Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bridal Shower for Savannah

Savannah Martin, who was my drill team's technique teacher and one of my former Elleves, was getting married in August.  We decided to throw a surprise bridal shower for her.  She was already coming to teach a technique class that morning.  I asked her if she could go a little longer on that day, and she said sure.  Little did she know, we were having a party for her! :)

We asked her to come into the team room and we had it all set up.  The girls helped bring the food and the decorations and then we all went in on a gift for her.
 We surprised her as she walked in the door.
 We had yummy breakfast burritos! And I made daisy shaped sugar cookies.
 Opening gifts.
 We gave her the Mr. & Mrs. pillow cases and pillows in a big basket that she wanted.
 Congrats to Sav - the soon to be Mrs.!
It wouldn't be right if we didn't have a crazy pic too!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

24th of July

Our 24th of July began with two parades.  The Elleves were performing in the Mapleton and Spanish Fork parades again this year.  So we were up bright and early.
 Here's the team just before one of the parades.
 Team prayer for a safe performance.
 Team cheer - One team, one love, one passion.
 Who are we?
 'Cause you and me can become one!
 In the Spanish Fork parade, we are always at the end.
 But, we like to think they save the best for last! :)
 Jason Gibson does the sound for us and he recorded a nice intro track to play at the beginning of each performance during the parade.  I loved it!  Yes we were bragging a little bit, but how often can you say Second Place in the State 4A Drill!
Kendrick was my little side kick while Scott took pics and video.
 It's actually harder than it looks to dance on the back of the diesel trailer!
 Love some high kicks!

 They did a great job in the parades this year!
 Another overcast parade - we don't mind, as long as it doesn't rain.
 I'm so grateful for awesome drill parents that help make all of this happen!
 Loved the MM flags that one of the parents rigged up for us!
Pic with Nate from Student Council. :)
 When we got home from the parades, I noticed how pretty our zinnias were looking.  I had Kendrick stand by them so I could take a pic of them.  I love the bright colors.  We planted them along our south fence this year too.
 We also planted them along the east fence like last year.
 Kendrick wanted a picture by the east fence too.
 This pic was to show how tall the flowers are.  Almost as tall as Kendrick!
 He just keeps growing!

We then went down to Levan to join in on the Pioneer Day festivities there.  Most of the kids were out at the park when we got there.  Kendrick and I walked out there, but it was too hot.  We came back and Kendrick played with the kids.

While they were outside playing, they came in and said there was a big smoke on the the mountain. We looked out and saw that they were right.  There was a big puff of smoke coming from the mountains south east of Levan.  Soon we heard sirens and found out there was a fire.  It was bad and threatening homes that are in the area.

They decided to have the dinner in Levan, but they were postponing the fireworks show.  Which only made sense.  

After dinner, there was a show put on by some native Americans.  They did a number to recognize and thank those who had served our country.
 They called any servicemen to come forward.  Jim and his boys went up.
 They watched as the native American performed a dance dedicated to them.
 The kids played outside and you could see the fire from my parents house now.
 I took these pics with my phone, so they aren't very good.  But you can see it was a big fire and scary because of how close it was.
The kids were wondering what was going on.  Kendrick still looks at the pics on my phone and says they are scary.

We headed back to Spanish Fork, thinking maybe we would get there in time to watch the fireworks there.  But Kendrick had fell asleep and we were tired too.  So, we just headed home.  It had been another fun Pioneer Day!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fiesta Days

Monday, July 21 was family night at the Fiesta Days carnival in Spanish Fork.  So we decided to see if Kendrick would like more rides this year.  Last year at the Ute Stampede carnival, he didn't really want to ride the rides, so we weren't sure how he would be this year.  

Earlier that day we were out running errands and we went to Partyland in Springville.  They have this train inside their store.  Kendrick loves to play on it when he comes with me to this store.  I took a pic of him on it today.  He was also excited to go to the carnival that night.  He kept asking about it all day.
Pic on the train at Partyland.

The first thing he wanted to do was go down the giant slide.  Kendrick loves to go down slides, so we thought this would be fun for him.  Scott took him up to the top, thinking that Kendrick would go down himself.  But, we were wrong.  Kendrick freaked out a little bit and had to have Scott go down with him.
 Scott and Kendrick on the slide
 Once Kendrick did it, he was ok and liked going down the slide.
 He did not want me to take his picture on this ride!  He also didn't have a nap today either!
 He had a great time on this boat ride.  Mainly because of the crazy carny worker!  He was splashing water on all of the kids as they went around.  Luckily it was way hot that evening and most of the kids thought it was fun!
 Kendrick, trying not to get splashed!
 It was fun to see him actually having fun on the rides this year!
 He was brave and went on a lot more rides.
 Fun times!
 Everyone thinks Kendrick is older than he is because he is so tall.  I think the kids on this ride wanted to spin more, but Kendrick didn't get it?
 The lines were long, since it was family night and the tickets are only $1 and each ride takes only 1 ticket.  But, when you're a single rider, you get to move to the front of the line a lot.  And you get to sit by a cute girl.
 Kendrick had a good time on the roller coaster.  It was fun to watch him laugh and interact with the girl sitting next to him.
 He had a great time!
 This "bee" ride was one of the last rides he went on.  He was getting tired, if you can't tell in this pic.

We had a fun night and Kendrick definitely was doing better on the rides this year.  A lot of the time he is scared to do something until he tries it, and then he loves it.  I just need to figure out a way to get him to try stuff before thinking he doesn't like it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PDC Camp

It was back to the grind the very next day after returning from our Mangelson Family Vacation.  I had to be up and at it at 7 a.m. for another drill team camp.  We had our annual private PDC camp.  This year one of our instructors was one of our own, Savannah Martin.  She was an Elleve the first two years and was the captain her senior year.  She is now a BYU Cougarette and is teaching for PDC this summer.

We started off the day with technique and learning routines.  The only pic I have from day 1 is of the team at lunch!
 Here they are, enjoying their lunch.  I'm so grateful for team moms that take care of all the lunch arrangements during this camp.  They also gave the girls a little gift each day too.
 Day 2 - they start of the day by telling the girls what the theme of the day is.
 Lunch time is always fun too!
 The team worked really hard and learned three routines that we can use for halftime or assemblies and some fun combos too.  Here they are with Savannah and Alisha, their instructors.
 Crazy pic
 It was really fun to have a former Elleve teaching us.  She is also our technique teacher and so she knows the girls and what their individual strengths and weaknesses are.
 Performing the routines for the parents and friends.
 They did pretty good for just learning them in two and half days.
 These girls won awards - Katelyn won Most Improved; Tori won Best Showmanship; Madi & Kenna won Hardest Workers; Emily Kessinger won Best Technique; and Brandi won Most Spirit.
It was another successful PDC Camp - now on to another successful year!