Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scott's 30th Class Reunion

Scott and I attended his 30th high school class reunion on June 28, 2014.  It was held at his alma mater, American Fork High School.  We met there for a catered meal and some socializing.  They also gave tours of the school.  It had recently been remodeled.
 Pic of the people that were there. - I took this pic with my phone, so it's not that great.
 I zoomed in on Scott and Matt, his best friend.  They are on the back row on the right end.

They also had a photo opportunity, so Scott and I got a photo.
We had a good time.  It was fun seeing and meeting some of the people Scott grew up with.  I also found out there is a girl in Scott's graduating class that is married to a guy from Levan that I knew when I was growing up.  Lisa Hall is married to Rusty Hall. Rusty grew up in Levan, actually his house was down at "Juab".  He was older than me, but he attended my same ward.  I knew his younger siblings that were just older and younger than me.  But, still, it's a small world!

This means that in two years it will be my 30th class reunion.  Hopefully we will have a reunion then.We haven't had one since our 20th, I believe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Basic Dance Training Camp 2014

The MMHS Drill Team attended Basic Dance Training Camp on June 23 - 25 at Park City High School.  I love going to camp with my drill team!  It is so much fun to watch them learn, work hard, and grow together as a team.  Up to this point, they haven't really done anything together as a new team, so it seems that after they attend camp, they have memories together and they have bonded more.
 Having fun just before camp gets started!
 The team wrote some team goals on a match stick/flame - the camp theme was "Turn up the Heat".
The team with our goals and "camp moms"

The first night of camp was team performance night.  We performed our hip hop routine.  We had just finished learning it two weeks before!  So, it is always a learning experience to perform it for the first time at camp.  
 This is a pic that the BDT photographer took - I love it!

We didn't win the performance night trophy, but that's ok.  A team did that doesn't always win and they probably needed it more than we did!  :)  There's also a story behind that too, but I'll keep it to myself.  We had a lot of teams tell us that they voted for us, so I think the votes must have been close!
 The team after performance night
 Me and Markelle joined in this pic.
Most of the drill alums came to show their support! Once an Elleve, always an Elleve!

Day 2 we were up and at it early and working even harder!  We had lots of training and learned more of the camp routines today.  It is always a good feeling to get through the second day of camp!
 They are a fun and crazy group!

 I think we'll have a fun year!
 Massage circle!
 Eight Elleves made it into the drill down finals!

 Emily K and Madi made the Top 5 Drill Down!

We always practice the routines that night after the barbecue.  This year we found a patch of grass and practiced all of the routines before we headed back to the hotel.  It's always a fun/crazy time.
 Practice time!

Day 3 - we made it!  The last day is always good because you know it is almost time to go home. You've had a great time, but you're also tired and ready to go home to your own bed!

The Elleves are known for their excellence.  This is something we established the very first year we came onto the drill team scene.  I'm also very proud of this and it is something I want to continue always!  This girl is one of our biggest fans!  She is a member of the North Sevier drill team.  They just started up drill again at their school after not having a drill team for several years.  She asked to have her picture taken with the team.  She said she would love to be a member of their team. I loved this!  I hope all of the team realizes how special it is to be a part of our team!
 The Elleves with their "honorary member".
 Someone started this little treat toilet seat thing at camp.  We had to get a treat and pass it on to another team.  We took a pic with our treat and seat before we passed it on!

 All five of our Top Corp girls made it into the finals!  I'm so proud!  This is the second year in a row that this has happened.  We really have some amazing dancers on our team!
Pic with our team moms after our Be All You Can Be class.
 The drill down medals were awarded at the final awards ceremony.  So proud to have two Elleves in the Top Five!
 We were awarded the Hardest Working Team award!  So proud!  This team did work their hearts out at camp and now we were being rewarded for it!
 Emily Kessinger was also named one of the Top 5 Top Corp finalists!  So proud of her!  She is only a junior!
 She looked amazing out there performing!  Way to represent!
We had a very successful camp! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Amanda's Graduation Party

Amanda graduated early in the month of June, but because of all the hustle and bustle of Hollie and Andrew's wedding, they had a graduation party for her on June 22.  

