Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I love all holidays.  So, Halloween is no exception.  That's why I love having the drill team Halloween party and I have always loved dressing up for Halloween too!  I guess having the drill team party gives me an excuse to dress up!  
 Kendrick, getting his pic taken after I came home from the drill team Halloween party.
 Me, posing as an angry cave woman--ha ha.
 Me and Kendrick--thank you Cheri Magee for letting me borrow your costume!
 Cheesy smile!
 Me and Kendrick!
Kendrick was dressing up as a dragon this year.  We borrowed Ethan's costume that he had wore last year.  Next year I need to be a more diligent mom and get Kendrick his own costume!  HA HA  But, borrowing works, I just sometimes feel like I'm not doing my job as a mom.
We got Kendrick dressed and ready to go.  We waited until Scott got home from work to go trick-or-treating.
 Kendrick, ready to go! 
 He wasn't so sure about wearing the hood/head.
 He was also a little bit too tall for the costume.  Probably going to be the story of his life! :)
 Still wants the hood off.
 Loaded up and on our way around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat!
 Back home, sampling some of the goods.
 Kendrick had a great time--he loved that everyone was giving him candy!

 Ready for bed in his skeleton jammies!
It was a great Halloween!  I think Kendrick sorta got it this year, well, at least he liked saying "trick-or-treat" and receiving candy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Drill Halloween Party

We had our annual drill team Halloween party on Wednesday, October 24th at Fat Cat's in Provo.  It was a fun night of bowling and good food from Costa Vida!
 The team dressed up in some great costumes this year.  Here the girls are all crowded around Justine Bieber.  HA HA  Kerstin dressed up as Justin Bieber.
 Camille was a cute witch and I was a cave woman!
 Fun sign Fat Cats had up to great us.
 Fun costumes!
 Melissa looks a little bit scary!
 Justin Bieber - I mean Kerstin Gull!
 Brooke, Shalee, and Melissa
 Melissa, still being scary! HAHA
 The whole team!
 Brooklyn won the Best Costume award!
 Sydney and Emily were the top bowlers!
 Using our tokens in the arcade after eating and bowling.
Air hockey!
We were hoping to do kareoke that night, but the dj was late getting there and it was near the end of the term and several of the girls wanted to get back home to do homework.  We had a fun night!  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grandpa's Pumpkin Party 2012

On October 20, 2012, Grandpa Paul had his annual "Pumpkin Party" in Levan.  It is always a fun event for all of the grand kids.  We all look forward to it every fall!
First, we go out into Grandpa's pumpkin patch and choose some pumpkins.
 Choosing a pumpkin.
 Kendrick may have found one.
 Then another one.
 Oh, but I like this one too.
 Kendrick had a great time!
 He just loved walking around in the pumpkin patch.
 Looking at the new kittens.
 Putting all of the pumpkins in the back of Grandpa's truck.
 All of the kids want to ride back there too.
 We tried to get a pic - but it's a hard task to get them to all look at the same time!
 One with Grandpa and Keaton.
 Charlie, Paula, me, Mom, Dad, Amy, and Emilee.  All of my siblings and parents, minus Annie.  She was on a cruise--lucky!
 Kendrick and Katie checking out the kittens.
We all headed into the garage to carve and decorate our pumpkins.  All of a sudden, our annual visitor arrived.  "The Hobo"!  Kendrick was terrified!
 Kendrick's face as he saw the Hobo!
 The Hobo just wanted to give us all a scare--and a treat!
 Some of the kids just look away!
 The Hobo giving treats to the kids.
 Dad and Kendrick carving a pumpkin.
 More carving.
 Are they twins or what?
 Then Kendrick decided to paint a pumpkin too.
 He was loving the yellow paint.
 We later added some black stripes and made it into a "bee".

 Making "witches brew".
 Paula's fun tradition--the kids love it!
Kendrick even wanted to try it!
The party was fun as always and we had a good time.  Thanks to my mom and dad for starting this fun tradition with all of the grand kids.  We love it!