Monday, February 24, 2014

Other February Events

Some other events that happened in February were:
 Working BYU basketball concessions with the drill team.

 Watching a former EllevĂ©, who is now a BYU Cougarette, perform in the Cougarette Concert.  This concert is always a highlight of my year, because I love dance!  But it is especially great when you personally know one of the dancers and they were a member of your team!  It is always great to watch Savannah dance!
 MMHS had "warrior night" at one of the basketball games and Kendrick got in on the face paint!
 He loved it!
It is the highlight of his day if we are going to a MMHS athletic event!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Last Home Basketball Performances and Senior Night

In February, we had our last home basketball performances for the drill team.  We did some camp routines that we had not performed since football and so everyone could perform.
 These pics are from "A Little Party"
 I love these "red" tops!  They are supposed to be maroon, but they tend to look a little bit red!
 The team loved this BDT jazz routine.

 Ripple in action picture!
 It was a fun song to dance to, but way overused, especially by studios.

 We also performed the BDT hip hop routine.
 For some reason there were not any performance pics for this routine.

For the last home game, we recognize the seniors.  At the beginning of halftime, we have each senior come our with their parents to be recognized.
 Brooke Coleman and her mom.
 Madeline Froerer and her parents,
 Hannah Harvey and her parents.
 Laney Melton and her parents.
 Emily Peery and her parents.
 Brittney Peterson and her dad.
 Brooke Rawlings and her parents.
 Brynn Shaw and her parents.
 Bryn Starkey and her parents.
 Jamie Topham and her parents.
 2014 Drill Seniors and their parents

 For their routine, the seniors chose to "re-learn" their hip hop routine from their sophomore year.  It turned out well and they had a lot of fun doing it.  The student body loved it!
 Walking on.
 Ready to perform for the MMHS home crowd one last time!
 Emily and Brittney
 Get out of your mind!
Amazing flexibility!
 We love our seniors!
I will definitely miss this group!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Drill Team Valentine's Day Party

Last year the drill team wanted to decorate Valentine boxes and bring valentines to school, so we did and it has now become a tradition.
Here is the team this year with their valentine boxes.  We had a fun practice and passed out our valentines at the end of practice.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Kendrick at the Dentist

Kendrick had his six month check up at the dentist this month.  Everything was great and he didn't have any cavities!

 He got a token to ride the horse.
This is his favorite part about going to the dentist - besides playing with the trains!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Miss Drill Utah

The week after State Drill was the Miss Drill Team Utah pageant.  I had two EllevĂ©s participating in the pageant this year.  I was so excited to go and see them perform!  
 Jamie Topham and Laney Melton
 Jamie had a jazz solo and Laney had a more lyrical/contemporary solo.  They both are incredible dancers and looked good!  Jamie is the president of our team this year and Laney is the drill mistress or co-captain.
I'm so proud of each of them.  They didn't make it into the finals, but I really think they did great! There are so many talented dancers in the state of Utah and some of the contestants had competed in the pageant last year, so they were very confident and extra prepared.

Both of them said they were so glad that they had participated in the pageant and that they learned so much.  I'm so glad that they had a good experience!