Sunday, November 01, 2009

Parties Galore in October

I don't think a week went by in October that I wasn't at some sort of party! What a fun month! From family birthday parties to Halloween parties. Here are some pictures from all of the events:

First, my nephew, Jackson Roper, turned 16 on October 4. Here is the cool invitation that my sister made for his party:

Jackson blowing out his candles:
The cake:

It was a fun party. Good food and good times hanging out with the family. Jason made dutch oven chicken and potatoes. It was yummy!
The next party was a surprise party for my brother in law, Casey Nielson. He turned 40 on October 2. Paula arranged for a fun party at one of her friend's house in Alpine. Here is the invite:

The cute candy buffet and cake table. My sister Amy put the candy buffet together. It was all black, white, and red candy. The cake was made by a lady in Alpine that makes cakes for all of Paula's kids parties. It was yummy too. We had food from Costa Vida--which was also yummy!
Casey, as he came in the door, he thought they were going over to their friends house for a get-together. There we all were yelling, "surprise!"
Casey, getting ready blow out all those candles!
Here he goes--
Opening up some gifts--
It was a fun surprise party. Paula did a great job. She had some questionnaires that we filled out about Casey to see how much we knew about him. She had pictures of him from throughout his life blown up and hung them throughout the room. It was a good time!
We also went to another surprise 40th birthday party for Kim Riehle, Scott's friend Matt's wife. It was a fun party too. I didn't take the camera, so I didn't get any pictures. It was set up like a funeral and we were mourning the passing of her youth. It was a good time as well.
The next party event was our annual girls only dinner to celebrate Emilee and Paula's birthdays which are in October. Here I am with Jake:
Emilee and Paula, the birthday girls. We were at Magleby's in Provo. The food was delicious as always! It is always a fun time to get together and eat and talk!
Here we all are--our server took a picture for us:
On Sunday, October 25th, we went down to Scott's dad's house in Salem to have birthday cake. It was his birthday on Monday, October 26th, so they invited us down for cake. It was good to visit with them for a bit. They were watching "The Blob" on TV. It was funny how "silly" it was and back when it came out, it was "scary"!
Next event, the drill team Halloween Party! We went to Pirate Island in Orem. It was pretty cool inside. They have decorated it very well. Kinda reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland. Here I am with my assistant coach, Marci Hite:
I went as a biker this year. Marci was a witch. Scott and I bought the Sturgis shirts when we were on our anniversary trip this past summer. We drove through Sturgis on opening day of the annual bike rally. What a site that was--so we decided to get shirts. I decided that would be our Halloween costumes as well. I actually have been a biker chick before, but wore a different shirt.
It was karaoke night at Pirate Island, and the team had a blast getting up and singing on the stage. Dancing Queen was a big hit as well as the one they are singing in this picture, Miley Cirus's song "Party in the USA".
There were a lot of good costumes. We had the teletubby-Poe, Nacho Libre, 80s, Michael Jackson, an Indian, beauty queens, a cave woman, and a pirate--just to name a few. We had a great time. Here we all are--not the best picture, but oh well!
Then, on Halloween, Scott and I went to our ward's Trunk or Treat and chili cook off party. Here we are--
Full view--gotta love the tats!
I don't know, would you trust getting candy from this guy?
Trick or Treat!
We had a good time at the party. It is fun to see all the cute costumes!