Sunday, August 30, 2009

Introducing Emmalee Janeve Holloway

On August 20, 2009, at 5:55 a.m., Emmalee Janeve Holloway arrived making Scott and I grandparents! Here she is with her proud grandpa:
She was wide awake--so cute!
She's got her boxing gloves on--
New Grandparents
Bundled up snug as a bug.
She just might have the "Brenchley forehead".
Daughter, father, and granddaughter!
Amanda joins in the picture:
New parents and new grandparents!
Scott says he isn't a grandpa until Emmalee calls him grandpa! HA HA!
Proud Aunt Amanda--

Emmalee is Scott's first grandchild, the first great grandchild for Scott's dad and my mom and dad, the first great-great grandchild for Scott's grandpa Huntsman and my grandma Jackson. Emmalee is one special child!

We hope to take a five generation picture in September at Grandpa Huntsman's birthday celebration with Emmalee & Kaycee Holloway, Scott & Clark Brenchley, and Leland Huntsman.

Some MMHS Drill Stuff

This post is about some of the things the drill team has been doing over the past few weeks. First, on August 14th, the MMHS Football Team held their first "Maroon & Gold Game". It is a scrimmage to introduce the team. The Elleves performed. Here they are before the game started:

Just before the performance:
Being silly:

On Saturday, August 15th, the MMHS Cross Country Team held the first annual Golden Eagle 5K. All of the athletic teams at MMHS were put onto teams, so they competed as a team. They also gave awards to individuals as well. Here is the drill team just before the run:
Tuesday, August 18th, was our last day of summer practice. The administration made breakfast for the drill team and cheerleaders. Here are some of the girls and Mr. Alan Ashton, Assistant Principal at MMHS. He made Swedish pancakes for them all! They were so good!
Fun at breakfast!
It was also our last technique class with Cherise Emery. Here is the team with Cherese. We gave her flowers and a cute picture of the team.
I had the team dress in all black that day and I didn't tell then why. They kept saying that we were mourning the last day of summer and that school was starting. But, we were mourning the lost of I Can't. I had them write down all of the things they think or say they can't do.
Then, we went outside and burned the cards that had the I Can'ts written on them.
I Can't no longer exists! Their ashes are in a glass bottle in my office to remind us that I Can't is gone--we will never hear or see I Can't again!

Huntsman Family Reunion

We had only been home from our Anniversary Trip one day and then we loaded up the truck and headed down to Tropic, Utah for the Huntsman Family Reunion. We were going to be camping at Kings Creek which is right by Bryce Canyon National Park. That's right, I said camping. If you know me, you know that I am not that big of a camping fan. Maybe one night, but two nights--oh no, what was I going to do.

Well, Scott was so nice, that he booked a room at Ruby's Inn for the first night. When we got there to check in, they told us we were actually staying across the street at the the new Bryce Canyon Inn. Brand new, only been open for 11 weeks! It was so nice. I loved it--kinda felt guilty that we had left Hollie and Amanda back at the campground in a tent with the rest of the families. But, oh well, now I could survive the next night! Plus Hollie and Amanda were fine--they wanted to stay and play games with all the cousins.

It was a really fun family reunion. What they do, is meet together each night and have dinner all together. Different families are assigned to bring/provide the meal for everyone. On the first night we had Navajo Tacos--yum.

The next day we headed over to Bryce Canyon. Here are some pictures:
Scott and I.
Hollie and Amanda:
Beautiful scenery:
Looking down at people on one of the hikes:
Close up of the red rocks:
Scott and I:
After we had stopped and looked out on all of the look out points, we went down to the main entrance. We decided to get some ice cream. They had some fun western stores and we took advantage of this picture opportunity--yee haw!
That night at dinner, we were celebrating Grandpa Huntsman's 100th birthday. His actual birthday is in September, but they celebrated it while at the family reunion so all of the family could be there.
They had reunion shirts made and everyone wore them to dinner that night. The dinner was awesome--dutch oven chicken, potatoes--yum! This picture is a bunch of cousins:
Trent Mander, Hollie - holding Bella Brenchley, McKenzi - holding Gavin Brenchley, Maddie Avery, Kortney Mander, Kathryn Hunter, and Amanda Brenchley
Natasha & Greg Brenchley - (Scott's brother)
The Verlee Huntsman Brenchley Family
Me, Amanda, Scott, and Hollie with Grandpa Leland Huntsman and Donna.
There was a little program where some of the grandkids sang and then Grandpa Huntsman spoke. He told us all how important family is and how proud he is of all of his children and grandchildren. He really does well for how old he is--what an inspiration to us all.
Scott cooking breakfast:
Gotta love camping!

