Monday, May 30, 2011

Dinner with the "No Fall" Club

On Tuesday, May 17th, I took the "No Fall" Club out to dinner. It was a reward they had earned for not falling in their turning headstands.

Sometime during the competition season, we decided to have a reward for those girls who did not fall out of their turning headstand from that point forward. We could hit them pretty consistently in practice, but we had a fall in each competition so far! It was frustrating as a coach--because I knew they could do it. I had seen them do it in practice time after time after time. So, we thought if there was some sort of incentive, maybe that would help? So the team decided that we would go out to dinner.

It started out with quite a few of the team in "the club". But, as time went on, a few more were eliminated. We did, however, hit our headstands at State and again at Nationals. There were also some performances where we hit them, including our final performance at the Elleve Showcase. One thing I have to say though, about our headstand sequence--it was very difficult! We turned completely around on our heads! (PS, this was the girl's idea, not mine, so it was something they wanted to do as a team!) We didn't just go up fast into a headstand, hold it for 4 counts, then put one leg down, then change into another hold, which is hard, but not near as hard as the turning headstand and holding it for 4 counts at each stop. Some people couldn't believe it when we would win competitions when we had someone fall out of the headstand--but we had difficulty points on our side.

Anyway, we finally went out to dinner. They chose to go to Winger's for dinner. Here is a picture we had our server take just as we were leaving:
Me and Kendrick, Alli Monroe, Aubrey Finch, Edynn Shaw, Savannah Martin, and Makayla Wilson--the Elleve "No Fall" Club!

Who knows, we may have turning headstands again in our routine, or maybe something else. But, if need be, we will have another "no fall" club for next year too!

Kendrick is 8 Months Old!

On May 18, 2011, Kendrick turned 8 months old! He is already crawling! It is so cute! He started first by rocking back and forth on all fours. Then, he would scoot backwards. Then he finally got it figured out and started moving forward! Now we are in trouble!
Here he is--crawling!
We took these last two pictures just before we left to go to the NICU Reunion.
Kendrick is such a happy boy most of the time! He loves to smile and be around other kids! He also loves it when we go outside. Kendrick can also "paddy cake" and do "so big". He is getting to be a lot of fun and show more of his little personality.

Hayden's Birthday

On Sunday, May 15, 2011, we went up to see Hayden become ordained a deacon. He turned 12 on his birthday this year.

Afterwards, we went to Amy & Jason's house for a dinner/party for Hayden. Here is Hayden in front of a cute banner Amy made:

Amy and Hayden with his birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to Hayden!
Blowing out the candles!

It was another fun family party. Amy made yummy chicken cream cheese filled croissants. They are so yummy! It was great to see everyone again.

BDT Officer Retreat

On May 13 - 14, 2011, me, Kendrick, and my new drill team officers for next year went to the first ever BDT Officer Retreat. It was held up at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. I usually do an officer retreat on my own, but we decided to attend BDT's officer retreat and see what it was all about.

We had a great time and got some great ideas for the upcoming year and also some things we are going to instill as new traditions for our drill team. Two of the officers were not able to come up, so here are the five girls that were able to go to the camp:
I had them pose for this picture right after they had a master class from this really awesome teacher. I think her first name was Caroline? But I'm not sure. She was from South Carolina. Shalee, the second girl from the left, had been in a head on car accident that day! She was luckily okay and still came up for a little bit of the officer retreat. She went home that night and then came back up the next morning.
The teacher of the master class with the girls.
Making cute covers for our officer binders. Kaitlynn made one for me!
Here we are the next morning in the classes!
They played a game, where each girl had a balloon tied to their foot and you had to pop other people's balloons and not get your own balloon popped.
Having fun while waiting for the game to begin.

The officers with Nikki--one of the BDT Staff.

We had a great time at the officer retreat. I'm really glad that we went. I can't wait to get going with the new team and try some of the fun ideas that we learned about.

I'm just learning how to use my new i-phone and so I videoed a little bit at the officer camp. I'm posting a couple of clips. One is of the game they played with the balloons and then a small clip from the improv they did at the end of the master class. The teacher came over and was interacting with Makayla. I only caught a little bit of it--it was so cool though!

Drill Team Year-End Banquet

On May 12, 2011, we had our annual Elleve Banquet. It was held at the Magleby's in Springville. It was really nice--the food was excellent!

We recognize the seniors and give some awards for Most Dedicated Soph., Jr., and Sr. and then Most Improved and Outstanding Performer.

I also gave a picture collage to Marci with pictures from the past two years that she has been my assistant at Maple Mountain. The team also gave me and Marci a really nice blanket (a large "minkie" blanket) with MMHS Elleves embroidered on it and the year. All of the girls also received a cute charm bracelet with a star charm on it--stars were part of our theme for the year. Our theme was "If we believe, we will achieve."

Here are a couple of pictures. I kinda got in on the pictures late and to the side--so my pics aren't the greatest! Oh well. It was a great night!

The team - posing on the stairs by the waterfall.

The seniors--I will miss these girls!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ellevé Showcase 2011

We held our annual Elleve Showcase on Friday, April 29, 2011. It was our 2nd year to have our showcase. It was something that I started last year and wanted to keep it as a tradition. It is hard, because we have to keep our routines "in the back of our heads" for a while. But, I really like it because we perform in the auditorium, which I think gives a little more "formal" feel to our routines. Plus, we can use light effects, etc. I also like it because the girls who want to, can perform a solo, and we also perform some new routines. It is just a special night and a great way to celebrate all of our routines and the success we had this past year.
My sister Annie came and took some pictures for me. Here is one of each of the girls as they were escorted and introduced.
Makenzie Beardall
Krizia Brooks
Kourtney Finch
Mikel Jackson
Savannah Martin
Alli Monroe
Kalli Olsen
Alexus Poulsen
Edynn Shaw
Danielle Smith
Kylie Bingham
Hailey Bishop
Katilynn Blood
Kimber Creer
Aubrey Finch
Neisha Martinez
Sarah Melling
Katie Muirbrook
Jada Poulsen
Makayla Wilson
Melissa Durtschi
Shalee Hiskey
Annie took a few pictures of the routines. It was hard to get good pictures because of the lighting in the auditorium. I think you have to have a special lens. Anyway, here are some of the pics:
Splits in military.The turning headstands They hit them! At least the stage floor wasn't rough this time!I loved our military routine this year!One of the new routines we perform is a fun couples dance. Each member of the team asks a boy to come and be their partner. The boys have to come to a few early morning practices. It is always a crowd favorite routine to watch. The boys have a great time! I think they do anyway.My assistant drill mistresses, Kaitlynn and Makayla choreographed the routine. It was fun music and they did a great job teaching it!There was a section with just the drill team girls.And then a section with just the boys.Then they come together for the ending.Beginning of our kick routine - Betty Boop.The new 2011-12 Elleves - we have them perform the tryout dance routine.We then announce the officers for next year.Our last number was a new lyrical routine that Savannah, Kourtney, Kaitlynn, and Makayla choreographed for the team. Here are some of the team taking their final bow.Marci and I with Kourtney. She came and wanted a picture with us, so Annie took one too!Me and Marci--our last showcase together. Marci is not able to be my assistant for next year.
The showcase was a great success and I was so proud of the team and their performances. It was sad too, because I'm losing 10 awesome seniors! They have been so great to work with! It was like I had the same team for two years because last year I only lost one senior and one girl who didn't try out. This team has accomplished a lot and really made a name in the drill team world for Maple Mountain! I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with these girls.