Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Even if I am a few days late! Hope everyone got all they wanted and more.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kendrick's First Christmas

We had stayed over night at my parent's house so we could spend Christmas day there. Annie, Jim and boys had stayed over also. Kendrick kinda had a rough night. By rough, I mean that he had woke up a couple of times in the night. This is something he hadn't done for a long time. I don't know if it was because he was in a new environment, different crib, or what. So, I was a little bit tired that morning.

I heard voices downstairs, I think it was about 9 or so. I went down so I could see the reactions of Ryan and Jake. It was so cute. They had got a kitchen and when Ryan saw it, he went running to it yelling "a kitchen!" After a while, Jake woke up and came down to see what was going on. Then Kendrick woke up so we brought him down.
Here's Kendrick checking out his stuff from Santa. Ryan is taking a look too!
Good Morning! Gotta love the bed-head look.
Kendrick got this cute hat.
He looks like Santa's little helper!
Here he is checking out his new "snail" toy. Sorry, can't really see the toy. Kendrick - just taking it all in. Just another day to him! :)

Ryan, with Jake and Annie in the background. Jake has the Buzz Lightyear wings on.
After a while, we decided to eat breakfast first and then open gifts. Annie made some yummy pancakes and Jim cooked the sausage, bacon, and hash browns. It was great! Then we opened gifts.
Here's my dad in one of the gifts he received!
I didn't take too many pictures. Next year I will be better.
Scott and I just got some clothes and little things. I got a purse and some shoes too. Annie and Jim gave us a new towel rack that we needed, some new plastic food containers, and a Sonic gift card with a Sonic fanatic sticker! (Best gift ever--we can get drinks at Sonic whenever we want for a year for a discount price!) Thanks Annie and Jim!
It was a fun Christmas this year, especially to have a child of my own. Of course, Kendrick didn't really know what was going on, so I think it will get better as he gets older. I'm looking forward to that and being able to see his reactions.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went down to Levan to have dinner at my parent's house with everyone. It is always a fun night and I look forward to it every year. It is a highlight of Christmas for sure!
Katie Marie Mangelson, my brother Charlie and Eliana's new baby girl, decked out in her Christmas dress!
Grandma Sandra and Katie.
Me and Katie.
So cute--and tiny. She weighs half as much as Kendrick does!
After dinner, we had Hollie and Amanda open their gifts. Scott, Kendrick and I were staying over in Levan, but Hollie and Amanda were going back home to their mom's house. Kaycee, Jason, and Emmalee were coming down on Sunday.
Hollie and Amanda opening their gifts.
Kendrick opening his gift from Hollie.
Me, Scott, Kendrick, Amanda, and Hollie.
Another shot with Kendrick looking up--sorta!
All of the grand kids that were there--except Hollie and Amanda had left and Ethan was asleep.
We tried to get a picture of Kendrick and Katie in their Christmas jammies. They both really didn't want to sit there though!

Amy and Keaton
We then had a little "program" from my talented nephews and nieces. They all had recently had piano recitals and/or Christmas programs, so they all performed for us.
Cade played a piano solo.
Zach played one too.
Madeline played for us too.
Sophie sang for us.
Nick did too!
Then they both sang Jingle Bells for us.
Keaton sang "Nuttin' for Christmas" for us as Amy played it.
It was a very fun night and we all had a great time. We had so many delicious desserts too. There were three varieties of melt aways. (Amy, Paula, and Annie had made them) As well as caramels, snow balls, sugar cookies, chocolate chip caramel bars, and chocolate chocolate kiss cookies. Then, Paula made her bread pudding with cranberries and white chocolate. It is heavenly! Needless to say, we had a lot of good sweet stuff!
It was another fun Christmas Eve at my parents house. I'm so grateful for my family and the opportunity to spend time with them. Especially at Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brenchley Family Christmas Party

On December 23rd it was the Brenchley Family Christmas Party. Scott's sister Robyn was in charge of the party this year. The party was held at the new Jack and Jill Bowling alley in Lehi. We were excited that we were able to attend this year. It is usually on a Saturday when I have a drill team competition and Scott is tabulating. But this year it was on a Wednesday during our Christmas break.

There was a banquet room that Robyn had reserved so we could hang out there and visit. Scott and I decided it would be okay for us to go and take Kendrick since there was a room that just our family would be in.

