Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Events & 24th of July

This post is about our activities for the last couple of weeks of July and the 24th of July.  First, on July 19, Kendrick and I went out to lunch with some of the ladies that I work with at Maple Mountain.  We decided to have a get together because one of our fellow teachers, Amber Hall, was leaving for "greener pastures".  She was working on her master's degree and was offered an amazing opportunity to teach at the U of U while finishing up her master's degree and she would be able to work on her PhD.  It was an offer she couldn't, or shouldn't, refuse!
Here we are having a great time at Pizza Factory.  I'll miss working with Amber--we shared the girls PE office.  She is so great to work with.  She is also very supportive of all groups as MMHS and she loved coming to drill performances.  I'll miss her!
This pic is Kendrick and I at Paula's house.  They had a cousin sleep over at their house.  We went out a little bit later because I needed to attend a wedding reception for a former drill team girl.  We didn't stay over, because I had drill the next morning too!  Kendrick is making a face to put on his cup.  I'll post a pic of the finished product later.
 My drill team also had another car wash.
 These pictures are of Kendrick admiring the flowers in the flower garden at the park in Spanish Fork.  During Fiesta Days, we went down to listen to the live music performance in the park and we visited the food vendors for dinner that night.  It was a nice night and we had fun!
 Kendrick had fun running around looking at the flowers.

 He wanted to pick this one!

 On July 24th, the Elleves performed in the Mapleton parade and the Spanish Fork parade.
 This is just before the parade in Mapleton began.  We just finished our team cheer.  I love our hats!  They were so fun to wear for the parades!
 This was taken in Mapleton.
 Team talk before the Spanish Fork parade.
 Group picture with the MMHS cheerleaders too.
 Scott took these pictures of the team during the parade.
 The team looked great!
 Their routine was very fun and upbeat.
 They kept their energy up the entire parade.  Even with those scary storm clouds looming!
 At least it was cooler than usual because of the cloud cover.
 We didn't let that get us down!
We did end up getting rained on a little bit towards the end of the parade.  But nothing too serious.  Then once we got to the end, it started to come down harder.  We were the very last entry in the Spanish Fork parade.  I asked to be put near the end because we are in the Mapleton parade first and then we come over to Spanish Fork.  But this year, we actually had to wait once we got over to Spanish Fork.  I think next year I'll just ask to be put near the end, but we don't need to be very last!

After the parade, we headed down to Levan to spend the rest of the holiday with my family.   Kendrick fell asleep on the way down, so we just stayed at my parent's house and then later that evening we went to the park for the dinner.  After dinner, there was a talent show that we watched.  Then we went to my parent's house to watch the fireworks.  Kendrick loves fireworks this year.  He likes to tell me what color they are.

Another 24th of July was over.  That just means school is just around the corner!  I always have mixed feelings about that! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kendrick's Checkup at the Dentist

On July 18, 2013, Kendrick had a check up appointment at the dentist.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go, because the last time we came to the dentist, he threw a little fit and wouldn't let them really look at his teeth.  So, I was a little bit worried about how it would go.
When we first got there, Kendrick had a lot of fun looking around at all the things the dentist has in the waiting room.  They had us go back really quick though, so he didn't get to see what he wanted to, but he was ok.
We first went into do x-rays, but he wasn't having that!  I thought, oh no, here we go.  But the assistant said that we didn't really need them today, so we passed up on the x-rays!
We went into the exam room and Kendrick was excited to play with the horse and the big toothbrush.  He got in the chair and also was having fun watching a movie.  He watched Shrek.
Having fun with the horse, toothbrush, and wearing cool shades to watch the movie.
Kendrick did great - he just watched the movie while they cleaned his teeth.
Kendrick got a little bit nervous when the dentist came in, but then he settled down and we made it through the appointment!  He didn't have any cavities and he received a new toothbrush, a free ice cream cone at Sonic, and a token to ride the horse outside.
Of course, on our way out we had to stop and let Kendrick play with the train table that was in the waiting room/lobby.  He had time now.  So, I sat back for a minute and let him play.
He loved it!
He could have stayed there all day!
I finally talked him into going outside and riding the horse.
He had a good time riding the horse too!
Waving to mom!
Yay - a successful trip to the dentist!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ute Stampede 2013

