Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Kendrick was very excited for Halloween this year.  He was going to be a pirate!  He tried on the costume nearly every night the week of Halloween.  He couldn't wait to wear it!
 Posing with his pirate pumpkin that we made with the cute kit he got from Grandma.
 Practicing his pirate moves.
 Where's my mateys?
 Such a cute pirate!
 Checking out his sword.
This was his pirate pose he gave me when I said, "Look like a pirate".  He was really into Halloween this year and liked going up to the door himself and pushing the "button".  He got mad if we tried to help him. 

Thanks to my sister Emilee for letting us borrow the pirate costume.  Kendrick loved it, in fact, he still asks about it and if he can wear it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Drill Team Halloween Party

The drill team had their annual Halloween party on Wednesday, October 30.  This year we ate at The Pizza Pie Cafe, to help support our own fundraiser, and then went to Fat Cats to bowl.

Of course, I had more than one thing on the same night, so it was a crazy night for me.  I had to attend a Region Drill team meeting at Timpview High.  So, I didn't want to go in costume to the meeting.  I looked all around Timpview High after the meeting and could not find an open restroom?  They lock the restrooms!  Oh well, so I headed to the restaurant.  Most of the girls were nearly finished eating, so I had to hurry and eat.  I decided to change into costume when we got to Fat Cats.
 This was my costume for this year.  Cleopatra!  I borrowed the costume from Cheri.

The team was pretty impressed that I went all out.  I just like to dress up!  It's fun!  Even at my age!  HA HA  I'm also grateful that I have friends that still dress up and I can borrow their cool costumes.  Can't wait to see what I can borrow and wear next year!
 I love when the team gets into dressing up too!
 It makes the party that much more fun!
 There were lots of fun costumes this year!
 I liked Brooklyn's Mad Hatter costume.
 Brooke was a pretty cute cop too!
 Brynn was a fun 50s girl.
 We had Mario there too.
 Sydney looked great in her costume.
 The whole team.
 The Fat Cats staff voted Madi as the best costume!  Or was it Makenna?  I'm not sure--they're twins!
 Brooklyn had a pretty sweet costume too.
 It was a fun time!
 Seniors at their last drill Halloween party!
 I had Scott take a few pics of me in the Cleopatra costume when I got home.
 Had to do some Egyptian poses.

 What can I say, I like to dress up and do fun things for Halloween.  Guess I'm young at heart!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Party 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Mangelson held their annual Pumpkin Party on October 26.  It was a fun time as always!

We started by carving pumpkins.  Here's some pics:
 Kendrick and Scott working on their pumpkin.
 Kendrick was ready to help!
 Scooping out the "guts".
 Kendrick loved wearing his "keleton" shirt during October.
 Trying to help.

 Scott went with a traditional jack o lantern!
 Kendrick decided it needed some paint too.
 He was pretty proud of his painting.

 Paula made her "witch's brew".
 It's always a hit with the kids!
If you ever get the chance, make sure you try it!  :)
 The Hobo made his visit to the party.
 He was nice and gave out candy to everyone, so that made Kendrick happy!
 Grandma had some spooky prizes for the kids.
 Kendrick thought these glasses were pretty cool!
 He also loved the donuts that Amy brought.
 Especially the vampire teeth that were on them.
Fun times!

Everyone had a great time at the Pumpkin Party.  It's always a fun time of the year.  I love Halloween and all the festivities that come with it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kendrick and His Sisters

On October 22, I needed to pick up some things from my costumer in Taylorsville.  Kaycee was in town visiting her mother and so we met up with them at Francesco's.
 Kendrick, Amanda, Emmalee, and Hollie
Amanda, Emmalee, Hollie, Kendrick, Kaycee, and Jakob

It was good to visit with them for a bit and see Emmalee and Jakob.  They are both growing up so fast.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Home MMHS Football Game

On October 17, MMHS had its last home football game with Salem Hills.  We had a pre-game party with the LaShays.  It was fun.  The parents brought soups, rolls, and pie for dessert.  After dinner, the two teams played "Man Over board" in the gym.
 MMHS Elleves and SHHS LaShays - it was the "pink with a purpose" game, so the Elleves wore their new pink football t-shirts.
 These girls are my three-year seniors at their last home football game.
Emily Peery, Madeline Froerer, Laney Melton, Brynn Shaw, Bryn Starkey, and Jamie Topham.
 This is all of the seniors on the team - I'm losing ten girls this year!
Madeline, Laney, Brynn, Bryn, Jamie, Hannah, Brooke C., Brooke R., Brittney, and Emily.
 They are a fun and crazy bunch of seniors!
 Pre-performance cheer!
 They are performing their hip hop - so excited to kill it!
 Jamie Topham

 I love how their hair looks!
 Partner part.
 Brandi looks pretty fierce!
 Love their facials and their hair!

 We wore pink wrist bands for pink awareness!

 The football team recognized the seniors with a flower.

Another football season is over--now on to competition.  I love being able to focus on our competition routines and get prepared for competition that is less than two months away!