 Here's Amanda with her graduation cake.  It was so cute and delicious too!
 It had had all of her honors listed on the side of the cake.
There was even a cute graduation hat complete with a edible tassel.  A friend of their family had made the cake.  So cute and so good.

Congrats Amanda!  She is attending SUU in the Fall.  Even though she was the business sterling scholar, she is planning on getting a medical degree.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fitness Fridays!

The officers on my drill team this year wanted to work out more this summer, so we decided to have "fitness Fridays".  One of the moms of a girl on our team is a instructor at Gold's Gym in Spanish Fork, so she volunteered to teach a fitness class at the end of practice on Fridays.  It was great!  I got to participate as much as I could.  It was hard when Kendrick was there with me, because he would get scared or wanted to be with me.  But the workouts that I did do were awesome and hard!

Here are some pics from the day we went outside on the bleachers for our workout:
 Stepping up and down on the bleacher.

 My hip was burning after doing these!
 Incline push-ups.
 Jana is in the pink shirt, pushing the girls to keep going and to go further!
We finished it off by running bleachers - so much harder than it looks!

It was great and got us off to a great start!  Thanks for working us so hard!

Swim Lessons & Art Class - All in One Week!

Summer time means fun times!  It also means swim lessons.  Kendrick was also old enough to take the art class through the Spanish Fork Art Fest classes they have in the summer, so we decided to give them a try.  

The teacher is Angela Gibson Eckhardt, who grew up in Nephi and her daughters have been babysitters from me too!  She is also an elementary school teacher and so she has lots of fun activities for the kids.  Annie has had Jake and Ryan take the class before, so I knew it would be fun for Kendrick to take it too.

 They painted on bread this day.  Kendrick loved it!

 This was the last day and they made shaving cream projects!  Again, Kendrick loved it!

 He really enjoyed taking the art class.  He looked forward to it everyday!

We also had swim lessons that same week!  We had to sign up for a week in June since we would be on vacation in July during the week that the mom and me class was being taught.  It was kind of crazy going from swim lessons, run home and eat a quick lunch, and then go to art class.  It also was a week that the weather was cold!

Kendrick needed to take the Mom and Me class --again!  I am hoping this year will be his last!  He did ok last year in swimming.  He really liked it the first year when he was almost 2.  He cried to go in the water.  Now this year, he cries when we get in the water.  I would end up being so frustrated! But Miss Debbie, the teacher, would tell us that we needed to remain positive and always leave the pool happy so the child would want to come back and would remember feeling happy.  I struggled everyday.

Well, one day, during the afternoon, I showed Kendrick pictures and video of his first year at swim lesson.  He went down the slide and he was having a ball.  Kendrick said, "that's me?".  I told him, "Yes."  He then said that he was going to be happy at swim lessons and that he was going to go down the slide.  So, sure enough, the next day we had a great day at swim lessons.  He even went down the slide!  It was great!

He did regress a little the next day and cried a little bit, but then I reminded him about how he was the day before and he was ok.

These pics are from the last day.  It was freezing cold, but luckily the pool felt like a bath tub of hot water!  Kendrick did so so this day.
 climbing up the wall like a monkey
 hop hop hop kerplop!
 He went under, but he didn't really like it!

 He did great blowing bubbles and kicking his legs - this was actually a big improvement.  He would not do this the first few days!
 He did great this year - at least the last three days of the week.

 He said he was going to go down the slide, but then he decided he didn't want to.  Oh well, there's always next year!
 More bubbles and kicking.

Ring around the rosie and good-bye bubbles.

Kendrick can take beginning 1 next year!  YAY!  No more mom and me!  I won't have to get in the pool with him now.  I just hope he will do ok on his own next year!  My main goal is to have him like swimming and learn how to swim.  Something that I didn't do as a kid.  Hopefully we can accomplish that goal!