On Friday, July 12, Kendrick, Scott, and I headed down to Nephi for some Ute Stampede festivities!  We first watched the Mammoth Parade.  We went to our family's usual spot to watch the parade.  Kendrick liked going out and getting candy from the people who were throwing candy.  I didn't bring our good camera, so I didn't take any pictures.
Later that night, we went to the carnival.  Kendrick had fun going on a few rides.  For some reason, he didn't want to go on too many of them.  Here's some pics of the rides he did go on.  There are not very good pictures, because we only had our cell phones with us.
 Kendrick and Scott going down the giant slide.  Kendrick loved it!
 Kendrick also loved going on the Merry go Round.
 Cute pic - but blurry!
 He actually went on the merry go round a couple of times!

 So much fun!
We stayed over in Levan at my parent's house.  It was fun--most of the other cousins stayed over too.  The next night we went to the rodeo.  Cheri, Donna, and a couple of her friends, and Tanya came down to go to the rodeo with us.  
 Kendrick had just ate a corndog from the carnival--and we have a photo bomber in the back!  Gotta love it!
 We had a good time at the rodeo.
 And we had a good time trying to take a pic with everyone in it!
Overall, we had a great time at the stampede.  I was able to see a lot of people that I haven't seen for a while.  Kendrick had fun and was even pretty good at the rodeo.  He did fall asleep during the best part - the bulls.  And he slept right through the fireworks!  He is a good sleeper--gets that from me!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

Kendrick took swimming lessons again this summer.  He was in the Mom & Me class with Miss Debbie.  He took the same class last year.  This year, he seemed to be a little more scared?  He didn't like going under water at all and he clung to me all the time.  He didn't like to lay on his back either.  He loved to hold onto my shoulders and kick his legs and he would blow bubbles in the water. 
I know he is only 2, but I just wondered why he was so excited last year and then this year he seemed to not like it that much.  Miss Debbie just said to be patient and positive.  Keep exposing him to it and next year could be different.  It could also be his ears?  Maybe the water in his ears hurts because of the tubes in his ears?
Anyway, on the 2nd to the last day, Miss Debbie takes pictures of the kids and then gives you the prints on the last day.  Here is Kendrick's pictures for this year:
 Kendrick doesn't look too happy.  HA HA 
 This is the underwater pic, but he wasn't too thrilled about doing it!  He didn't get all the way under.  Oh well, there is always next year.
 Strapped in and ready to go.  We had just finished lessons for the day and we were headed to get a treat!
Practicing blowing out the candle--his finger is a candle and he blows on it to practice blowing air out of his mouth.
We'll probably do the mom and me class again next summer.  Miss Debbie said he could do that or the Beginning 1 class.  But I think he may need one more year of mom and me.  Yay for me!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PDC Camp 2013

On July 8 - 10, we had our Precision Dance Camp.  It was a private camp for our team held at our school.  It's optional, but most of the team opted to attend the camp.  Here are some pics from the camp.
 Team building at the end of Day 1.
 Ready to go on Day 2.
Learning what the word/theme of the day is on Day 2.
 Warming up.
 Ballet technique on Day 2
 Working on our flexibility!

 Team lunch from Costa Vida!
 It was yummy!
 Team building at the end of Day 2.
Day 3 - Military technique.
In their cute PDC shirts! 
 Live, Love, Dance!
Team pic with me and Kendrick - just before their performance for their parents.
Military combo
Looking good!
 End pose of one of the routines.
 Cool visual in another routine.
 Individual awards - Emily Kessinger, Best Technique; Jamie Topham, Overall Dancer/Leader; Jourdyn Reid, Best Turn Technique; Laney Melton, Most Friendly; and Emily Runyan, Hardest Worker.

That night, the team met at Tori Little's house for a party/sleepover.  She has a great back yard and I'm so grateful her mom offered to host a party for the team.
 Checking out some snails that they just put salt on!  Poor snails!
 Watching the snails.
 Playing volleyball
 Tori, taking care of some dog poop with the pooper scooper!
 Volleyball stars?
 Well, they had fun!
 Team pose on the playground!
I heard the sleepover was fun and that the team had a great time!  I'm glad we had another successful camp and that the team is having lots of great experiences to starting to bond!  Our next adventure is to get ready for the parades!