Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paysetter's Florida Tour 2009

On March 19, 2009, the PHS Paysetters began their 2009 Florida tour. We left PHS on a bus headed for the airport that afternoon. Here we are waiting for our flight.

While, we were waiting, some airport employee started talking to one of the girls and asked them what they were doing or where they were going. When they said they were a dance group, well, the guy wanted to see them dance. So, once the area cleared a little bit, the guy came back and so they decided show him what they do best. Here they are dancing in the Salt Lake Airport.

We arrived in Orlando around 11:10 p.m. So we went straight to the hotel to get some sleep. The next morning we headed off to Disney's Animal Kingdom. Here we ran into "Devine". She is a person dressed like a vine. She is hidden with all the other greenery and then all of a sudden she moves.

She is on stilts and then has these long poles that she holds on to as she walks along. Here is a close up of her:

The first time I saw "Devine" was at California Adventure. It about scared the crap out of me. I was with Kreg and Nichole (dance teacher from Payson that I was on tour with at the time) and we started chasing it down. I later found out that they call it "Devine". I was going to do a jungle theme novelty routine with drill that next year and so we incorporated some "vines that came to life" in our routine. Thank you Disney for the idea!

Scott and I in front of the "Tree of Life" in Animal Kingdom.

Scott with the Mt. Everest ride in the background. Best ride at the Animal Kingdom!
Later that evening, we all met at the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. Here is Scott with the famous "Volcano" dessert. We shared it with the whole team--it is huge!

Waiting for everyone to finish shopping.
After dinner, we went back to the hotel and changed clothes. We then went to see Cirque de Solei's "La Nouba". It was awesome! I had seen it before on a trip to Florida that I took with my sister Annie and her friends. It was still so cool and the girls were all amazed at the dancers.

The next day, Saturday, we began the morning at Disney's Epcot. When it first opened, Epcot stood for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. I'm not sure if they really use that any more--it's just Epcot. The first part of the park is a "future world" and then in the back of the park is what is called the World Showcase, with shops, food, and other exhibits from different countries. Here we are in front of the big Epcot ball--kinda looks like a big silver golf ball or maybe a disco ball?

Later that afternoon, the team had the opportunity to take a dance workshop from a Disney choreographer. It was a lot of fun for them. They set it up like an audition and then teach them choreography from a Disney show. They learned three different routines! Their teacher was named David Houle. He was great. Here they are with Goofy, who made an appearance at the end of the workshop. They are also wearing their "costumes" (t-shirts that they received from Disney).
On Sunday, we headed out to Cocoa Beach. It wasn't the best weather that day--but oh well, that didn't stop the Paysetters from having a fun time at the beach!

Scott and I at the beach--I lasted about 15 minutes and then it was back to the van for me!
Later that night, we headed for the Magic Kingdom--which is basically like Disneyland in California. Here we are in front of Cinderella's castle--if you can see it!

On Monday, we went to Universal Studios. The team performed on the Plaza Stage in the City Walk just outside of the entrance to Universal Studios. This first picture is from the Senior dance.
Headstands in the military routine:

Ending position of "Shawty Get Loose".

Leg hold in Kick routine.

The Paysetters with the plaque they were presented for a fabulous performance!

Most of the girls and chaperones headed to "Islands of Adventure" park which is part of Universal Studios. Me, Scott, and one of the chaperones decided to go over to Universal Studios this time. Scott and I had been to Islands of Adventure before, and since Scott hasn't ever been to Universal Studios, we decided to go there. Here is Scott in San Francisco, well, the replica of the Fisherman's Wharf. We actually have a picture of him in front of the real Fisherman's Wharf sign from our San Francisco trip last summer, so we had to take one again!

The team had dinner all together at the Hard Rock Cafe. It is the largest Hard Rock.

Tuesday was our performance at Downtown Disney on the new "Waterside Stage". Our performance was at 10:30 a.m. and we drew a large crowd--according to our Disney stage manager. The largest he had seen at that time slot.
Here is the team in the end pose of "I Need More".

The "tower" part from Military:

Side leap/hitch kicks from the kick routine
Leg hold in Military:

After the performance, Scott and I headed for the Magic Kingdom. Here we are again in front of Cinderella's castle. You can see it better this time!

The Magic Kingdom was crazy busy! So we decided to go back over to Epcot and take a trip around the world. Our trip began in Canada. Here is Scott posing in some tribal thing from Canada:

Next, we went to Great Britain to make a few phone calls and mail a letter.

Scott just hung out at the Pub.

Next, was France. Notice the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Checking out what art was going to be on display at the Louve.

Took a brief rest at a fountain in Morocco.

Stopped to listen to a drumming demonstration in Japan.
Posed for another picture by a fountain in Italy.

Another landmark in Italy.

Stopping to enjoy the beautiful flowers in Germany.

Trying on a hat in what used to be Africa--but now it is just a trading post.

Next, was China, where we watched some Chinese acrobats.

Posed by a lovely waterfall in Norway.

Tried on another lovely hat--this time in Norway.

Last stop was just outside of some ancient ruins in Mexico.

After our world journey, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom, rode Space Mountain, and then went back to the hotel to pack. We had an early morning flight back to Salt Lake.
The trip was a lot of fun! Everything went really well and the performances were great! The weather was nice, except for the day at the beach. But, all in all, it was a very fun trip. I hope the team all had a great time and made some memories that they will never forget!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Our weekend began with the drill team's yard sale. It was an "indoor" yard sale. We held it in the cafeteria at the school. All of the girls bring their own stuff to sell. It was pretty busy most of the time. Some of the girls did really well and made some good money. Here are some of them chillin' at the bake sale table.

These girls were working at the cashier's table.

Here the girls model a few of the items that were for sale at the yard sale:

Scott and I hanging out at the cashier's table:

This lovely wall hanging was one of the items I had for sale at the yard sale. Sorry, Amy, remember when you made this for me for my birthday?

After the yard sale, we went to my nephew Ryan's birthday party. He turned one on March 2. Here he is opening a present. I couldn't ever get him to look at me for a picture!

Scott and Zach having a great time at the party.

Taking time out from the party to text.

My brother Charlie and his son, Max.

On Sunday evening, Jason and Kaycee stopped by on their way back to Cedar City. They are expecting their first child in late August. Yes, Scott is going to be a GRANDPA! Which also means I am going to be a GRANDMA! How weird is that? I feel really old now.