Monday, March 26, 2012

Miss Spanish Fork Pageant

On Saturday, March 24, 2012, I attended the Miss Spanish Fork Pageant. I had two drill team girls competing in the pageant.

Kaitlynn Blood did a dance number for her talent. She performed it beautifully!

Neisha Martinez did a vocal solo of a song that she had written herself. It was also very beautiful! Both girls did an amazing job!

When the results were read, Kaitlynn was announced as 3rd attendant!
Me and Kaitlynn
Congratulations to Kaitlynn! She looked amazing in her evening gown. It was very pretty and looked really good on the stage. She modeled it very well! I was very proud of her and all that she had accomplished!
I'm looking forward to seeing her this summer in all of the local parades!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kendrick's Burned Hand

On the last morning of our California trip with the drill team, Kendrick burned his hand. We had just finished ironing our clothes for the day and Scott had left the iron on the ironing board and was going to put it away. We were rushing around because we had to pack everything up that day too. Well, Kendrick pulled the iron down off of the ironing board and then tried to pick up the iron--which was still very hot!

Kendrick started crying and I said what happened? Scott explained what happened and so I put some ice in a baggie and put on his hand. I could tell he was getting a blister, but Kendrick calmed down and so we didn't think much more of it.

Well, after we returned home, Kendrick had his 18 month check-up. The doctor looked at the burn and "popped" all of the blisters and cleaned them out so there wouldn't be any infection. He then put a gauze pad on it and wrapped it all up. It looked like a small cast!

Anyway, it is getting better everyday. We change the wrap and take it off a night. It is itching a lot and so we know it is healing.

I tried to take some pictures, but Kendrick wouldn't let me get a very good one.
Kendrick, holding his sore hand.The wrapped hand--a little dirty after a day of playing!Oh, poor Kendrick!He finally crashed--right on top of all my blankets and pillows in my bedroom!A close up shot of his hand.
It is getting better each day. We have been back to the doctor to have it checked and he said everything is looking good!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drill Team Trip to California

Well, it was time again for our annual drill team trip. This year was a performance trip since last year was a competition trip. Originally, we wanted to do a trip to New York City, but it was denied by the Nebo School District school board. They wanted the trip to be more educational and also the cost of the trip was high. Lodging in New York is always high--not to mention the flight!

So, when we had to decide on another destination, the team decided on California--even though we had just been there last year. The trip would be different, mainly because we wouldn't be competing.

So, the trip began on Friday, March 16. We met at the airport and flew out to California.
MMHS Drill Team and me - just before boarding our flight.Kendrick ran in for this picture!
Kendrick had went with us last year on the California trip, so he had flown before. But last year, he was only 6 month old. He was a lot easier to manage on the plane. He did ok on this trip, but we got a portable DVD player so he could watch his favorite "Elmo" DVD. The only thing he didn't get, was using the earphones. So, we had to turn the volume way down so we didn't bug everyone else. Most people had earphones in themselves watching/listening to stuff.
Kendrick checking things out on the plane.Looking around to see where all the girls from the team were sitting.
We flew on Jet Blue this year. I hadn't ever used Jet Blue to fly to California before. We flew into Long Beach. The airport was under construction and it was the type of airport where we got off of the plane outdoors. It was definitely a small airport!
Jamie, Laney, Madeline, and Emily waiting for the bus to pick us up at the airport.Bryn and BrookeMorgan and her mom, Laina.More of the group - waiting for the bus.
The bus picked us up from the airport and we headed for the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. Our first adventure was taking classes at the Edge Performing Arts Center.
Here we are--ready to take class!Watching the class before ours.Waiting and chillin' before our class started.Some of the team took a contemporary jazz class. Here they are with the teacher. Her name was Mecca Vasie Andrews. It was a great class and the girls did awesome!
All of the team went to a hip hop class next. It was taught by Leslie Scott. She is awesome! So inspirational as well as a great hip hop teacher. She is 39 and doesn't look it at all! I thought she was maybe 25 or somewhere in her 20s.
Learning the hip hop routine.Picture with Leslie Scott.
I hadn't ever had a group take classes at a studio in California before. It was a great experience and something I will definitely do again! So much fun and such a good experience for the dancers as well. I think it was very educational. The studio we went to has a lot of famous people that go there and famous choreographers that teach there.
Well, the next day was our Disney workshop and performance. We woke up to a slightly rainy day! Oh great--what would it mean? It could possibly mean our performance would get cancelled? Well, we headed out for the workshop first.
It was St. Patrick's Day, so of course, I had festive shirts for us to wear. We took some pics.
Kendrick loved playing with the phone in our room!Me and Kendrick in our St. Patty's day shirts!A couple shots of Scott, me and Kendrick. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Gotta be festive, even when you are on vacation!

