Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

November was flying by!  I couldn't believe it was time for Thanksgiving already!  But, I'm always ready for a small break from school and drill, that's for sure!  I only took some pics of Kendrick just before we went down to my parents house in Levan.
 A couple shots by the festive wreath on the door.

But, I like this one the best.  He really is mommy's lil' pumpkin!  And he loves Curious George!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Native Americann said...

You should add how you teach your students how to mock and disrespect the native Americans. You are selfish to think you can steal from our culture to parade around. You need to apologize for your "hoop dancers" and never do it again now steal anything else from native culture. Learn respect and learn as a white person you are that not everything is for you to take for your own.