Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun in the Fall

Kendrick goes to daycare at Barbara Beardall's home.  She has had two daughters on the drill team. Makenzie was on the team the first two years.  Now Jessica is on the team.  This year she is a junior. Sometimes they help their mother watch the kids.  Makenzie took Kendrick and a few of the other kids on a walk.  She shared the pics that she took.  I love the fall leaves.  Kendrick has a great time at daycare and I'm so glad that he is somewhere safe and feels loved.
 Jade, Kendrick, and Makenzie holding Ryan.
 Jade, Ryan, and Kendrick
So cute, Kendrick loves playing with both Jade and Ryan.

On Saturday, October 25, I went to a relief society "Super Saturday" and I came home to Kendrick playing in the leaves that Scott had raked up.  
 So fun!
 He had a ball playing in the leaves

 So much fun, that I had to join in! :)

Good times in the leaves!  I love Fall!

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