Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cade's Birthday Party

My nephew, Cade Nielson, celebrated his 10th birthday on September 11th. He had a family party on Sunday, September 12th. We had great food and good times!

After eating, Cade opened presents. I was taking some pictures. You need to look at my brother in law, Joseph, and also my brother Charlie in the background of the following pictures. They were having a great time as you can see!

Cade's cousin, Dillon, explaining the watch they gave Cade.
More presents!
Cade, after opening the card we gave him, full of confetti, of course. It fell all over the deck!
Handing the cash to mom--Cade is saving up for an I-Pad.
Cade would get so excited when he opened a card with cash!
These were some Star Wars cookie cutters!
Blowing out his candles!
The "10" cake.
Happy Birthday Cade!

Labor Day & Scott's Official Birthday

For Labor Day, Scott had to work, so I decided I wanted to go down to Payson and watch the Onion Days Parade. I used to go to Payson every year on Labor Day when I worked at Payson High, now I could go there if I wanted to, not because I had to!

Annie was going to watch the parade with her boys because Jim was driving a vehicle in the parade for the National Guard, so I decided to go to the parade with them. My mom also came up because later that afternoon, she was going to the Payson Community Theater's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" with me.

I met at Annie's house around 9 a.m. and we loaded up and headed over to Payson. We parked near the start of the parade, because we weren't sure if we would stay for the entire parade or not. We walked and looked for a spot to sit and then we saw Marci--my assistant. She was there with her family and there was some room by them so we sat there by them.
Ryan & Jake waiting for the parade to start.
Mom, me, and Marci.
Jim, driving a truck full of Veterans.
Jim, waving at his boys.

After the parade, we went back to Annie's house and rested a bit and then decided to get some lunch. After that, my mom and I headed over to Payson. We met up with my grandma, Aunt Barbara, and my Aunt Lisa to watch "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" by Payson Community Theater. It was very well done. They had done this musical before, back in 1997, I believe. I had choreographed it back then, but this year, I had taken a break. Mainly because of being sick and pregnant!
I went home after the musical and met Scott. It was his birthday! He had been at work all day, so we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. We went to Ruby River. I had got a card for a free appetizer at the Payson parade earlier that day, so we decided to go there and use the card.
Here we are at dinner.
Then we went home and had cake and ice cream! I had made a home made German Chocolate Cake for Scott.
Happy 45th Birthday Scott!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott!

Tomorrow is Scott's birthday! Here are some pictures of him when he was a baby. This first one is just after he was born. You can see the tag that was on the bassinet listing his mom's name--Brenchley at the top and then Verlee at the bottom.
Cute little baby boy--wonder if our baby will look like Scott?
I'm not sure how old Scott is in this one--maybe one? Scott still does an open mouth smile like he is doing in this picture!

Another cute baby pic!
Amanda and Hollie came down on Saturday so we went out to Red Robin that day for lunch to celebrate Scott's birthday.
Here we are at Red Robin - just before Scott and I had to go work concessions at the BYU football game with my drill team!

Scott has to work on his birthday! It is even a holiday (Labor Day), but oh well. We will celebrate when he gets off work. I made him a homemade German Chocolate Cake with the homemade coconut frosting.
Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for all you do for me--I love you!

Baby Shower/Get Together with Friends

Some of my friends couldn't make it to the baby shower that my sisters did for me, so we had a little get together on Monday, August 24th. We met at Cafe Rio in American Fork.
Cheri, Donna, Stephanie, and me.
I look just fantastic in the picture--I had been at school all day getting ready for the first day--which was the next day. But, oh well. We had a great time talking, eating awesome Cafe Rio food, and opening presents! They gave me some fun items for the baby. I'm so lucky to have such great friends! Thanks for coming down and spending some time with me and for the great gifts.

Emmalee's 1st Birthday

Our grand daughter, Emmalee Holloway, turned one on August 20. Kaycee & Jason had a birthday party for the family on Saturday, August 21st up at a park in Evanston, Wyoming where they live.

Here is Scott holding Emmalee just after we arrived. It looks like she is waving hello!
Scott and I with the birthday girl!
After dinner, we all watched Emmalee open presents.
Emmalee, with Chessie on the left, her Uncle Steve and Great Grandma Randie on the right.
Kaycee with the cute Winnie the Pooh cake.
They got Emmalee her own cake to eat. Here she is eating her birthday cake. Jason's sister, Elizabeth is holding her.
Diving right in!

After eating cake, we just hung out and relaxed. Scott played Frisbee with Jason and one of his friends. Then we went over to see where Kaycee and Jason live. It was a fun time. Happy First Birthday Emmalee!