Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drill Team Halloween Party

On October 30, we had the annual Elleve Halloween Party.  We decided to go bowling at Fat Cats again.  It's always a fun time.  First we ate at the Pizza Pie Cafe, to support ourselves again! :)
 Fat Cats is always ready to show us a good time and welcomes us with a sign!
 I went as a biker chick, something I've dressed up as before, but it was a popular costume.  Jessica and I were bikers together!
 These blow-up costumes were popular too!
 Always a good time when dressing up is involved!

 Eventually they turned out the lights and it was glow in the dark bowling!

 The whole team having a great time!
 Brandi and I having a good time in the arcade.
 The tats almost look real, right?
 At least I made good use of the Sturgis shirt again!
Sorry for the pics, but I have fun dressing up and I wanted to remember.  Scott wouldn't dress up with me this time and Kendrick would be dressing up tomorrow.  What can I say, I love Halloween and dressing up.  Lucky for me, I have an excuse to dress up, thanks to the drill team!

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