Sunday, October 31, 2010

Drill Team Stuff

While I was out on maternity leave, life went on at school. I left the drill team in the careful hands of my trusted assistant, Marci. Things went great and the team's performances were awesome! Luckily, I was able to come and see them all.

On Friday, September 24th, the team performed in the Homecoming Assembly. They performed their "edge" routine, "Breaking the Habit". I didn't get any pictures, just video. Someday I will learn how to post videos on my blog! The performance was great--I was proud of them!

Then, later that evening, we had a "friendship party" with the Payson Paysetters. Maple Mountain was playing Payson that night in our Homecoming game, so we invited the Paysetters over for a pre-game party.
MMHS Elleves & PHS Paysetters
It was fun to see them! There are only 3 girls left on the team that I coached. There are a few girls that I know because I know their sisters. Next year there won't be any girls on the team that I have coached--except for the coaches!
My team was performing their 80s dance. They were so excited about this dance! They had learned the combo at Go For It camp this past summer and asked me to finish the dance and then they would perform it for Homecoming. It was to "Jump for my Love" by the Pointer Sisters. It was fun for me to choreograph parts of it.
I had barely finished it when the doctor told me he was going to start me that Saturday. So, the girls and Marci cleaned it up. They also had to deal with some last minute changes due to illness and injury on our team.
Team pep-talk before the performance.
Their costumes were our "a-day" practice outfits, which were bright neon colors and shorts that looked like the 80s. So, we added a t-shirt that we cut holes in and put sequin around and cut the neck out, tied it in a knot on the side, put our hair in side pony tails and wore gold sequin head bands. We also had black leg warmers. We were true to the 80s style! I had actually wore a t-shirt similar to this for one of my dance costumes in the 80s!
Striking an 80s pose--gotta love the jazz hands!
The performance was so fun to watch! They did so well, even with all the changes they had to deal with. It was a crowd favorite as well!
On October 5th, three girls from the team were chosen to represent us at the 4A All-State Drill Team Auditions. The team and coaches selected Savannah Martin, who is our president; Kourtney Finch, who is our drill mistresses; and Krizia Brooks.
Here they are: Savannah, Kourtney, and Krizia.
All three of them were selected to the team! There were about 60 girls there and 22 girls made it to the team. I was very proud of them. They will be recognized at State Drill in February. They will also have an opportunity to perform as an All-State Team.

On October 13th, it was Maple Mountain's last home football game. The drill team performed their military routine. We borrowed costumes again from Lone Peak. They had some old costumes that they didn't mind if we wore outside on the field. We didn't want to wear our military costumes and get them all muddy!
Again, the team did a great job with the performance.
Here they are, striking a "miliary" pose.
Team huddle to get "psyched up" for the performance!

There was another performance, but I didn't get pictures. We performed our hip hop routine. It looked great also.
Now we are getting ready for competition season. It will be here before we know it!

Family Events in October

We had a couple family parties in October to celebrate birthdays. First, on October 4th is Jackson's birthday. He is my oldest nephew--he turned 17! I can't believe he is that old already. Amy had a family party for him on October 3rd.
Jackson with his cake.
Blowing out the candles, with a little help from his little bro, Keaton!
Jackson got his letterman coat for his birthday from his parents.
Jackson and his dad, Jason, in their letterman coats. We had Jason get his out and put it on for a picture. Don't they look cool!
Then on October 9th, Madeline Kate Eyre was baptized a member of the church. I went down for the baptism. Madeline was baptized by her dad, Joseph Eyre.
Madeline and Joseph.

They had a family dinner afterwards at the senior citizens center in Nephi. There was lots of delicious food! It was good to see everyone that was there.

We took a picture of all of the girls that were there of our family. Here it is:
Paula, Aunt Judy, Emilee, Aunt Barbara, Mom, me
Grandma J., Jakoye, Marci - holding Macey, Jamie, Amy, Annie - holding Jake.
Both parties were fun and I'm glad I was able to attend them. Of course, I would have to leave the party and go to the hospital to be with Kendrick. I guess someday I will get to bring Kendrick and maybe even Scott, (if he doesn't have to work!) with me to the family parties. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


The NICU, a place you could love, because of the great care they give your child and the lives that they save. Or it could be a place you hate, because you are there day after day after day and you hear all these beeps and alarms going off and you seriously want to scream if you hear one more alarm go off!

What an experience--here is the story of ours:

Well, things did in fact did change the day after Kendrick was born. It was a Sunday morning and Scott had went home and was on his way over to the hospital. The nurse had come in and asked me if I was ready for the baby and I said yes. It had been about 10 - 15 minutes and she still hadn't brought me the baby.

