Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

November was flying by!  I couldn't believe it was time for Thanksgiving already!  But, I'm always ready for a small break from school and drill, that's for sure!  I only took some pics of Kendrick just before we went down to my parents house in Levan.
 A couple shots by the festive wreath on the door.

But, I like this one the best.  He really is mommy's lil' pumpkin!  And he loves Curious George!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Drill Events

November means a lot of things for the drill team.  Sadie Hawkins, more practices, BYU football and basketball and we start performing our competition routines.
 Decorating for Sadie Hawkins
 The theme was Opposites Attract - we decorated in black and white
 Yes, we practice the Saturday morning after Sadie Hawkins - we also clean up the decorations.  So we had a party with the balloons after practice on that Saturday practice on November 8.
 We had breakfast after the Saturday practice on November 15.
 Some of the girls worked at BYU Basketball on November 18th. 
We performed hip hop in our new costumes on November 20 - first basketball performance!
We are crazy about our new jackets!
 That same week, some girls got to work at the last home BYU football game! :)
 On Tuesday, November 25, we performed our military routine in the Fall Sport Assembly - a few alumni came to check it out!
It was looking pretty good, especially with the new changes we had added.

 This is the MM on the back of our new hip hop jackets!
 We love them and our new leggings with stripes down the leg and pockets on the back!
 Team cheer before the performance.
We also debuted our kick routine, "Empire".  

Now it was time for Thanksgiving break, just a little break before we really get to it for our first competition in December!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

All State Drill

On November 5, I took three Elleves to compete in the 4A All State Drill Team auditions.  Haylee Nelson, Brandi Gessel, and Jourdyn Reid.  All State can be a little be intimidating because each team sends their three best dancers.  I was so proud of these girls for representing our team in such a great way.
Haylee, Brandi, and Jourdyn

When it came time to announce the team, only Brandi and Jourdyn made the final cut.  They will get to showcase a small 8 count solo at State Drill in February.  Congrats to these two Elleves!  

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Celebrating October Birthdays

On November 1, I went with my drill team to the MMHS football play off game at Woods Cross High School.  Then, I came home and went to dinner with my mom and sisters.  We were celebrating Emilee and Paula's birthdays that were in October.

We went to eat at Art City Trolley in Springville.  It was really good.  The last time I think I ate there, was with Lauren and her friend Amy.  Good times!
Paula, me, Amy, Emilee, Mom, and Annie

We always have a good time when we get together.  Lots of talk and lots of laughs.  We all look forward to these birthday get-togethers.  In fact, trying to find a day when we can all go is hard, but we all want to be there, so we make it happen somehow.