Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday Trip to Levan

On Sunday, May 16th, me, Scott, and Amanda headed to my parents house in Levan after church. Scott needed a haircut--he was looking a bit shaggy!

After dinner, we all went outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Me, holding Jake and Scott relaxing in the porch swing.
My mom, holding Ryan and Amanda.

We had a great time and some good food! We had some of the corn that my mom and Annie had froze last summer. It was delish! I could have ate the whole bowl full. Corn and potatoes are two of my recent cravings!
Thanks again to my sister Annie for the pics!

Mother's Day and Hayden's Birthday Party

May 9th was Mother's Day. My sister Amy also had a family birthday party for Hayden on that same day. Hayden's birthday is actually on May 13th, but they had the party on the weekend to make it easier for everyone to come.

Once again, my sister Annie took some fun pictures that I stole from her blog. Scott and I keep forgetting our camera! So, thank you Annie for the pictures. HA HA
Hayden with his cake.
Hayden and his cousin Kelsey, who was celebrating her birthday also!
Relaxing and talking after dinner and cake! Yep, that's me, biting my nails!
Me, holding Jake.
Scott and I.
Baby Emmalee.
Kaycee and Jason were down visiting Kaycee's mom for Mother's Day. They dropped by so we could see Emmalee and brought Amanda with them as well. Hollie was at work. It was good to see them and wish Kaycee a Happy Mother's Day too!

First Annual Elleve Showcase

On April 29, 2010, we held our first annual Elleve Showcase. I had not done a drill team showcase before. While at Payson, we had only had "Paysetter Night" in January the week before Region Drill and then in the Spring we always performed in the Dance Company concert.

Well, since I was at a new school and could start some new traditions, we decided to have a "showcase" in April. At lot of the larger drill teams have showcases at the end of the year to "celebrate" and showcase all of their routines, etc.

We had already had a Region Preview in January, the week before Region and we had invited other dance groups to come and perform in between our numbers. So, we decided that the Showcase would be just the drill team.

I think it turned out really well. I had several girls perform solos that were incredible! I have some really talented dancers on the team! The officers choreographed their own lyrical number and did an awesome job. They are so talented and choreographed it all by themselves!
We also did a Co-ed guys and gals number where each of the Elleves invited a guy to come and learn a routine with them. One of the girls choreographed it all and then we had a few early morning practices to teach and rehearse the routine with the partners. It turned out really cute! We also had the Malelleves perform--which was fun, even if some of their outfits were a little bit scandalous! My Mom, Aunt Barbara, and my sister Paula got a kick out of it!
We introduced each member of the team at the beginning of the show. They were escorted in by their father. The girls wore formal dresses and looked so beautiful. We also introduced the new members of the Elleves for 2010-11 and they performed one of the try out routines. After which we announced the officers for next year.
The final number of the night was their new lyrical piece. My assistant, Marci, choreographed it and it was beautiful. Here are some pictures from the lyrical dance. The pictures are from when the team performed it at the Prom Assembly. I didn't take any pictures on the night of Showcase--probably too busy. But, maybe I will post some video from it some day!
Savannah at the beginning of the dance. The music was Near to You by A Fine Frenzy.

Another shot from near the beginning.
Krizia and Katie--during their trio section. (Makenzie's hand showing--she is the other person in the trio!)
Kaitlynn showing her flexibility!
Group section near the end of the piece.
Krizia--last pose before she leaves the stage as the lights fade at the end of the dance.

Eli's Birthday Dinner

On Wednesday, April 21, we met at Zupas in American Fork to celebrate Eliana's birthday.

Max, Eliana, mom, Dallin, Emilee, Annie, and me
We had a good time and went and did a little shopping after dinner. I think Annie and my mom wanted to shop a little bit longer, but believe it or not, I was the one who wanted to go home! I was feeling a little yucky! Oh the joys of pregnancy!
It was a fun night though, even if I didn't feel all that great! Happy Birthday Eliana! And thanks again to Annie for the picture.

Happy Birthday to Nick & Sophie

My sister Paula had a birthday party for her twins, Nick & Sophie on Easter. Scott and I forgot our camera, so luckily, my sister Annie took some pictures of the event and I stole them from her blog!

Sophie's princess cake
Nick's prince cake

Sophie & Nick opening their presents.

Nick with his new Nintendo DS--I thought he looked so cute in this picture!
Getting ready to blow out their candles!

It was another fun family gathering with good food and good times.