Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo Contest Winners!

All Points Travel was our agent for my drill team's trip to California this year. They do an awesome job in arranging trips! This year they had a Facebook challenge. Each team was to submit a photo of their team using the gift item that they had received from All Points Travel and Shirts and Things. I kept asking the girls if they had taken a picture all through our trip. So, we decided we would take one with our trophies at the competition and hold our bags too. Well, in all the excitement, we forgot! So, on the last day, as the team left for Disneyland, I texted my president and reminded her to take a picture with the team and the bags. So, this is the picture: One of the moms took the picture and I thought it was a fun place to have the picture taken. We almost have all the team in the picture. Just a few girls were not there. So, one of the moms sent the picture to All Points Travel. Then, the pictures were up for a week on Facebook and we told all of our friends and family to go and "like" our picture. The team with the most "likes" would win. Well, guess who won? Maple Mountain did! Thanks to all my friends and family that "liked" my team's picture! You are all awesome! What did we win? Well, now we get to design a custom t-shirt to kick off the year for next year. Oh, and of course, bragging rights!

2011-12 MMHS Ellevés Drill Team

We had try outs for the 2011-12 drill team on March 31st. There were 27 girls total that ended up trying out. I believe we started with 30, but we lost a few by the time we got to the final day. The judges made their final selections and we kept 20 girls for next year. Nine of the twenty are returning members. Eleven are new, with ten of the eleven being sophomores. I love sophomores though! They have so much energy and are always so excited about everything because it is new to them.
The new 2011-12 MMHS Elleves

Getting a new team is always exciting! So much to look forward to and so much to live up to! But, it is another challenge that I am ready to take. I'm losing ten seniors, ten amazing seniors that I'm so sad to see go. But, I know that they will be great in whatever their future holds for them. I just hope they come visit and support MMHS Drill! Once an Elleve - always an Elleve! Live "ellevated"!

Celebrating My Dad's Birthday

My dad's birthday is on March 19th. My mom was away to New York City with my aunt Lisa and her drill team. So, on Sunday, March 20th, we all decided to go down and make dinner for my dad and celebrate his birthday with him. My sister Emilee made roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and Yorkshire pudding. (I think Paula helped her) It was yummy. Then the rest of me and my siblings brought stuff to go with the dinner. Scott and I (well, mainly Scott) made the cake. My dad's favorite is a homemade German Chocolate Cake with the coconut frosting. Scott made the cake and for some reason it didn't rise? Maybe it had to do with the weather? We are not sure. He swears that he followed the recipe. So, I was worried that no one would eat it. So, we made another of my dad's favorite desserts. It is a Banana Pudding dessert with vanilla wafer cookies, pudding, cool whip, and bananas. It was good. The cake was good too. Just looks a little bit flat!
My dad with his cake.

I wish I had the picture that my mom has, or at least it is a picture that I'm remembering from my dad's birthday. We are seated around the dinner table and my dad has a German Chocolate Cake in front of him with several candles on it. I know me and Amy are in the picture--maybe Paula too. I need to get it and scan it in and post it. I just remember always having a German Chocolate Cake on my dad's birthday.

My dad and all of the grand kids that were there. Ryan kept blowing out the candles! :) Annie, Paula, Me, Amy, Dad, Emilee, and Charlie - aka, the drones!
Another shot--we took several, trying to get the best angle! HA HA

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This is Kendrick in his St. Patrick's Day outfit. He is my little good luck charm! Of course I celebrate St. Patrick's Day. One, because it is a holiday and a reason to decorate and dress a certain way. Two, because I'm part Irish. Really, I am! My great grandma was an O'Leary.
I had a picture of Kendrick and Scott and one with me and Kendrick all dressed in our green attire--but those pictures are on the camera that was stolen with my purse! Sad days. I guess that is why you should download your pictures as soon as you can after taking them!

I'm looking forward to the next holiday--Easter!

Kendrick is 6th Months Old

So, I'm a little behind in blogging! These pictures were taken when Kendrick was 6 months old on March 18th.
Kendrick Scott Brenchley - 6 months
Kendrick loves to play in the "mega saucer" that we got from Annie. I'm not sure who is the original owner of the saucer--it gets passed on to whoever needs it!
Kendrick in the "mega saucer"!
Kendrick loves to "bounce" in the saucer. He bounces up and down like a mad man! He loves it! I need to post a video of him bouncing! It is seriously funny. He had his sister Hollie practically in tears from laughing so hard at his bouncing!

I never thought I would say this, but time is going by so fast! Kendrick is growing up and in a really fun stage right now. Half way through his first year--wow!