Sunday, March 27, 2011

California Nationals Trip with the Drill Team

This year for our drill team tour/trip we went to California. Originally we had hoped to go to New York, but the parent vote was split 50/50 between New York and California. So, I wasn't sure what to do. But, after Kendrick was born and I was planning on nursing him, I knew I would have to take him with where ever the drill team traveled to. I kinda felt like New York would be too cold of a climate during March and also, I just couldn't really see me taking a 6 month old baby to New York City. So, the decision to go to California was made. This year was a "competition year", meaning that the team would compete in a national competition rather than just performing at Disneyland, etc. The Champion National Dance/Drill Competition worked out the best as far as the date and the fact that it is only on one day. Some of the other drill competitions go over two or three days. So, I decided to compete at the Champion one. So, most of my decision was because of Kendrick and the date/format of the competition--not because any certain other drill team would be there! Seriously, my decisions are based on what is best for me, my team, and now my family! Anyway, if you read my blog and want to know more of what I am referring to, let me know and I will fill you in! Anyway, we left on March 9, 2011. We had an early morning flight so we could get the most out of our day in California. Kendrick did really well--I was worried he would be that annoying baby that cries the whole flight! But, he didn't--he was great!
Kendrick--on his first flight. Almost looks like he is scared and biting his fingernails! One of the flight attendants gave Kendrick this certificate:

Me, Scott, and Kendrick.
Getting our bags at LAX.
Some of the girls and their moms.
Savannah, she is real happy that Scott is taking her picture!
So is Kimber!
Kaitlynn is excited to be in California!
Kendrick--getting all of the attention from some of the girls!
More waiting for everyone to get their bags.

Our first destination was Knotts Berry Farm. It was so warm and the sun felt great! It had been about 4 years since Scott and I had been at Knotts Berry Farm. We came with Payson Drill and Cheer four years ago and Scott was sick the day we were there. We just walked around and didn't ride one ride!

Well, it was somewhat like that again. Scott wasn't sick, but we mainly just walked around since Kendrick couldn't go on any of the rides. Scott did go on a roller coaster ride with a bunch of the girls.

Here is the team, just outside of Knotts Berry Farm.
Posing as "hot dogs" outside of a diner that is by Knotts Berry Farm.
Scott, me, and Kendrick--in his cool shades!
The Bloods - Kim, Kaitlynn, & Taylor and the Martinez's - Neisha & Shantelle.
Some of the team and moms just outside of Knotts.
Some of the girls were on this ride.
Scott found a friend! HA HA

We traveled to our hotel and got settled into our rooms. Our hotel was great. They had a evening snack buffet. It was pretty good--we didn't even have to go out for dinner!

Most of the team went to the pool and hot tub and some went over to Target to get some snacks. Our rooms were suites and had a kitchenette which made things really nice for keeping Kendrick's supplies!

The next day, Thursday, March 10th, we met at 10 a.m. and traveled up to the Hollywood area and went shopping. Then we got lunch and headed to see "Beauty and the Beast" at the Pantages Theater. Scott and Kendrick stayed back at the hotel, since babies aren't allowed at the theater. I didn't think Kendrick would be good anyway. They just had a fun day hanging out and they went over to Target and did a little shopping.

"Beauty and the Beast" was great! We had great seats and it was fun--especially during the "Be Our Guest" number. It brought back found memories of our kick routine from last year which was to "Be Our Guest"!

Our bus driver was a little unsure of how to get to Pantages Theater and we seriously barely got into the theater before they were going to shut the doors! I was stressing!! But, luckily it worked out and we got into our seats just in the nick of time.

The team and I - just after seeing Beauty & the Beast.

After the show, we walked around the Chinese Theater where all the hand prints/footprints are of various movie stars and we walked around and looked at some of the stars on the "Walk of Stars" in Hollywood. There are always some interesting people in that area! I didn't take any pictures.

We headed back to Anaheim. There was a Red Robin near our hotel where we were going to eat all together. Scott had went and made a reservation. It worked out nice because we could be seated right when we arrived.

The team and moms at dinner.
More of the team and moms.
Another table of the team and moms.
The other end of the table.

The next day, Friday, March 11th, was our Disney day. All day to spend at Disneyland and California Adventure. The girls all went over at various times with the chaperones. Scott, Kendrick and I went over around 10, I think.

Here is Kendrick, chillin' in his stroller with his shades on!

Scott and I took turns going on the rides that we wanted to go on. They give you a parent pass so it doesn't take as long for both of you to go on the ride/wait. The first ride we went on was "Soarin' Over California" in California Adventure. It is a great ride. Last year, in Florida, I couldn't go on many rides because I was pregnant. So, it was fun to be able to go on some rides this year!

Kendrick and I--just waiting for Scott to ride "Soarin' Over California".
We saw Pluto while Scott was riding The Tower of Terror. Luckily the Disney staff took a picture with my camera for us. Maybe I should have taken the picture--I don't like the pic of me! Hello lunch lady arms! Seriously, someone needs to start working out again!
Scott and Kendrick - too bad the reflection makes it so you can't see them very well. It was so cute--looks like they are "action figures".

After going on a few more rides, like the California Screamin' roller coaster and once we got our passes for the new show they have at night in California Adventure, we headed over to Disneyland. The first ride we went on was the Indiana Jones ride. We took turns again.

Kendrick, taking a nap while Scott was on the Indiana Jones ride.
Picture in the tea cup--it was a little cooler that day, but still nice!
Kendrick in mouse ears.
With Mickey Mouse in his house!
In front of the castle.

