Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year was Kendrick's first year to dress up at Preschool!  I think I was just as excited as he was! Scott brought his costume in a bag when he dropped Kendrick off so I could get him ready just before I took him up to his class.

Kendrick wanted to be a fireman this year, so my sister Amy said she had an old costume, but she didn't know if it would work or if we would even want to use it.  I looked it over and decided it would work, we just added the had and the accessories.  Kendrick loved it!  Even the boot covers worked out and Kendrick loved them too.

 This little fireman is ready to go!
 He was pretty excited to get to preschool.  How fun! 

Kendrick had a fun day at preschool.  They take them trick or treating all around the school.  Mrs. Crandall, the preschool teacher, brought me some candy to hand out.  They came and trick or treated in the dance studio.  It was so fun!  Kendrick thought it was pretty cool that they came and trick or treated to my room.

Later that day, we carved a pumpkin.  It was just me and Kendrick.  We decided to get it done since Scott would get home just in time to go trick or treating.
 We went for the basic design - 
 Two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and jagged mouth.
 Kendrick had fun helping.
Then we put his costume on and got ready to go trick or treating.  Scott got home and we headed out. Kendrick was getting the idea a little better this year.  He loved to go up to the house himself.  In fact he demanded that he get to do it himself.
 He still uses this cute bag that my sister Amy gave him a few years ago.
 He looked really cute in the costume.
 Kendrick the fireman!
I can't believe how fast he is growing!  So fun!

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