Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was on April 20, 2014 this year.  I love all holidays as everyone that knows me knows.  So, I love to celebrate them.  Holidays get a little more fun each year that Kendrick gets older.  He understands more things and it is fun to see him get excited and happy over the little things--such as finding eggs hidden throughout our house.

Kendrick woke up to find eggs hidden all throughout the house, beginning on the stairs.  
 Gathering up the eggs
 He loved the Elmo eggs.
 He liked the eyes and held them up to his eyes.
 Once he got downstairs, the stash left by the Easter bunny caught his eye.  He was happy and excited!  But needed to take a break from finding the eggs.
 The Easter candy was his favorite!
 Finding more eggs.
 New shoes for spring/summer time.
 Being silly with the eggs.

 He got the movie Frozen!  So excited to get it!
 The egg hunt continued in the front room.
 There were eggs everywhere!

 Kendrick had a great time finding all of the eggs.
 Ready to go to church - love our spring flowers!

 Showing me the tulips.
 I love spring--it's a toss up as to which season is my favorite--spring or fall?
One thing I do love about spring time, is the feeling of starting over, a new beginning and excited for the fun times that are to come, especially during the summer time.  Everything turning green and the flowers blooming - always a sight to look forward to after winter.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break 2014

This year for Spring Break, we didn't really do to much!  We were going on a family vacation in July that we were saving for and Scott was saving his vacation days for then.  So, we just did a few fun things together as a family.

Kendrick loves to go bowling, so we went bowling.  Here are some pics from our Spring Break Bowling Adventure!
 Using the kiddy help!
 Kendrick loves it - he really has a good time bowling.
 Playing video games  - another thing he enjoys.
 Fun times!

Friday, April 04, 2014

New Year, New Team, Same Dream, Uh!

Sometimes I can't believe it is time for tryouts for another drill team year!  It comes fast, but then I am also ready for new challenges, new routines, etc.  Tryouts were March 31 - April 3, 2014.

We had a pretty good turnout.  We kept 24 girls, cutting 10.  We were losing 10 seniors, 10 good seniors and we had had a great year.  I mean, 2nd in State, that's great for a team's fifth year! Anyway, our work is cut out for us, and I can't wait to get started!
 Playing some get to know you type games!
Getting to know all of the new team members.
 Fun times - this was actually a breakfast party, the next day after the tryouts.
 Getting papers and details about upcoming events - the fun will begin right after Spring Break!
 Fun times - this pic has two new drill team girls that had sisters on previous teams.
 Ready to get started!
 First team pic of 2014-15 MMHS Ellev├ęs
They are ready to get the party started!