Scott arrived and I told him they were going to bring the baby. He got up and said that he would just go down and get Kendrick from the nursery. Next thing I know, Scott comes back, but no baby with him. I ask him where's the baby? He then tells me that they have taken him up to the NICU - the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Kendrick had been checked by the doctor that morning and they noticed that he was grunting and not breathing very well, so that is why they took him to the NICU.

I got scared and wondered what the heck? Everything was fine last night. What could have happened? What was happening? I hurried and put some clothes on--just sweat pants a t-shirt and a hoodie/jacket. I brushed through my hair and brushed my teeth. We then walked up to the NICU. Scott asked me if I wanted to be in the wheelchair, but I was fine walking. I could walk, it was slow, but I could walk.

We entered the NICU and there was Kendrick--with different monitors, wires, things all over him. I got a sick feeling. The doctor turned to Scott and I and said, "Are you the grand parents?" We said, "No, we are the parents." The doctor tried to tell us the reason he thought we were the grand parents was because I was dressed and didn't look like I just had a baby. I wasn't dressed that great and I had no make up on and my hair was not done. I still think he thought we were the grand parents because we are older! But, oh well. It was our first time for being mistaken for Kendrick's grand parents.

The doctor then proceeded to tell us that Kendrick most likely had pneumonia and sepsis--which is a blood infection. I immediately asked, "How did he get it?" They told us it could have come from anywhere--me, while in the womb, the hospital, something I ate, it could have been on my toothbrush. They asked me if I had the strep test and I said yes, it was negative. They asked me if I had had a cold, I said no. I had been perfectly fine. Wow, I couldn't believe it was happening!

We went back up to my room and just hung out. All the rest of my family was going up to Payson Lakes that afternoon. Scott was going to go, but decided to stay with me at the hospital. On their way back home, Paula and Casey stopped by. So did Charlie and Eli. We all went up and Scott gave Kendrick a blessing. Casey, Charlie, and Jason Holloway helped. I felt a little bit better--well, sorta.

That night, I started feeling really scared and upset. I was crying and ended up crying myself to sleep. I also cried when I woke up in the night. I just felt so bad! I would hear the baby crying in the room next door as the mom was feeding it and I thought, "At least she gets to feed her baby!" My eyes were swollen when I woke up! The nurses were so nice and even the guy who came to get my lunch and dinner order was nice. I guess they clue all of the staff in, because the guy knew of my situation and to be sensitive.

Scott came over and we went up to see Kendrick again. I was sad today, because I would be going home, but Kendrick would have to stay. I again felt so bad! The vision I had of putting Kendrick in a cute outfit and taking him home from the hospital was not going to happen for a while. We stayed at the hospital as long as we could.

We then drove home and walked into our house. I was still sad! I went upstairs and saw everything ready to go in Kendrick's room--but no baby! I just layed down on my bed and pretty much cried again.

The next day, we went over to the hospital. I had to "pump" and take any milk I got to the hospital. They would use it when they started feeding Kendrick.

We usually went over to the hospital in the morning or around 12:30 p.m. and I would stay for a few hours. Then we would go over again in the evening.

On Wednesday, September 22, I went over with Annie and my mom. Here is what we saw above Kendrick's bed:

They had made him a sign with his name. I remember feeling happy that they had made him a sign, because I had seen the name signs above the other baby beds. But, then on the other hand, I felt sick inside, because if they made him a name sign, that must mean he is going to be here long! I remember thinking, "Why did they make him a sign, he's not going to be here that long."

Here is what he looked like that day:

All of the cords and monitors, etc. that are on him. I wasn't able to hold him because of the line that was going into his belly button. It is very fragile, so I wouldn't be able to hold him until it was removed.
In this close up shot, you can see he was on a ventilator. I think this one was the oscillator. There are different kinds. Kendrick also looked very "puffy" because of all of the fluids they were pumping into him and the antibiotics.
Kendrick had a really nice nurse that night named Karen. She lives in Payson--I didn't know her, but I knew her husband's sister that went to Payson High. She let me help out with some of the things they do with Kendrick.
First, I got to change his diaper. Then they have these "lolli pops" to clean out the baby's mouth. That is what I am doing in this picture:

The "Lolli pop"
They also had me lift Kendrick up so they could weigh him. This was the first time I had "held" Kendrick since the night he was born. Here I am getting ready to lift him up.

Holding Kendrick for the first time since he was in the NICU.
The doctor said on the first day that he was the sickest baby in the NICU! But, most babies are there because they are premies.
Kendrick looked like a giant next to the other premie babies!
Poor little sick baby!

