Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy June

I tried to upload some pictures of Kaycee's graduation but my home computer is sick and I cannot do it from work, sorry. Things have been rather exciting with Kaycee graduation and school getting out for Molly. Makes me wish that I could spend all day doing as I please again. Of course remembering back to my own carefree days as a kid it is only fun for the first few weeks and then boredom sets in.

Molly now has started with summer drill so she is busily going about her drill routine, its a revolving cycle but she enjoys it for now. I am looking forward to the summer movies even if I cannot afford to go. I am hoping that I can at least see the new Harry Potter Movie. The trailers look cool, I'll have to see it by myself I'm affaid, Molly has not gotten into them. To bad I could not go next week while Molly is at drill camp, Oh well such is life.

My work goes the same as always. Drawing lines on a black background hoping when I am done that some can read it and build what ever it is suppose to be. Construction seem to be slowing down a little, at least we don't seem to have as much work as we usually have had during the summer. This does cause me some concern about my job security but I cannot change that so there is no since worring too much.

There you have my life lately, sorry if I didn't spell everything correctly or use the proper form of the word.