Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year was Kendrick's first year to dress up at Preschool!  I think I was just as excited as he was! Scott brought his costume in a bag when he dropped Kendrick off so I could get him ready just before I took him up to his class.

Kendrick wanted to be a fireman this year, so my sister Amy said she had an old costume, but she didn't know if it would work or if we would even want to use it.  I looked it over and decided it would work, we just added the had and the accessories.  Kendrick loved it!  Even the boot covers worked out and Kendrick loved them too.

 This little fireman is ready to go!
 He was pretty excited to get to preschool.  How fun! 

Kendrick had a fun day at preschool.  They take them trick or treating all around the school.  Mrs. Crandall, the preschool teacher, brought me some candy to hand out.  They came and trick or treated in the dance studio.  It was so fun!  Kendrick thought it was pretty cool that they came and trick or treated to my room.

Later that day, we carved a pumpkin.  It was just me and Kendrick.  We decided to get it done since Scott would get home just in time to go trick or treating.
 We went for the basic design - 
 Two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and jagged mouth.
 Kendrick had fun helping.
Then we put his costume on and got ready to go trick or treating.  Scott got home and we headed out. Kendrick was getting the idea a little better this year.  He loved to go up to the house himself.  In fact he demanded that he get to do it himself.
 He still uses this cute bag that my sister Amy gave him a few years ago.
 He looked really cute in the costume.
 Kendrick the fireman!
I can't believe how fast he is growing!  So fun!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drill Team Halloween Party

On October 30, we had the annual Elleve Halloween Party.  We decided to go bowling at Fat Cats again.  It's always a fun time.  First we ate at the Pizza Pie Cafe, to support ourselves again! :)
 Fat Cats is always ready to show us a good time and welcomes us with a sign!
 I went as a biker chick, something I've dressed up as before, but it was a popular costume.  Jessica and I were bikers together!
 These blow-up costumes were popular too!
 Always a good time when dressing up is involved!

 Eventually they turned out the lights and it was glow in the dark bowling!

 The whole team having a great time!
 Brandi and I having a good time in the arcade.
 The tats almost look real, right?
 At least I made good use of the Sturgis shirt again!
Sorry for the pics, but I have fun dressing up and I wanted to remember.  Scott wouldn't dress up with me this time and Kendrick would be dressing up tomorrow.  What can I say, I love Halloween and dressing up.  Lucky for me, I have an excuse to dress up, thanks to the drill team!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun in the Fall

Kendrick goes to daycare at Barbara Beardall's home.  She has had two daughters on the drill team. Makenzie was on the team the first two years.  Now Jessica is on the team.  This year she is a junior. Sometimes they help their mother watch the kids.  Makenzie took Kendrick and a few of the other kids on a walk.  She shared the pics that she took.  I love the fall leaves.  Kendrick has a great time at daycare and I'm so glad that he is somewhere safe and feels loved.
 Jade, Kendrick, and Makenzie holding Ryan.
 Jade, Ryan, and Kendrick
So cute, Kendrick loves playing with both Jade and Ryan.

On Saturday, October 25, I went to a relief society "Super Saturday" and I came home to Kendrick playing in the leaves that Scott had raked up.  
 So fun!
 He had a ball playing in the leaves

 So much fun, that I had to join in! :)

Good times in the leaves!  I love Fall!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Last Home Football Game

In another post, I have pics from the October drill performances.  On October 24 was the last home football game.  The team was excited to perform the zombie "Thriller" dance on the football field.  My captain's mom, Shannon Gessel, was excited to decorate the locker room for the girls. Mainly because I think she knew how excited the girls were to perform it and it was close to Halloween!
 Signs as we entered the locker room.
 She went all out.
 There was a Halloween treat sack by each girl's locker too.
 Team prayer before their performance.  
 We had some Elleve alumni come to see us perform.  I love it when alumni come, especially when they come say hi!  So fun to see them!
 Pic with the Malelleves!  They were performing that night too!
 Elleves with Eagle Pride and Pink for a Purpose pride too!
 Last home football game for these senior Elleves!
 Zombies ready to show their stuff!
Malelleves ready to show their stuff too!

It was a fun way to end an amazing football halftime performance season!  Now on to getting ready for competition! :)

Football Season Continues

Football continued into October with a few more halftime performances for the drill team.  We were able to perform our competition hip hop routine on October 2.  We wore our new gold/black tops with our sweats.
 Making our entrance
 Anything you can do, I can do better! :)

 Love the aggressiveness of our routine this year!

 A ripple in motion!

 Bird Machine!
 Working it just before it ends.

 End pose

For our last home performance, we performed the "Thriller" routine on the football field.  Since, we were outside, we couldn't use the fog machines and get the same effect that we did for the stage performance.  So, we decided to use powder and flour.  I got the idea from my cousin Marci.  They used powder when they performed the routine on the field.  It worked pretty good.  I loved the crowd's reaction when we did it.

 It looked a little bit foggy/scary for a bit!

 I loved all of the different costumes the girls came up with.
 This routine was one of their favorite performances!
 It's always fun to portray another character with your dancing.

 The routine was complete with a kickline!

 Thriller laugh at the end!
 So cool!

We also had a debut performance of the Malelleves!  The male drill team.  It was epic to say the least!  Gotta love the old maroon and gold sequin outfits from my alma mater, Juab High.  Yes, I wore one of these lovely tops back in 1986!
 Entering the field.
 Cool partnering!

This is actually another top :)

Another year of football was over.  MMHS did get to go to playoffs.  Here are a few pics from that performance at Woods Cross High.

 We performed our hip hop routine.
 It was a new experience to perform on the astro turf!
 It was also about to rain.  The wind was blowing hard!

 The Elleves were still able to pull off an amazing performance!