Thank goodness my sister Annie brought her camera with her! She is the one who took all of the pictures.
These next pictures were a few days later on September 25. Again, I was with my mom and Annie. Kendrick was now on a different ventilator called a C-Pap. He also had the cord removed from his belly button, so I was going to be able to hold him for real this time!
Here is the nurse, Shelly, putting Kendrick on the pillow for me to hold!
Holding Kendrick in my arms for the first time since he was in the NICU.
Kendrick with the C-Pap on. Doesn't it look comfortable! He hated the C-Pap!
Holding my little boy--we sent this picture to Scott to make him jealous. He was at the BYU game working concessions with my drill team. He got his turn later that night!
Holding his little hand.
My mom, me and Kendrick.
Cute little mug--even if he does look a little bit like an elephant with the C-pap on!
Poor little scrunched up face!
Putting him back in his bed.
Changing his diaper.
Lifting him up so they can weigh him.
All snug and ready for rest.
This next picture is two days later, September 27th. Still on the C-Pap, but now he has a PICC line in his head. A PICC is kinda like an IV. This is where all of his meds were put in. It looked like it hurt to me. We had to be very careful when we held him not to pull on the PICC lines.

Still on the C-Pap.
He doesn't like it at all!
Trying to get some sleep.
The tube going into his mouth is a feeding tube.
Poor little Baby Boy!
When I came into the NICU on the next day, they had moved Kendrick to a new area in the NICU. At first I was scared, and thought, where is my baby? But then a nurse told me and pointed me in the right direction.
A nurse had also went and found the chair that was in the hospital that had a plaque on it with Scott's mom's name on it. Here is a picture of the plaque:

Scott's mom, Verlee Brenchley, had been a nurse in the NICU for 30 years! There were some older nurses there that had worked with her and they all spoke very highly of her. She loved her job and taking care of the NICU babies. She was known to sing softly to them. I didn't ever get to meet her, she passed away about 15 years ago of cancer. I like to think that she was there though, in the NICU, watching over Kendrick and making sure everything was going to be alright.
We didn't get a picture of the chair, just the plaque. The chair was a little bit broken, so we hope they got it fixed!

On September 29th, Kaycee and Hollie came down to visit Kendrick. Hollie came up first, because she hadn't seen Kendrick yet. She just watch as I held Kendrick. Then when Kaycee came up, the doctor came over to talk to me and wanted to show me Kendrick's x-rays. He said, Why don't you have her, meaning Kaycee, hold Kendrick. I didn't know others could hold Kendrick, so Kaycee lucked out and got to hold her brother. I said, Hollie is going to be mad, but she actually said she would have been nervous with all of the cords, etc.
Kaycee holding Kendrick.
The nurse that day had also dressed Kendrick in a onesie. He was dressed and I was so excited about that. Usually he is just in a diaper. Kendrick is also off of the C-pap!
Scott holding Kendrick later that same night.
Baby Kendrick.
Now his feeding tube is in his nose!

Kendrick in his "big boy" bed. He was moved into this bed and was actually off oxygen on this day. It was October 4th, my mom and I stopped by to see him on our way to Jackson's birthday party.
Tubby time, the next day, October 5th. Scott and I got to help with his bath.
Kendrick doesn't really like his bath!
Scott bathing Kendrick. Darin, the nurse in the background, was another one of our favorite nurses in the NICU. He was very helpful and would answer all of our questions!
A few days later, October 7th, we brought some of Kendrick's jammies from home.
The jammies are still a little big on him.
These are the jammies we put on after his bath that night.

Another tubby time--two days later on October 9th.
Scott had been working concessions again at the BYU game. Then we went to the hospital to be with Kendrick. We were also able to help out with his bath again.
We were getting closer to the 21 day mark. The doctors wanted Kendrick to take the antibiotics for 21 days. So, that Monday, October 11th was the 21 day mark.
Kendrick was doing well, and they had me come and stay over at the hospital and then they would come wake me up every time Kendrick needed to be fed.
Then the next night, October 12th, we stayed in the sleep room and had Kendrick in the room with us. So, we were "on our own" so to speak. Which meant, we were going to be discharged from the NICU the next day!
Oh Happy Day! It had been just like people who have experienced the NICU say--a roller coaster ride! Some good days, some bad days, and sometimes you just wanted the ride to end--NOW!
I'm very grateful to the NICU for the care they gave Kendrick. They are so knowledgeable and good at what they do! I knew several of the nurses there. Kristi Peck, from Payson, whose husband I worked with at Payson High and I am on the Payson Community Theater Board with both of them; Charlene Pelton, who lived in Levan for a time and her husband was a Highway Patrol trooper with my dad; Julynn Greenhalgh, who I knew at SUU. I'm not sure what her last name is now; and then another nurse whose husband works at Maple Mountain. His name is Mark Roberts, but I cannot remember her name!
Anyway, the NICU was an experience--one I will never forget and one I hope I never have to experience again.