs with the number on it and the mystery egg. No one really had an idea yet. So, when the hunt was over, me and all my sisters stood at the front and they pretended to hold an egg in their hands and I had the mystery egg in my hands and we each took a turn opening up our hands until they got to me--and I had the mystery egg!

The Mystery Egg!

Everyone was surprised and also happy for us! It was a fun day. Now everyone knows! I went home that day and posted it on Facebook! The Mystery Egg was not a mystery anymore!

Bart providing entertainment for the kids!

It is always fun to meet with the family. I'm so glad that my mom and aunts take the time to put these family events together. Thanks!

2010-11 MMHS Elleves

On March 29 - April 1, we held drill team tryout workshops at my school. We had 31 girls tryout. Nineteen of the 31 were returning members. I only had one senior this year and one girl didn't try out again.

We ended up keeping 23 girls--19 of which are the returning members. I'm excited for another year. Here are some pictures we took the morning after tryouts. We had a breakfast and then gave them their first "Elleve" shirt.
The new 2010-11 MMHS Elleves
A fun/crazy pose!
Here's to another great year! I can't wait to begin and see what we can accomplish this time!

Celebrating My Mom & Dad's Birthdays

My dad's birthday is March 19 and my mom's birthday is March 24, so on March 27th we all met at Applebees in Orem to go out to dinner to celebrate their birthdays.

It was just the adults. My sister Paula and her husband Casey couldn't come. My sister Annie took these pictures.
Dad and Mom
Me and Scott
Jason and Amy
Emilee and Joseph
Eliana and Charlie
Jim and Annie
The group
Scott enjoying the free sundae that Amy and Jason got because their meals didn't come out when everyone else's did!

Amy, mom, and Emilee
Charlie and dad
It was a fun night and good to get together with everyone. The only bad thing--Charlie and Eliana had Amanda watch Max and when they got home, well, Charlie told Amanda about me being pregnant! (We hadn't told the girls yet!) So, now Amanda went home and told Hollie and then they told Kaycee. They were going to play like they didn't know--but we talked to them before they left for their Disneyland trip with their mom. We just didn't want to tell them until we did our big announcement to the extended family at the Easter Egg hunt.
It was okay--they are excited!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Sickness That Didn't Go Away!

Well, those of you who know me, know that I usually get sick right after the drill team competition season ends. This year was a little different!

I did start feeling a little bit nauseated the week of State Drill. I just thought it was the usual sickness/cold/flu that I had had last year right at the end of drill season and the year before. Well, on the morning of State, I woke up and puked--a nice yellow colored liquid--stomach acid. I had a hard time getting ready--we were meeting at 6 a.m. to practice our routines one last time before we left at 8 a.m. for State.

I called my assistant, Marci, and told her I was going to be late. I would be there, just later that morning. She was concerned, because she knew I must be sick, I would never miss a practice, especially the morning of State!

Earlier that week, when I had told her I wasn't feeling that great, she had teased me and said, "Maybe you are pregnant!" I said, oh no, I hadn't better be. I also was due to "start" my monthly any day that week, so I thought maybe that was why I was a little bit sick as well. Plus, I just kept telling everyone that it was my usual sickness that I get this time of year.

Well, I made it to State Drill and as you know from my previous post, it was a great day! That night, the Principal took the team to dinner at Brick Oven. I was not that hungry--well, nothing sounded good to me. I ordered my favorite--a Diet Coke with lemon, and it tasted like crap! I hardly drank any of it. What was wrong with me!

Anyway, the next day I had to judge the State 2A Competition. I was judging with my sister Paula. I threw-up again that morning and no food sounded good, but I took some crackers with me. I told Paula about not liking Diet Coke and puking, etc. She said, "You're pregnant!" You better go get a test!" I just kept saying, no, I don't think so, I just spotted yesterday, so I thought I had started my period.

That was a hard day of judging! The smell of the cinnamon almonds they sell at UVU about made me puke! I thought I was going to puke while judging! It was a nightmare! But I made it through.

I went home and Scott had bought two pregnancy tests. I didn't want anything to do with them! So, it wasn't until Sunday, while Scott was taking Hollie and Amanda home, I decided to take the test.

I messed up the first one--so I had to try it again. The positive plus sign appeared so quickly! I was in shock! Oh dear--I don't think I believed it. I waited for Scott to get home and I showed the stick to him. He was excited and I was still in denial.

Well, on Monday, Scott called the doctor and made an appointment for me. I was sicker than a dog each day. I couldn't hardly get through school with out puking or dry heaving. I know this will sound like I'm crazy, but I wanted to drive off a cliff on the way home from school. So, Scott called the doctor and got me a prescription for some pills to help with the nausea. I was a lot better after that.

So, I went to the doctor, and what do you know--yep, I'm pregnant! I was about 11 weeks along. Everything looked good. I still was in denial.

Well, this was all before the drill team Florida trip. I wanted to keep the pregnancy on the down low until we had passed the three month mark and we knew everything was on the safe side. Well, Scott had told a few people, even when he wasn't supposed to! He is so excited. You would think it was his first. I have my days--some days I'm excited and some days I'm scared. It is a big change. But, I had been thinking one day, what will I do when I don't do drill anymore? I guess I got my answer.

Anyway, the drill team didn't know. Well, at least I thought they didn't know. They had been noticing little things that I was or wasn't doing anymore. But, I was planning on telling them when we returned from Florida. That would put me at about 3 months and past the miscarriage possibility. I knew going to Florida and spending all day with my team would make it harder for me to conceal my condition. Especially at night, that is when I felt the worst and I also got so tired!

Well, during the trip, I found out that the team did think that I was pregnant and of course I had a break down about it. I don't know why, probably the hormones! But, after I calmed down and had a nice phone conversation with my mom, everything was okay. I decided to keep with my plan and tell the team when we returned home.

So, that Friday, March 26th, we met to begin learning our lyrical routine that Marci was choreographing. So, Scott made some sugar cookies cut out in letters and brought them at the end of practice. One group was frosted in pink frosting, another group was frosted in green, and third group was frosted in blue. We mixed up the letters and split the girls into three groups and gave them the cookies and they had to unscramble them and figure out what the cookies spelled out. They had little trouble coming up with what they said--they are so smart! HA HA

Here are some pictures:
It's a Girl?

It's a Boy?

It's a Baby!!!

Scott also made a cake that looked like a baby rattle. So that is how I told the drill team about our news.

Next, we had a great plan to tell my extended family at our annual Easter Egg hunt.