Saturday, October 10, 2009

Payson Lakes 2009

A few years ago, we went up to Payson Lakes and had a little picnic and enjoyed the Fall colors. It has kinda become an annual event for our family. Here are some pictures from this year's picnic up at Payson Lakes. We went up on Sunday, September 27. We all met at the Peteetneet in Payson and then followed each other up the canyon.

The colors were amazing! I didn't get any pictures of the view on the way up, but here are ones I took at the lake:

Hanging out:
Scottie enjoying the yummy desserts!
Ryan, taking a break in the stroller:
Jason, Kaycee, Emmalee (she's in the stroller sleeping!) and Amanda joined us for the event:
Em, Ethan, Madeline, Dad, and Zach:

Casey and Sophie:
Ryan and Dallin playing on the lake shore:
Still hanging out enjoying the sunshine!
Great Grandma Sandra holding baby Emmalee:
All the family that was there:
I think we were only missing Hollie. Seated next to my dad are Eliana's parents that were here visiting from Spain.
It was a great day to go up and enjoy the Fall scenery! We all got just a little bit sunburned. It was a good weekend to go up there because the following Tuesday the temperature dropped and it rained in the valleys and snowed in the mountains! Thank goodness we went when we did!

Grandpa Huntsman's Birthday Celebration

On September 25th, we headed down to Enterprise, Utah to a birthday celebration for Scott's grandpa, Leland Huntsman. He would be 100 years old on September 28th. The family had already celebrated it during the family reunion, but this was a celebration that all of the townspeople of Enterprise and friends could attend.

We were able to see some of Scott's family from his mom's side and Kaycee drove out to Enterprise with the new baby. Scott's dad and Eunice also came down to the celebration.

This picture shows five generations--Great-great Grandpa - Leland Huntsman, Great Grandpa - Clark Brenchley, Grandpa - Scott Brenchley, Mother - Kaycee Holloway, and baby- Emmalee Holloway.

Another shot of the five generations:

Grandpa Scott and Emmalee:
Kaycee, Scott, and Emmalee:
Grandma Molly and Emmalee:
Emmalee getting ready to go back to Cedar City:

Drill Team Update

So, it has been about a month since my last post, so I am playing "catch up" on my blog. This post is some of the things my drill team has been doing the past month. This first picture is of the Elleves and the "Maleves", which is the male drill team for MMHS. Yes, I said male. During Homecoming Week, they had a powder puff football game where the girls have teams that play each other and for the halftime entertainment, there is a male drill team. We called them the "Maleves".

The officers on the drill team taught a routine to the boys during lunch and they were really excited about it. They kept asking me what were there going to wear. At Payson, we always would dig up some old drill team outfit that they could wear. Well, at a new school we don't have old uniforms, we don't even have new uniforms! HA HA So, I didn't quite know what we would have them wear. Well, I thought about calling my aunt Lisa who coaches the drill team at my alma mater, Juab High. Their colors are the same as Maple Mountain's school colors, so maybe she could round up some old uniforms that we could borrow.

So, Scott and I drove down to Nephi one evening and met Lisa at the school. She had found some old uniforms. Little did I know, they were uniforms that I had wore! How funny is that! So, in this picture, the Maleves are wearing maroon and gold sequin tops that were from the 1986 Juab High School ProVita!

The Maleves were such a hit at the Powder Puff football game, that they also performed in the Homecoming Assembly. Here are the Elleves just before performing "The Edge Routine" from BDT Camp. They were so excited to perform this routine. They wore their hair down and it is a little bit of an "angry" routine--so they get to show a little bit of attitude with it.

That night for the Homecoming Football game, we performed a routine that was choreographed by the drill team president and drill mistress. It was to a Celine Dion song called, "River Deep, Mountain High". It was a fun routine which included some kicks, aerials, a la seconde turns, and some attitude leaps--all of which were performed awesome! They looked very good, especially in their new sequin dresses that we had just got!

My seamstress has originally made them for the Blaze dancers, but I guess the Blaze went under, so she was looking to sell them to someone for a good price, just so she could get rid of them. So, we tried them on and she agreed to line them with maroon trim and make some maroon shorts to wear under them. We were set. They looked fantastic on the football field under the "Friday night lights". I was so proud of them! This picture isn't the greatest--I think the setting on my camera was on something weird, so it looks a little yellowish.
That following Monday, we started our first Jr. Drill Clinic. It was very successful! We had almost 100 participants! Here are a few pictures of the girls teaching at the clinic:

On October 2nd, the Elleves performed their award-winning hip hop routine. They were very excited to perform this routine, since it was the routine that they had performed at BDT Camp when they won the "Performance Night Champions" trophy. Once again, they looked awesome. I got a lot of compliments on how great our drill team is--their performances at halftime are always the highlight of the games! Here they are just before the performance:
We have one more home game on October 22nd and then it is full speed ahead to competition! Our first one is on December 5th--it will be here before we know it.

Madeline's Birthday

Sunday, September 13th was Madeline Eyre's birthday. Em and Joe had a family party at their house that evening to celebrate the event. Here is Madeline opening a present:
She loves Spiderman!
Her Spiderman cake:
Blowing out the candles:
Happy Birthday Madeline!

It was a fun party with good food and good times hanging out with the family!