We arrived to the workshop and the first thing they had the girls do, was fill out an audition application. The workshop was an audition simulation, so they made it as real as possible.
Filling out their audition sheets.Using all of the available space!The workshop was a good experience and I think the girls had a lot of fun. Some of them had to do things that they wouldn't normally do--which I think was good for them. We had a great time. A picture with our Disney clinician--her first name was Sean.
Well, near the end of the workshop, our Disney production staff person came in to talk to me. He said that our performance was probably going to get cancelled because of the rain. I said, "Oh, is it raining a lot now?" We walked outside and it was raining sheets of water and the wind was really blowing. So, I thought, wow, there is now way they are going to be able to dance on a stage that is outdoors and only partially covered!
Well, the show ended up getting cancelled and so we changed clothes and they headed back to the main entrance of the park to meet the moms. We were a little bit down about not performing, but what do you do? It is just one of those things. We tried to see if they could reschedule us, but they were not having performance on Monday and we weren't going to be at Disney on Tuesday. So, we didn't get to perform! Oh well, at least we had performed the show at our Pre Tour Show before we left!
Scott and Kendrick had ventured over to Disney to meet us for the performance. It was sorta a nightmare for them to get around with the stroller and everything. Luckily we had bought rain ponchos at home before we left and they were wearing them. But, I needed to get some cheap shoes that I didn't care what happened to so I could wear them around. So, there was a Target across the street that had some shoes that worked out fine.
We changed our clothes and got some lunch at Red Robin, which was right by our hotel and then we headed back into Disney. We figured, we're there, it's raining, but we might as well go do what we can.
Kendrick and Scott waiting for the shuttle.Me and Kendrick waiting for the shuttle.
One thing in our favor--not very long lines! We headed into Fantasyland to see what rides we could take Kendrick on. First ride--the carousel.
Waiting for our turn.Kendrick on the carousel.
We walked around some more and went on a few more little rides. It started to rain a little bit so we got under a canopy that was over this Dumbo car. So, we took a pic!
Scott and Kendrick in the Dumbo car.Me and Kendrick in the tea cup.Kendrick just wanted to run around--so we had to let him out of the stroller every so often and let him get it out of his system!
I don't think we stayed there too late. Kendrick was getting tired and we didn't want him to get too cold. So we headed back and I fell asleep too!
The next day we were heading up to Six Flags Magic Mountain. This was one of the amusement parks that the girls were really looking forward to!
The weather was not rainy anymore, but it was just a little bit chilly, but not bad. The sun felt good!
Kendrick had a good time chasing the geese!The geese climbed up into the flower bed to get away from him. Then, Kendrick decided to taste the dirt! He is putting a handfull in his mouth in this picture!Some of the team at the entrance of one of the rides they went on.Posing with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.Kendrick loved the characters! He loves stuffed animals, so I think he thought they were oversized stuffed animals!He wanted to stay with them all day!He gave them all hugs!Tweety Bird and KendrickBugs Bunny and Kendrick
Well, there was a "kiddy" section at the park, but not much. We went on a few rides and then hung out in this "ball" house. I don't remember what it was really called, but it had all these places you could put the rubber balls into and then they would eventually fall down from up above and you could pick them up and start all over again!
Kendrick putting a ball in.It was like a vacuum and sucked it right up!Balls everywhere!Hum, what should I do now?Scott even thought it was fun! HA HALooking up to see when the balls were going to spill over.We put Kendrick in jail because he kept running away from us! Not really, just put him there to take a few pics!Wasting time in the gift shop while waiting for the girls to meet so we could leave! Doesn't Scott look so cool in this hat?Stick 'em up!We were definitely bored!
The next day we went to Disneyland again. We mainly stayed over in California Adventure this time. The weather was much better today and there was more people there!
Waiting for the shuttle.
We went on the Toy Story ride. Luckily, Scott and Kendrick didn't have to stand in line with me. Kim and Kaitlynn Blood and Shantelle and Neisha Martinez were in line and I stepped up with them and then Scott and Kendrick joined us when we got to the front. Kendrick was sleeping anyway.
Scott, Kendrick and me on the Toy Story ride.In front of the Mickey Mouse flower head!
We had a team dinner that night in Downtown Disney at the ESPN Zone. It was a buffet and was pretty good. The girls also got cards to go play games.
The team --after the dinner.The moms that came with to chaperone.Jamie and Laney - on one of the games.Makayla and Hailey playing Guitar HeroKendrick - thinking he is playing a game!Morgan and Emily on a game.Melissa and Madeline.Scott and Kendrick playing a game.
Our last day was at Knotts Berry Farm. Another day of fun riding roller coasters and checking out the sights.
We took Kendrick on a few of the kiddy rides and then we went over to TGI Friday's for lunch. Again, we were trying to kill time--I think next trip we wont go to as many amusement parks! HA HA
The group - just outside of Knotts Berry Farm.This time with me, Kendrick, and Scott.The weather was great - Kendrick wore his shades!Cool dude!On a train ride at Knotts Berry FarmKendrick - getting tired.Chillin' in their shades!Kendrick likes to play with them more than wear them!
We flew back to Salt Lake City that evening and arrived at 10:40 p.m. Yes, we had school the next day. But it was drill first period, so I told them it was up to them if they wanted to come or not. No one came! HA HA
It was a fun trip and besides the weather raining out our performance at Disneyland, everything went well!
One thing I learned, 18 months isn't the best age to take a child to Disneyland. He didn't really understand why we had to stand in line and he would get impatient. I think in a few years he will really like it more!
I'm not sure where the trip will be next year. It will be a competition year, so I may see if they want to try competing in Florida. I haven't ever competed in Florida, so that might be the next adventure!