Saturday, February 16, 2013

Senior Drill Night

On Friday, February 15, was the last home basketball game for the boys team at MMHS.  So, we recognized the senior basketball players, cheer, and drill team.
 I have four seniors this year on the team.  Here they are with their parents.
 We recognized them and gave them flowers and a picture collage.  We also gave their moms a flower.
 I had each of them stand by their poster so I could take their picture.

Here they are--Lindsey, Catherine, Shalee, and Melissa.
They have been a great bunch of seniors.  Small, but great!  Shalee and Melissa have been with me for three years, Lindsey for two, and Catherine just one.  It was a fun night to recognize them.  We didn't do a senior dance this year because the group was so small.  We just performed a camp routine, "Fireball".  The girls had a great time and the performance went well.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's Day this year was on a Thursday.  I had drill that morning, so I had to leave early.  Scott would be giving Kendrick his Valentines when he got up.
Kendrick opening his first Valentine.  It was some shirts.
Scott dressed Kendrick in the Valentine's Day shirt.

Looking at the Valentine from Grandma and Grandpa Mangelson.
Getting a closer look.
It had some money in it so he can go get a treat!
This picture was actually the day before Valentine's Day.  Scott and Kendrick made sugar cookies.  
Valentine's Night - Me and Kendrick.
Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a great day.  We didn't do anything too special, just stayed at home, but it was a good day!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

State Drill 2013

Well, after Region, we had a week to prepare for State!  We started by having a "fireside".  This is a tradition that the team had started.  The first year, I didn't even know they did them.  But, the next year, they told me about them and I attended a few of them.  It is so neat that they want to do something like this and they plan it and take care of everything.
We met at Shalee's house, she lives in Covered Bridge, which is up Spanish Fork canyon, and of course, it was snowing a little bit that night!  We still had the fireside--even though I was nervous the entire time about driving home!
The girls had invited Coach Wyatt again this year.  He spoke to the team last year and did such a great job that they wanted to invite him again.  He did another great job!  He is the cross country and track coach at MMHS and he also teaches sport psychology, so he has a lot of great stuff to share with the team.
We also celebrated Jamie's birthday!  
 Jamie, about to blow out the candles!  With Melissa and Shalee in the background.
 Eating the yummy treats!
Our other tradition is to have a Pre State Dinner party the night before State Drill.  Well, this year we had a basketball game on the night before State Drill, so we had our dinner party on Thursday night.  It was at Bryn Starkey's house in Mapleton.  The moms of the month put it all together and they did an awesome job!
 Hanging out, waiting for the party to begin.
 This was the table setting.
 They received their Region Shirts!  So cute this year!

Scott made some sugar cookies for me to give the team for good luck at State.  Look how cute they are:
 Camille had given me the Utah cookie cutter for Christmas and we used the key since our theme is "Unlock Our Potential and Soar!"
 Team Lunch at State Drill.
 In our lovely pink t-shirts to show our support of breast cancer.  They had all of the teams parade out this year at the end of State Drill.  We had to buy a shirt for $10 and part of it goes to cancer research.
Our day went well.  I was pleased with all of our performances and we didn't step out of bounds this year!  The only thing that wasn't so great was that during our kick performance there was a rubber bracelet on the floor and I kept thinking someone was going to step on it or fall because of it?  I believe it was from Bingham who had performed just before us?   I made sure we weren't going to get a penalty because of it.  It wasn't ours--and I didn't want to get in trouble for it!
They started the awards and military is first.  They read the 5th, 4th, 3rd, and it was down to the top two.  I was thinking maybe this was the year  . . ., but then 2nd place, Maple Mountain!  I was still very proud of the team.  Then on to dance, They read 5th, 4th, 3rd - Maple Mountain!  Yes, so happy!  Nothing like last year!  Then, on to kick.  5th - Maple Mountain!  I was a little bit disappointed!  We had beaten all of the teams that placed ahead of us, except two--Hillcrest and Bountiful.  Oh well.  We still would be in the top five overall.  In fact, we ended up 3rd in the State overall! 
I handed my phone to one of the moms to take pictures of me and the team and she took a few of me celebrating with the team as well.
 I was happy, but also tearing up!  I just was so proud, but also a little bit heart broken.
 I really thought this year was going to be the year that we took State!  Oh well, there's always next year, right!

 They were doing their team cheer.
 New Year, New Team, Same Dream!
So happy and proud of what they have accomplished this year!
Me, Shalee - she is our President this year, and Camille, my assistant
 Shalee - named to the Academic All-State and All-State Dance Team and Jamie - named to the All-State Dance Team.  So proud of them both!
 After state, the school took us out to dinner at Brick Oven.
 We had a great time celebrating and eating!
So, another competition year had come to an end.  We still had Nationals, but as far as competing in Utah, we were finished.  I really was so proud of this team.  We had two girls quit back in the very beginning (May) and we had some students and even some of our own tell us that we were going to not be good this year because we had lost all of the original Elleves and that we kept everyone that tryed out, etc.  Well, I just want to let everyone know that when a team of individuals put their hearts together and have a good attitude about everything they do . . .the sky's the limit!