Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a busy Easter weekend this year!  Lots of family events to attend and fun!  We started out by making sugar cookies on Friday night to take to the Jackson Family Easter Egg hunt the next day.

We made egg shaped cookies and frosted them yellow with different Easter sprinkles on them.  Kendrick loves to help!

 Kendrick posing with the cookies.
 He wanted to take the picture!
 One more pose with the cookies, I think he was done at this point.

Saturday morning we headed down to Nephi to Aunt Lisa's house for the annual Jackson Family Easter Egg hunt.  It was just Kendrick and I, Scott had committed to tabulating a dance competition that weekend, so he felt like he needed to do that.  I had also committed to judging the same competition, but didn't realize it was Easter weekend!  I had to cancel--I didn't want Kendrick to miss out on the fun!
 Kendrick had a good time looking for the eggs with his number on it.
 I think he understood a little more of what was going on this year than last year.
 It was a lot of fun!

 He was pretty good about putting eggs back that weren't his too.

 He had to take a break and go down the slide.  He loves slides and swings!
 He found another egg--
 But is wasn't his, and he was giving it to who it belonged to.
 We took some pics of all of the grand kids of Granny J. who were there.  I had to hold Kendrick--he was having a mini meltdown for some reason and wouldn't leave my side.
Shane, Jamie, Joel, Jakoye, Brady, Marci, Libbey, Lindsey, Me (in back) with Kendrick, and Paula
 My mom and my aunts - Judy, Mom, Barbara, and Lisa.

When we got home that night we colored eggs.  It was late, but it's tradition, you have to color eggs for Easter!
 Putting the egg in the water.
 Checking it to see if it is ready.
 Coloring a lime green one.
 We had a good time.
 Kendrick wanted to do it himself, of course.

 He started getting a little bit tired, so he got bathed.
 Ready for bed and checking out the finished eggs!

Early the next morning, Kendrick woke up and we told him he needed to go downstairs and see who had been here.
 There were eggs on the stairs!
 Hey, who did this?
 He decided he needed to sit down and check each one out.
 He had to have his Elmo slippers on--he asks for them almost every morning.
 There were eggs by the door.
 There were eggs everywhere!
 On the couch, on the floor.
 And look at what Kendrick got from the Easter Bunny.
 He loved the Elmo egg!
 He even found an egg on his chair.
 Kendrick collected all the eggs he found around the house and what did he do . . .
 He dumped them all out!
 He loves his bunny that decorates his basket.
 Showing the bunny.

After a quick breakfast, we got ready and headed out to Saratoga Springs.  It was Trevor Mander's, Scott's nephew, mission farewell.  Trevor is going to serve in England.
 Kendrick checking out the daffodils and playing with a ball outside at Debbie's house.
 We tried to take a pic - but Kendrick didn't want to sit still for very long.

After the party at Debbie's house to celebrate Trevor's mission call, we headed to Alpine to celebrate the twins birthday.
 Nick and Sophie
 Opening gifts.

 They had an Easter Egg hunt.  Here's Kendrick looking for eggs.
 Getting a little help from Dad.
 He found an egg on the trampoline.
 Baby Alex stayed in the house with Grandma.  I love his shirt - so festive!
 Grandma and Alex
 Blowing out their candles.
Happy Birthday!

It was a busy weekend, but we had a lot of fun and it is always good to see family.  We look forward to Easter every year because of the fun events that our family has.  It is also good to know that warmer weather and spring is just around the corner.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MMHS Elleve Tryouts 2013-14

Tryouts for the 2013-14 MMHS Elleves were held the week of March 18-21.  This year we had a lot of girls show up for the tryouts!  I was excited for that!  Mainly because last year we only had 21 girls total actually tryout on the final day of tryouts.  So, we kept everyone.  This year, we had 34 tryout on the final day of tryouts.  I decided to keep a few more this year so the team has 24 members for next year!

We started off by having a party, put on by the moms.  They started by signing their name on the poster as members of the 2013-14 Elleves!
 Later, we hung the sign in the hallway of the school.
The moms made delicious "Cafe Rio" type salads for us to eat!  Yum!
 We had a good time getting to know each other too!
 We'll have 15 returning members and 9 new members.
 Some of the new girls.
 Some of the old and new.
 It was a great way to start the year off!
 Here they all are - in their first Elleve shirt.
 The crazy shot - Is Brandi really licking Laney's foot?
I think it's going to be a great year and I'm excited to see what this team can accomplish!