Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kendrick is Three!

September is Kendrick's birthday month!  We took some pictures of him so we could use them to announce his birthday party to the family. 
 We used the balloons from Scott's birthday in this pic! :)
 Kendrick wanted a "Thomas the Train" cake, so that would be the theme for his party.
 We went to Brick Oven on Kendrick's actual birthday, September 18.
 He had a good time!
 Trying to hold up three fingers.
 The Brick Oven staff brought him a birthday sundae and sang to him.  He thought that was pretty cool!
 But he especially liked the ice cream!

Then on September 22, we had his family birthday party.  Kendrick was so excited!  Especially when he saw his Thomas cake!
My friend at MMHS, Cassis Lewis, made the cake again this year.  She dropped it off on Saturday night.  It looked so cute and Kendrick loved it.

 Sorry for all the pics of the cake, but I wanted to get a pic of it from all sides.

 Kendrick with his cake.
 Donna and Cheri came to the party.  It was fun to see them!
 Kendrick had a good time opening his presents.
 He got the hang of it a little better this year!

 He got a cute trick or treat bag.
 A Curious George shirt.
 Toys . . .
 and more toys.
 He got another train.
 All of the cousins like to get in on the action.
 Time for cake!
 Getting ready to blow out the candles.
 Happy Birthday!
We had a great party and I'm grateful for the family members that were able to come and celebrate Kendrick's birthday with us.  We had a fun day and we love Kendrick very much!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Drill Team Events in September

Drill Team events for the month of September included some awesome halftime performances at football games, Homecoming events, and working concessions at BYU football.  School and drill was in full swing.  Here's some highlights.
Me and the Elleves working BYU Concessions
I had the fine opportunity to experience what it's like when there's a huge downpour of rain and wind just before a football game is about to start.  There was a rain delay--so we were stuck in our booth for about an hour.  All of the fans headed for shelter under the bleachers and so we were locked in by people. It was a great experience. . . NOT! But we made the most of it and had fun! 
 This year, for the Homecoming Carnival, we did a fish pond.  It was a great success--we ran out of prizes!
 We helped the cheerleaders make signs for Homecoming. 
There was a football with each player's name and number.
 The team also made "Home of a MMHS Elleve" signs to hang on the door of seniors on the drill team's houses.
 The drill team also had lunch together on Friday. 
 They had two performances that day.  We performed the BDT Edge routine, "Bones", in the Homecoming Assembly.  Then for the Homecoming game they performed "Feel This Moment".  This picture is just before we headed outside to the football field.
 Some pictures from the performance - taken by Jeff Pocaro.
 The crowd loved our performance.  I think it helped that it was to a familiar song.
 It was a fun energetic routine with some fun visuals.
 The team wore our new maroon lace tops. 
They did great--too bad MMHS didn't win though.  But, they were playing Pleasant Grove--a very good 5A football team.
 The next week MMHS was playing cross town rival, Spanish Fork.  The drill team had to practice outside in the morning when it was a little bit chilly and windy!  Here's the team huddling under the bleachers trying to stay warm!
 We hosted a friendship party with the Spanish Fork Las Chalitas Drill Team before the game started.
 It was fun.  They are back in our region, after being 3A the past two years.
 After eating, both teams went down to the gym to play "Man Overboard".
 It was fun and it appeared like both teams were having a great time.
 MMHS Elleves & SFHS Las Chalitas.
 The Elleves, ready to perform the BDT Hip Hop routine entitled, "Go".
 Entering the field.
 The gold jackets are 4 years old now--but they still look good on the field.
 They wore their new "spikey" hats.  They looked good too!
 I think their hair looks so cool in this picture!
 They performed very well that night!
 You could tell that they loved this routine.
 It was fun to watch them perform.
 I was very proud of them.
 Great job Elleves!