Friday, August 31, 2012

Football Performance/Party with Payson Drill

One of MMHS's pre-season football games was with Payson, so we invited their drill team to come perform the BDT camp dance with us at halftime.  They would face their crowd and we would face ours.  Plus, it would be a little change on the camp dance, not really, but it would seem like it, since we had performed the camp dance a lot already!

We had a small party with their team before the game started.  Here we are introducing ourselves to each other.
 Paysetters and Elleves!
 The team I used to coach with the team I currently coach.
 We had an ice cream party!
 Fun times!
 We ask that they sit by girls from the other team, so they can get to know them better!
 After eating ice cream, we went down to the gym and played "Man Overboard"--a favorite game they play at BDT camp.
 It was a lot of fun!
 Pirate - arrrh!
 Monkey in a tree!
 Group picture of both teams.
 Fun pose!

The coaches of the Paysetters are two of my old Paysetters that I coached.  My assistant this year is also a former Paysetter that I coached.  Here we all are:
 Camille, Rachel, Ashley, and me.

 Performance time!
 Jamie Topham
 I love that you can see the Payson girls and my girls - even if it is the back of the Paysetters!  It looked really cool to see both groups performing the same dance.
 Hip hop section - fierce!
 Nice kicks!
The end!

It was a fun party and performance.  We are planning on hosting a party for the Springville drill team when MMHS plays Springville and another party with Salem Hills drill team when MMHS plays Salem.  Should be fun!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Emma's Third Birthday

On August 19, 2012, we went to a party to celebrate our grand daughter Emma Holloway's birthday.  She would be turning three on August 20.  The party was at a park in Salt Lake City that had a splash pad.  The land once had an elementary school on it.  I guess Kaycee actually attended the school.  The school was torn down and they made it into a park.

We put Kendrick in his swim suit so he could get in the water.  He had a pretty good time.  Here are some pics:
Taking a break from the splash pad.

 Kendrick and Emma
 Giving Emma a birthday hug!
 A kiss for his sister, Hollie.
 Me, holding baby Jake.  Kendrick was getting a little bit jealous!
 Birthday cake time!
 Scott with his son and grand son.
 Having a good time?
 Emma, opening her gifts.  She got this really cute toy vacuum.
 She loved it!

 Wet from the splash pad!

 Kaycee holding Emma, Hollie holding Kendrick, and Amanda
A hug goodbye to Emma from Kendrick

We had a good time at the party.  It's always good to get together with family, especially because we don't see Kaycee and Jason and their kids that often.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Real Soccer Game Halftime Performance

On August 18, 2012, my drill team had the opportunity to perform with several other drill teams at halftime of a Real Soccer Game.  Basic Dance Training, the camp we always attend in the summer, was performing at halftime to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, so they invited drill teams to participate.  I signed my team up, thinking it would be a fun opportunity to perform.  It would be sort of like performing in the Stadium of Fire, but not as much work!  We already learned the routine at camp--we would be performing the BDT camp dance.  Also, there would not be an all day rehearsal!  There was a rehearsal that morning and afternoon - but nothing compared to what Stadium of Fire rehearsals are!

 A few pics of the team at practice in the Rio Tinto Stadium.
 I was very proud of my team that day - our placement was splitting the front center.  I was also proud of their work ethic that day at the rehearsals.
 These pictures aren't the best - but I wanted to take a few to remember this day.
After the rehearsal at Rio Tinto stadium, we had a lunch break.  We went over to the South Towne mall so the girls could relax a little bit and then also get ready for the dress rehearsal that was after lunch.

Scott and Kendrick met me there for lunch.  I wanted to spend a little time with them that day.  We decided not to have them come to the game--I didn't think Kendrick was enjoy it or want to sit still that long.  Plus, it was a hot day and I didn't think it would be fun chasing him around in the heat!
 Getting ready for the dress rehearsal.
 All ready for the show!
 They had us come to the stadium a little bit too early--we had to wait around and it was so hot!
 Shalee, my team president, and the Real Soccer mascot - I don't know what his name is or what he is called?
Here they are - just after the performance.  They did a fantastic job performing!  I was very proud of them and we had a fun day.  They were tired and we all decided to leave after halftime.

I had not ever been to a soccer game--I will say this, I didn't think it was very exciting?  I was falling asleep while waiting for halftime.  One thing I did like--the clock doesn't stop!  It keeps running.  I liked that!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Football Season Has Begun!

On August 10, MMHS Football season started!  It was the annual "Maroon and Gold" game.  Here are some pics of my drill team:

Laney Melton made the cute headbands they are wearing.
 Standing in "block" to cheer/support the football team.
 Just before their performance.
 Entering the field - they performed the BDT Camp Dance.
 All of their performance pictures I get from Jeff Poccaro - he takes pictures of a lot of the sport teams at MMHS and he always gets some great pics of the drill team during their performance.
 Hip hop section of the routine.
There was also a kick line in the camp dance this year.

A week later, MMHS had their first official home football game.  The drill team performed another routine that they had learned at BDT camp.  This time it was a jazz routine entitled, "Beautiful People".
 Performing "Beautiful People".
 Beautiful kicks!
It was a fun routine and they performed great!

School will be starting on August 21!  Wow, where did the summer go?  They go by faster and faster each year!  I do like getting on a schedule/routine, but I do hate not being able to come home after drill practice and do whatever I want to or need to for the rest of the day!