Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paysetter Night 2009

On January 15th, was the 19th annual "Paysetter Night". This is where my team showcases all of their competition routines and we invite other performing groups from the school and local dance studios to come and perform. I started this tradition 19 years ago. Back then it was a short program of 9 numbers, I think. Now it has grown to a big event and we had 32 numbers on the program this year. It was a fun night and a big success! Not only were the performances amazing--we made some good money too!

This is the cute table display that the "moms of the month" put out for the team in their dressing room. Each girl received a cute magnet board with frogs on it.

Here are most of the girls in their formals just before the introductions.
Here is the entire team along with my assistant coach, Marci and I.

At the end of the show, we always take a team picture. Here is this year's:

Paysetter Night was a great night! The team really performed well. It was great preparation for our Region competition which is on Thursday, January 22nd.

UVU Competition - January 9th

On January 5th it was back to the grind. School resumed and so did drill team competitions. My team competed in the UVU Drill Team competition on January 9th. It was held on a Friday afternoon this year. Usually it is held all day on a Saturday. It was different to be at an invitational competition after being at school. Anyway, this is a picture of the cute table decorations the "moms of the month" of my team put together for the team's dinner. It looked so cute and they brought us some delicious soup and bread bowls.

The team ended up doing pretty good. We were 5th in dance, 4th in military, 3rd in kick and 2nd in prop. Here is the team with their 2nd place trophy in prop.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here are a bunch of pictures from Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we all went down to my parent's house in Levan for dinner. Afterwards, we had the girls open their presents.

Here is Amanda opening one:
Jason opening one.

Here's Kaycee opening a gift:
Hollie showing her excitement over receiving a "Chi" hair straightener.
We received a new toaster from Kaycee and Jason. Thanks--we needed a new one!

The whole family - Christmas Eve 2008
Scott showing his Christmas spirit in his Santa shirt.

Kaycee & Jason's first Christmas being married.

Scott and I with Grandma J.

Scott and I stayed over that night, so we spent Christmas morning there. Jim, Annie, and Ryan also stayed over and we got to see Ryan "open" his presents. It was fun.
Here he is opening the gift from us:

After opening presents, we enjoyed a big breakfast and then just relaxed all day. We watched a couple movies too.
Here is Scott holding Ryan:

We had a great Christmas! It was fun to just relax and visit with family. I know I enjoyed the time off from school. This was one of the longest breaks I have had--a full two weeks. I am actually ready to go back--at least to get back on a schedule. January will be a busy one for me. My team has a competition this Friday and we also have Paysetter Night, Region, and State competitions all this month. It will be fun and exciting!