Sunday, October 30, 2011

Payson Lakes/Jackson's Birthday

On October 2, 2011, we had our annual Payson Lakes family gathering. We also celebrated Jackson's birthday, which is on October 4 - aka October Fortune. (That is how Jackson said his birth date when he was little, and we have just always called it that!)
Here is one of the pictures that we took there. I had more, but we recently lost a bunch of the pictures we had taken. Something happened with the card or somehow Scott deleted them? Anyway, we lost a lot of pictures! So, I need to back them up sooner or blog about our family events sooner!
Here is Jackson with his cake:
We had a great time at Payson Lakes. The kids played by the lake and some of them fished a little bit. Madeline was trying to cast her fishing pole, and she got Zach right on top of the head! Luckily, his dad was able to get it out and everything was okay!

Kendrick's 1st Birthday

September 18, 2011 was Kendrick's 1st Birthday! We celebrated by having a family birthday party at our house. Luckily the weather great, because we planned on barbecuing hamburgers and hot dogs and eating outside.
We spent a lot of time on Saturday shopping and getting everything we needed for the party. I had to work BYU concessions with my drill team that evening/night and when I got home that night around midnight, I finished decorating Kendrick's cake. We made a "teddy bear" cake, since it was his "beary" first birthday!
The day of Kendrick's birthday/party, we went to church and then came home to prepare for the party. Kaycee & Jason, Hollie and Amanda were down to help us get all set up.
Scott was the cook - he started cooking before everyone arrived. Here are some pics from the event:
Scott, cooking the burgers and dogs.
Brock, Heidi, and Hunter.The Birthday Boy!
Makenzie, Hollie, and AmandaCousins and unclesTook this pic of the big "1" balloon.Opening presentsAll the kids gathered around to see what Kendrick got.Fun blocks to play with!A cool helicopter! - He actually got two of these, but we took one back and got another cool toy!The Teddy Bear Cake.Kendrick didn't really want to wear his birthday hat.Me, Kendrick, and his cake.Blowing out his candle!Eating his birthday cupcake!Natasha, Gavin, and Greg.Sophie - wearing two party hats!Jim and Ryan.Kendrick liked his cupcake!Still not sure about the party hat!Kendrick had a great birthday!
The party turned out really great and we had a fun time seeing everyone that came to Kendrick's first birthday! Thanks to all of our family who were able to come and for the gifts too!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ward Swimming Party

Our Ward had its annual Swimming Party on August 20th. We went so we could take Kendrick swimming. We really didn't take him swimming this summer! He is only 11 months--next year we will go more and probably take swim lessons too.
Amanda was down that weekend, so she came with us to the party. Annie, Jim, and their boys were there too. Here are a few pics:
Kendrick and dadJake and AnnieScott, Kendrick, Amanda, Jake, and Annie.Kendrick had a ball splashing!I think he liked being at the pool.
We will definitely have to take him swimming more next summer!

Family Birthday Parties

So, getting my blog caught up was on my list of things to do during Fall Break. And, here it is, Sunday evening, Fall Break is almost over, and I'm just updating my blog. I'm going to do a couple of posts, and then my new goal is to get all caught up by the end of the month!
September starts a bunch of birthday parties in our family! We celebrated Madeline & Ethan's on September 4th and Cade's on September 11th. Then, it was Kendrick's first birthday on September 18th.
Well, back on September 4th, my sister Emilee had a combined birthday for her kids, Madeline and Ethan. It was at the Levan Park and we had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures that we took at the party.
Kendrick checking out the slide with Ethan and Dallin.
Madeline got a pink Utes jersey.Madeline opening the mini dolphin pillow pet we gave to her.She loved it!Ethan opening the Shrek movie.We also gave him some little cars from the movie Cars."E" opening the cars.Kendrick was having a good time walking around and playing at the playground.A "3" cake for Ethan and a "9" cake for Madeline.Ethan and Madeline with their cakes.Getting ready to blow out the candles.Madeline blowing out her candles.Dad and Kendrick hanging out on the swings.Kendrick loves to swing!Kendrick - with a bow around his head!
On September 11th, we headed out to Alpine to celebrate Cade's 11th birthday. Here are a couple of pics. We didn't bring our nice camera, I just had my phone, so that is why I didn't take a bunch of pictures. :(
Cade, getting ready to open his gifts.
Opening the Ute t-shirt that we gave him.
Family parties are always fun. The next one is Kendrick's first birthday! I can't believe it has been a year since he was born. Stay tuned for pictures from his party.