We had a great day at Disneyland and California Adventure. We stayed long enough to watch the new show at California Adventure, I think it is called "World of Color". It was really neat. Kendrick fell asleep, so we headed for the hotel. It was a fun day, but tomorrow we had to wake up early for the competition!

We left for the competition at 6 a.m.! I think everyone was a little bit tired, but oh well, what could we do. If I had it to do over again, I would leave so that we competed on the first day and then have all of our fun afterwards. But, I couldn't do that because it would have been the last week of the term. Anyway, we made it work and we did our best at the competition.

National competition are always interesting! I remember the first time I went to a national competition with a drill team, I think I was expecting a big production. Or I don't know, just something really big time and fancy stuff. Well, this one was just like the first one I ever went to. It was held at a high school in Anaheim and there were schools there from California, Texas, and Utah! But, it still is a national competition and I wanted my team to do their best. It was our first time competing at something like this.

Well, the other two teams from Utah were 5A teams that were in the top 5. We did awesome! We placed 1st in Military, 1st in Kick, 1st in X-Large Ensemble (our "Waka Waka" routine) and 2nd in Hip Hop and Jazz Dance. We also won the category trophy for military--making us the National Champions in Military--at least at this national competition!

Overall, I felt good about how we did. I would have liked to be the Grand Champions or the Reserve Grand Champions. But, we still did great, especially since it was our first time competing at a national competition!

Waiting for the awards. My team is sitting on the right.
Doing their "baby" dance to the Justin Bieber song.
Our trophies!

After the competition, we headed back to the hotel. Kendrick was tired, so we got him ready for bed and I basically crashed! Scott did too. We were tired!

The next day, we were flying home, but not until the evening. So, we had our second day at Disney. We packed up all of our stuff and stored it at the hotel. We headed over to Disneyland around 11 a.m.

Kendrick and I waiting for the hotel shuttle to Disneyland.

Scott, Kendrick and I.
We got this "1st visit" button for Kendrick.
Waiting in line for Pirates of the Carribean--Kenrick's first ride ever. He fell asleep!

More pics while waiting to ride Pirates.
We left Disneyland around 2 p.m. so we could meet our bus that would take us to the airport. We were headed for home! Kendrick slept through the entire flight!

The trip was a lot of fun! I was so glad that everything went smooth, especially as far as Kendrick was concerned. He was great. So, I think he will be easy to travel with, at least for now! Can't wait for Spring Break--we just might go somewhere!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Kendrick's Blessing Day

On Sunday, March 6, 2011, we blessed Kendrick Scott Brenchley. We finally decided that it would be okay to take him to church to have his blessing! Since having pneumonia and being in the NICU for three weeks, we had to keep him away from public places and be very careful this past Winter because of RSV.

Well, Kendrick was 5 1/2 months old and I was getting concerned that he would be so big and not be still for his blessing! So, we decided to just do it on fast Sunday in our ward in Provo and then have a luncheon down in Levan at my mom and dad's house.

That Sunday morning was a little cold, but not too bad. The skies were gray, but at least it wasn't snowing or raining!

We had got Kendrick a blessing outfit at Little Things Mean A Lot in American Fork. We had to buy a 12 month size just so it would be long enough! He is a tall boy. We will probably have to deal with this his whole life--oh well.

We woke up early that morning and I made the 7-layer dip so it would be ready to take down with us to Levan. I had been down to Levan Saturday afternoon to help get things ready down there. I made the Yummy Potatoes and took the ham down so my mom could put it all in the oven so it would be ready when we arrived for the luncheon after the blessing. I also took all of the paper products, etc.

We took our camera, but you know how it goes, you just get doing your thing and don't take pictures! Luckily, Annie took some pictures, so all of these pictures are from her. (Thanks Annie!)
Kendrick with me and Scott--just outside of the chapel at our church.
Kendrick and his sisters - Amanda, Hollie, and Kaycee.
All of us--now with Kaycee's husband, Jason and their daughter, Emmalee.
Granny J with me, Kendrick, and Scott
Scott gave a really nice blessing to Kendrick. Kendrick was pretty good during the blessing. He was just a kicking though! He was also waving his arms. My dad said that he thought Kendrick was going to "take off" at any minute because he was flapping his arms and legs so much!
We had most of our immediate family there. Some of Scott's family couldn't be there--plus two of his siblings live out of state.
Scott, Kendrick, and I just after church.
Eunice & Clark (Scott's dad), Scott, Kendrick, me, my mom & dad

Us with Scott's sister Debbie, Trevor, and Korrine.
Us, with Scott's sister Robyn, her husband Joe, their kids, Josh, Cameron & his wife Caitlynn, and Brittany.
Joe was tickling Kendrick's feet and it made Kendrick laugh! Kendrick is quite ticklish--Scott gives him a good tickle every day, I'm sure!
My friends Cheri and Donna also came to the blessing and dinner.
Paula holding Kendrick while Scott and I get things ready for the luncheon.
Scott and I getting things organized.
Amanda holding Emmalee while waiting in line to get some food.
Kendrick and Granny J. having a conversation. I think this is a cute picture--thanks Annie!
Kendrick on his special day!
Just chillin' on Grandma's lap. Notice that Kendrick left his trademark on her shoulder! I come home everyday to see this on Scott's shoulder and then I usually end up with the same mark on my shoulder by the end of the day!
Everyone just chatting after dinner.
Casey & Paula
Kendrick and Jake--not really sure what is happening, but Kendrick looks like he is saying something to Jake! HA HA
Jason, Emmalee, and Kaycee - just before they had to leave for home.
It turned out to be a very nice day and the luncheon was great. I'm so grateful for all of my family that could be there and brought food to help out with the luncheon. I'm so lucky to have such a great family!