We got there and most of the kids and some of the adults had started bowling. Here are a few pictures of them bowling:

Everyone brought a treat to share and then we ordered pizza and could have unlimited drinks. After bowling, the kids all went and played laser tag while the adults hung out and socialized.
Hanging out amongst the yummy treats!
Kendrick and I - the shirt he has on is a little big--but it was his second outfit for the day because he had a "blow-out" at the store we stopped at on our way to the party!
The Brenchley Boys--Scott, Kendrick and Scott's dad, Clark.
(couldn't get Kendrick to look up!) :)
It was a fun family party! I'm glad we were able to go. The family also contributed food to be donated to the food bank as a family service project for Christmas.
After the party, Hollie went with Corbin and his finance to look at wedding dresses and Amanda went to hang out at Aunt Debbie's. Scott and I needed to deliver presents to Paula's house, so we went there and watched Casey's light show. It was awesome! He puts a lot of time and effort into it.
Then we went home and wrapped up all of our presents so we would be ready for Christmas! We were up until almost midnight.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kendrick is Three Months!

Yesterday, December 18th, Kendrick turned three months old. He is growing and growing! He still has little bouts of colic, but he sleeps pretty much through the night. So, we can't complain too much!

He smiles a lot and definitely knows Scott and I. He is a sweet little baby boy. Here are some pictures we took of him today: ( Oh, and he has some scratches on his face--we need to trim his little fingernails!)

Kendrick Scott Brenchley--three months old!
Gotta love his little double chin!
He was smiling and happy.

Jordan Beet Classic Drill Team Competition

On December 18th, my drill team competed at their first competition of the season. We went to Jordan High School and competed at the Jordan Beet Classic. I was so excited to compete--it seemed like we had been waiting a while to compete this year. Mainly because I usually go to a competition the first weekend in December. But, this year, it didn't work out plus there is an extra week this year in January since State Drill is in February, so we decided to compete in two invitationals in January rather than December.

We did awesome at the competition. We placed 2nd in Hip hop, 2nd in Military, 2nd in Dance, and 2nd in Kick! The teams that beat us are two other top teams that we knew would be tough competition. We learned a lot and it is always good to get the judges feedback on our routines and what we need to work on. Here is the team with their trophies:
We also won the judges choice award for our dance routine.
Neisha Martinez won 1st place in the 4A/5A drill down.

Alexus Poulsen won 4th place in the 4A/5A drill down.
It was a great day and we will now get ready for the next one which is at Alta High School on January 8th.

December Fun

I love December--Christmas, Christmas parties, my birthday, Christmas break, Christmas lights, anything festive.

On December 6th, it was the MMHS Faculty/Staff Christmas party. They had an ugly Christmas sweater contest. I looked in my closet and I had two sweaters that I thought definitely fit in the "ugly Christmas sweater" category. Here is a picture of me in the sweater that I wore to the party:
Can you believe that I used to wear this? I thought it was so cute because it was so festive for Christmas. What was I thinking?
I didn't win the contest--I don't even know if they named anyone as the winner. There were several ugly ones. The assistant principal dressed as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. You know, the white see-through sweater with a black "dickie". It was great!
Then, Tuesday, December 7th was my birthday. It started with my drill team celebrating my birthday with one of the girls bringing delicious orange rolls and juice to practice. The girls also all signed a giant card. I loved reading their messages to me. I'm very grateful for them and how much they care!
That night, we had a basketball game performance and plus Scott had to work. So, later that night after the game and when Scott got off work, we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. My friend Cheri offered to tend Kendrick so we could go out. She is so nice!
Scott and I at dinner for my birthday.
We came home and had cake and ice cream. Scott had made a home made German Chocolate Cake complete with the coconut frosting! I love that kind of cake--especially the frosting.
Then, on December 15th, we had our annual Drill Team Christmas Party. We held the party at Shalee Hiskey's house. She lives in Covered Bridge, which is just up Spanish Fork Canyon. I hadn't ever been there before. It was a fun party. We just ate yummy soups in bread bowls and some salads. We also had some delicious desserts. Then we opened gifts. We drew names so each girl had someone that they gave a gift to.
Here's who was sitting at my table.
The girls at one of the other tables.

Here's another table.
The whole team--just after opening their gifts.
They wear their pajamas and it is just fun to relax and have a good time. No stress of practice, just fun!
Now, I'm looking forward to Christmas break and Christmas itself. It is Kendrick's first Christmas--so my first Christmas with a child of my own. I know he wont really know what is going on, but I'm still excited for it--it will be a lot of fun.

Drill Team Performances at Basketball Games

Basketball season has begun at Maple Mountain, which means half time performances for my drill team. It all started at the Maroon & Gold game the boys basketball team had to introduce the team for this year. We performed our hip hop routine.
Here the girls are--having a "pep talk" in the locker room before the performance.
A week or so later, we performed it again--this time in our new gold jackets. Here are some pictures we took just after that performance:

Gotta love their "gangsta" poses!

These pictures are after they performed their kick routine. This year, we have a "Betty Boop" theme for our kick routine.
Our costumes are really cute and we wear "Betty Boop" wigs.

We have been performing at all of the home girls and boys basketball games. This helps us get ready for our upcoming competitions.
We have some great routines and I'm excited to start competing!