Donna, Grandpa Leland Huntsman, Amanda, Hollie:
All of Verlee Brenchley's grandchildren (that were there) with Donna and Grandpa Leland Huntsman:
On the way home, we went over to Cedar City to visit with Kaycee and Jason. We stopped and looked at Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Amanda, Me, and Hollie at Cedar Breaks:

We visited with Kaycee and Jason in Cedar City and then headed for home. It was a great trip. I even had fun camping--even if it was for one night only!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary Trip

On July 31, 2009, Scott and I left for our annual anniversary trip. Every year for our anniversary, we go somewhere on a trip. It is also right before school starts, so it is our little get away before I go back to the grind.
We decided each year we are going to try to go to a different state or city in the United States with the goal of going to all 50 states. This year we did a "road trip" to Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. I had actually been on a road trip similar to this with my family about 12 or 13 years ago. We did it in the reverse of what my family did, mainly because we wanted to go to Martin's Cove.
Here I am at our first stop--Rawlins, Wyoming. You can tell by my hair that the wind always blows in Wyoming!

We then headed to Martin's Cove. Here is the entrance gate:

These statues represent the "valley boys". Four young men that carried the pioneers across the Sweetwater River.

We walked on a trail into Martin's Cove. This is where the Martin Hand Cart Company was taken to await the rest of the rescuing party. This is the plaque/monument at the start of the trail that we walked:
Scott at the monument.
Some antelope that we saw while walking on the trail.
Martin's Cove

Scott and I at Martin's Cove:
It was a very humbling experience at Martin's Cove. We first watched a video where excerpts from a letter of young boy who was a member of the Martin Hand Cart company were read. It was a tear-jerker! Scott said his allergies were acting up--right. It was neat to see and just appreciate all that the pioneers went through. I couldn't have done it--I don't know how they did it!

This is Independence Rock. It was just past Martin's Cove. We didn't go over to it or climb it. Just took pictures of it.

We then headed to South Dakota. We stayed in Custer. The annual Sturgis Road Rally was to begin on August 3 and there were bikers everywhere! Even in Custer. We stayed at a KOA. Scott wanted to camp a little bit on this trip--so I settled for the KOA. At least there were bathrooms and hot showers! Here is Scott at our campsite:

We woke up the next morning and headed for Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore. Here is Scott just outside of the Crazy Horse monument. It is a work in progress.

This is what Crazy Horse will look like some day. You can see the actual Crazy Horse in the background.

Mt. Rushmore from the main entrance.

A closer shot:

They had renovated the area since I had been there. It was really nice.

We went on a boardwalk trail to get a closer look.




Theodore Roosevelt

Stopping to catch our breath after hiking back up to the main entrance.

Having lunch with a view of Mt. Rushmore:

We headed down the road and stopped in Sturgis. These pictures only show a small portion of the bikers that were there. It was crazy! It looked like one big wild party. We saw some sights that we won't be forgetting for a while and some outfits that I wouldn't be caught dead in!

They block off the center of the streets for bike parking.

We then headed back on the road toward our next destination of Billings, Montana. We stopped at the Battle of Little Big Horn - Custer's Last Stand.

We drove around the battle field and read the plagues and saw where soldiers and Indians were killed.

This monument is on the hill where Custer was killed.

We woke up and headed on our way to Yellowstone. We went by way of the Bear Tooth Highway. It is a very steep scenic road that takes you from Montana to Wyoming. Here is the view from the top overlook:

Scott and I at the top:

As we entered Yellowstone, the first animals we saw were buffaloes.

We also saw some black bears. This picture isn't the best--you can only get so close!

The Yellowstone River:

The view of the Yellowstone River from Tower Falls:

Scott at Tower Falls:

Tower Falls:

Me at Mammoth Springs:

Mammoth Hot Springs:

Yellowstone River:

Close up of the lower falls (sorry this picture should be rotated! I forgot to rotate it!:
The Yellowstone River just before the lower falls:

Yellowstone River again--I love the color of the rocks and the water!

Upper Falls:

Scott and Upper Falls in the background:

Scott and I with the Upper Falls in the background:Upper Falls from what is called "Artist's Point:

I love the colors in this picture.

A trip to Yellowstone just wouldn't be complete with out seeing the "Old Faithful" geyser!

Waiting for Old Faithful to errupt.

Old Faithful:

We then left Yellowstone and headed for Jackson Hole. Here we are at the park in Jackson Hole:
Our anniversary trip was great! Yellowstone has so many beautiful natural wonders to look at! I had been there before--but we had just drove through or just looked at Old Faithful. I had not ever stayed there and got out and hiked around. There is still so much that we didn't get to see. Yellowstone was Scott's favorite place we went to on the trip. We will probably go back. I liked the entire trip. I love to travel! Next year will be our 5th anniversary. We are thinking Hawaii--we'll see!