Sunday, March 28, 2010

MMHS Elleves Florida Tour 2010

On March 18, 2010, Scott and I headed to Florida with my drill team. Pretty much this trip was the same itinerary as my trip with Payson last year, but every group is different and I was excited to get away to some warmer weather!

There are quite a few pictures in this post--but these are only a few! Scott and I both have new cameras and so between the two of us taking pictures, we have tons of pictures! So, if you want to see our trip through the pictures I have posted, here you go:

Here are some of the team waiting in the airport for our flight to depart:
Me, at the airport.
Arriving in the Orlando Airport:

Day 1: Performance at Universal Orlando. This year, the team is performing on a different stage. Much larger, so I'm excited that our routines won't look so squished--but the stage is cement! It was a little bit rough and made the headstands interesting! But, they did them and had a fabulous performance!
This is a shot from the camp dance.

Headstands in military.
Military--end pose.

Extensions in dance routine.
Fouettes in dance routine.

Edge routine.
That's Not My Name routine.
The team with the plaque that we received from Universal.
After the performance, we headed into Universal Orlando. There are two parks, Islands of Adventure and then Universal Studios Orlando.
Scott and I just chillin' in Universal. Notice we both got a little sun that day!
Later that night, we went to the Cirque du Solei show, "La Nouba". It is amazing!

Day 2: Workshop at Disney World at Epcot. Here we are at the main entrance, ready to meet the Disney Workshop Coordinator.

Scott and I at the main entrance of Epcot.
The team had a great time at the workshop. Goofy made a surprise appearance at the end of the workshop. Here they are with Goofy!

After the workshop, the girls didn't want to have to carry their stuff around all day, so we were all going to walk out to the vans to put their stuff in them. Well, Scott, being the nice guy that he is, offered to carry all of the bags out to the van. Here he is with all of their stuff! I helped him carry it most of the way, but then he insisted that he take them the rest of the way and I could wait inside Epcot for him.

So, he continued out to the parking lot. I guess he got a little bit disoriented and he couldn't find the van. I called him to see what was taking so long and I could tell he was frustrated. So, I headed out to find him. I found the vans, mainly by pointing the remote in the direction of where I thought they were parked and found them.
A Disney parking security person on a bike saw me and asked if I was looking for a guy with a lot of bags. I said yes, and he was a few rows over. He was on his way over to where the vans were.
We put the bags into the van and headed back into the park. Scott needed a drink and we both were hungry so we had lunch. Then, one of the girls had left her pass in her bag that was in the van. Well, what do you think we did, we walked back out to the van so she could get her pass.
Finally, we decided to take our "World Tour" again at Epcot. We walked around to each country and took a picture. So here they are:
Our trip began in Canada. Here I am in some picture spot in Canada.
Next stop, Great Britain. Scott had to use the telephone.
Then, he decided to head into the Pub.

Enjoying the view of France.
Another view of France--notice the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
At Epcot, it was their annual Garden and Flower Show. There were topiary all around the park of various Disney characters. I loved this one of Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora and the Prince.
Next stop, Morocco. Here is Scott, striking a pose!
Now, my turn to strike a pose.
Scott in Japan.
Taking a break in Italy, just outside of a perfume shop.
Scott, on the left, near the St. Mark bell tower in Venice, Italy.
Me, on the right, in Germany.
A stop at a small shop that had this Indiana Jones hat and a walking stick that Scott wanted to try out. What do you think? Should he be Indiana Jones for Halloween this year?
Checking out a nice umbrella in China.
Another view of China.
Scott, by a Viking statue in Norway.
Me, in Norway, on the porch of a little Norwegian House.
Last stop, Mexico. Face to face with some ancient carving.
Day 3: We headed to Cocoa Beach. Once again, it wasn't the best weather for the beach, but what do you do! Here is the team "jumping for joy" that they are at the beach!
Later that night, we headed back into Disney World. Scott and I went to the Disney Hollywood Studios park and watched "Fantasmic". It was a cool show that uses water, lasers, projections, Disney characters, etc. If you have seen the one in California at Disneyland, then this one was somewhat similar.
Scott and I at Fantasmic.
Day 4: Performance at Downtown Disney. This is the sign that listed all of the performances for the day. My team is listed, and just in case you can't see it, we have a close up shot too!

There performance at Disney was really good. The stage is really nice. It is only two years old and it has a nice surface and is a good size. Here are some pictures from the performance:
Camp Dance--"We Break the Dawn."
Savannah, doing her aerial, during "Hush Hush."
Headstands in Military.
Kickline in Military.
A hip hop routine entitled, "Work". Dance routine, "You'll Find a Way".
"I Don't Care", otherwise known as the Edge Routine.
"That's Not My Name" routine.
Headstands in our hip hop routine, "Jump Jiggle".

After the performance, we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, provided by the school. It was a fun time. Our principal, Mr. Penrod, also included appetizers and got some extra "volcano" desserts for each table to share. We are so lucky to have such a supportive principal!

Later, most of the team headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Here we are at the entrance:

Me, with Cinderella's castle in the background.

Day 5: One last day at Disney World. Our van groups wanted to go out to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, so here we are at the Hard Rock:

Day 6: We checked out of our hotel and had a few hours to kill, so we headed to Downtown Disney and did some last minute shopping before heading to the airport. Here are the girls trying to get some sun before we go home:

The Elleves--a few last pictures before we leave Florida!
We loaded the vans and headed to the airport. It was a great trip. The weather could have been a little bit warmer, but what can you do. One guy at one of the parks told Scott and I that Florida was having the coldest winter in the past 50 years. It was a little cool, but we were still walking around in summer clothes, but we did have to wear a jacket at times.
I hope the team had a great trip! They have worked so hard this year and accomplished so much, especially for a first-year team! This trip was a great way to finish their year. Next up, tryouts!