Sunday, July 31, 2011

Precision Dance Camp and BDT Camp

The MMHS Elleves attended two camps this year. I usually take the team to Go For It camp, but this year it was cancelled. I was sad that this camp was cancelled because it is a different kind of camp because they bring in teachers from New York to teach some of the classes. It is also more of an "individual" dancer camp, but there are some team things too, but mostly I feel it helps individual dancers work on their technique. Plus we learn some cool routines to use throughout the year.

Well, since Go For It was cancelled, I looked for another camp for us to attend. There was a Precision Dance Camp on the exact same days as Go For It. So, they were very willing to accommodate our team! Everything was the same price and it also included meals! So, we attended our first Precision Dance Camp.

The first thing that happened when we arrived was team pictures. Here are the pics:
The 2011-12 MMHS Elleves
A silly pose.
The Officers.

We had a good time at the camp. It is similar to BDT Camp, but not as intense. Here are some pics from the camp:
Lunch time!
End pose of one of the routines they learned.
Beginning of the camp dance.
Cute poster with pictures of each girl that says she has the "heart of a champion". That was the theme of the camp.
Having fun at lunch time!
The team - these are the free shirts we got from the All Points Travel picture contest on FB.
Pool party at the hotel on the last night.
Our team won the "Best Precision" trophy! Good job Elleves!

Other awards we won at PDC:
Best Technique: Kaitlynn Blood; Most spirit: Melissa Durtschi; Best Showmanship: Jamie Topham; Most Improved: Lindsey Bagley; Hardest Working: Makayla Wilson; Premier Dancer for Leaps - Shalee Hiskey.

The next week we were off to BDT Camp in Park City. We decided to go up the night before and stay over so we wouldn't have to get up as early, since we had to be up there ready to go at 7 a.m. We went to dinner at the Baja Cantina in Park City. Here are some pics:
One table of Elleves.
Another table of Elleves.
Kendrick, me, and Scott.

We went to the hotel after dinner and the girls had some time to relax and go down to the pool and hot tub. Then we had a team meeting/motivational talk and then went to bed so we would be ready to begin camp tomorrow morning.
Some of the team in the hot tub.
Teamwork activity.
The Elleves - posing for a team pic.
We performed our hip hop routine "Turbulence" for the performance night.
Our Elleve alumni came up to support the new team!
Hailey Bishop and Aubrey Finch won drill down medals!
Neisha Martinez, Jada Poulsen, and Kimber Creer were drill down finalists!
Taking a break - eating the Twix candy bars from our sister team - Payson!
Payson was our sister team--it was fun to be sisters with them. Here were are in a big massage circle! It was fun to chat with Chelsea and Ashley, (Payson coaches who are two of my old Paysetters!) We plan to do some things together throughout the year.
Practicing the "edge" routine.
Be all you can be - with our BDT leader.
Makayla was named to the Top 5 Top Corp Dancers!
The team with our awards - we won an award for the Edge Routine!
Shalee, Makayla, and Kaitlynn - were named to the Top Corp finalists.
Me and Makayla - so proud of her to be named to the Top Corp!

The team worked hard and did well at both camps! I'm excited to see how we do this year and I love all of our new members! They have a lot of new energy that is always fun to have on a team. It was also fun to have Scott and Kendrick there with me. Scott helped me with the transportation and tending Kendrick. I'm so grateful that he can help me and also that Kendrick could be there with me. That way I didn't have to leave him for three days!

Father's Day Weekend 2011

The weekend of June 18 - 19 was Father's Day Weekend. It was also our first drill team car wash for the summer and Kendrick turned 9 months old!
Some of my drill girls getting creative with holding the sign to get people to our car wash!
The 2011-12 MMHS Elleves at their first car wash.

Kendrick turned 9 months old on June 18th! He is pulling himself up to things and walking around furniture. I think he will walk before he is one!

Here are some pictures we took on Sunday, June 19th - Father's Day.
Kendrick - thinking he is pretty cool standing up by the table!
Kendrick Scott Brenchley - 9 months old.
Kendrick - looks like he is saying, "What?"
Playing with his truck.

Kendrick and his Dad - on Father's Day.
Kaycee, Jason, Emmalee, Hollie, and Amanda came down that afternoon after church to hang out for a bit. I totally forgot to take some pictures. Then Hollie and Amanda came down with us to the family party at Aunt Lisa's house.

It was a fun-filled weekend!

Keaton's Birthday Party

On Saturday, June 11th, we celebrated Keaton's 6th birthday! I can't believe he is 6 already! Amy and Jason had a family party at their house to celebrate Keaton's special day.
He is Keaton with his cake.
The cake was centered around the movie "Despicable Me".
Amy made these cute little "minions". So cute! They are from the movie too!
Keeters - testing out one of his new presents!
Here he is about to open the present from us.
One of the shirts we gave him--clothes, I know, boring!
Blowing out the candles.

It was another fun family party! The weather was nice and it was fun to hang out and chat with the family!

Hollie's Graduation

On June 3, 2011 we went to Hollie's graduation. She graduated from Cottonwood High School. The graduation was held in their auditorium, which is really big for a high school. It has a nice balcony, etc., but each student was given a certain amount of tickets for family/friends to come to the graduation.

Well, we are on our way to the graduation, and luckily we had left a little bit early, because we get to about Lehi and realize that we had left the tickets at home in Provo! We call Hollie and see if maybe we can get in without the tickets, but she said probably not. So, we turned around and headed back to Provo to get the tickets.

We made it there just a little bit after the graduation had started. We had to park in the south parking lot of the school and the auditorium is on the north! Once we got inside they directed us to the balcony seats. Our eyes had not adjusted yet--you know how it is when you go inside a dark theater just after being outside in the sun! You cannot see for a few minutes! Well, it scared Kendrick and he was crying and wouldn't really stop. So, Scott had to get back up and take him out. Kendrick's bottle was sitting on top of the diaper bag, inside the flap, but the flap wasn't secure. So, as Scott turned to make his way out of the aisle, the bottle went flying along with a few toys. The bottle hit an elderly lady in the back of her neck, she was sitting two rows down from us! They passed the stuff back to us and I saw them putting a cold water bottle on the lady's neck! I was worried she was seriously hurt! A young kid that was sitting next to her got all mad and was saying, "Who did that?" The people just in front of me told him it was a baby bottle and that it was an accident. I kept saying sorry--but I still could not believe that it happened. The lady ended up being okay, probably just a little bit stunned at being hit suddenly in the back of the neck!

Other than that, the graduation was pretty typical. Kendrick settled down and Scott was able to come back in and take some pics.
Hollie, standing as her name is read.
Receiving her diploma.
Shaking hands with the Principal and posing for a picture.
Kendrick and Hollie
Hollie and Scott
Hollie with her grandma Randie and her mom Tanya.
This time her sisters Chessie and Amanda and Kendrick joined in the picture.
Hollie and her friend Dallas.
Hollie with her mom Tanya and step dad Ted.
Chessie and Hollie
Chessie, Hollie, and Amanda
Scott, Hollie, me and Kendrick
Scott, Hollie, me and Kendrick, and Amanda.